Chapter 430 - Old Ancestor of the Fire God School

MGA: Chapter 430 - Old Ancestor of the Fire God School

“This is bad. Someone is destroying the Fire God Burial Grounds!”

“Dammit, who dares to be so insolent, and dares to be disrespectful to my Fire God School’s previous ancestors?!”

The attacks of Chu Feng and Zi Ling very quickly attracted the attentions of the Fire God School’s elders and disciples. Large batches of elders and disciples started to, from within the Fire God School, hurry towards the direction of the Fire God Burial Grounds. Bursts of urgent bell rings rang out following that.

“The one who is destroying the Fire God Burial Grounds is your grandfather, Chu Feng.” Chu Feng flew out of the Fire God Burial Grounds, waved the Asura Ghost Axe in his hand, and wildly slaughtered the Fire God School’s disciples and elders who were on the ground.

“Crap, it’s Chu Feng! Run! Everyone run!” In front of Chu Feng, the Fire God School’s disciples and elders were like dirty residue. Chu Feng was killing them high in the air, and every single move and action could greatly injure or kill them. There was no one who could fight against it.

Zi Ling even directly steered her Exquisite Chariot and called her Fairy Spirit World World Spirit out. Her killing methods were not the slightest bit weaker than Chu Feng, She would only be superior and not inferior.

That put the Fire God School’s elders and disciples in a horrible position. Currently, the school head and manager elders were all not there, and there was no one who could defeat Chu Feng and Zi Ling. If that went on, their Fire God School would be destroyed by them and be flattened.

“Speak. Where are your Fire God School’s cultivation resources? Where’s the treasury that stores the treasures?” Chu Feng grabbed a core elder and loudly interrogated.

“I… I don’t know! I truly don’t know! Only the school head himself knows!” That elder hurriedly shook his head, and he was frightened to the point his pants wet.

“If you don’t know, go die.” Chu Feng coldly snorted, then threw out a palm and turned the elder into a pool of blood.

“Quick! Quickly open the Defense Formations! We cannot let them enter the Fire God School or else my Fire God School’s tens of millions of disciples and elders will die!” At a time like that, the elders of the Fire God School could only open up the Defense Spirit Formations that were laid beforehand.

Blue-coloured Spirit Formations charged into the sky. The light pierced through the white clouds and sealed the city from the sky. The boundless Spirit Formations fully opened, and indeed, it caused people to sigh and stop to observe. It was a rare amazing sight.

“Hmph. Even Spirit Formations like these want to stop me?” However, as Zi Ling willed, the Exquisite Chariot rose into the sky. With rainbows, it charged towards the boundless Spirit Formations.

*boom* The Exquisite Chariot went through the vast sky and with bursts of explosions, the Spirit Formations that the Fire God School laid were destroyed one by one.

“Hell! The Spirit Formations were broken through! Run! Everyone run! Quickly leave the Fire God School or else we will die!”

Seeing that even the Defense Spirit Formations were unable to obstruct Chu Feng and Zi Ling, the elders of the Fire God School thoroughly panicked. They started to order the core disciples to quickly retreat and leave the Fire God School.

After all, those disciples were the future of the Fire God School. If any accidents happened to them, it would be equivalent to cutting off the Fire God School’s foundation as well as their future paths.

So, many huge White-headed Eagles started to rise into the sky and fly away from the Fire God School. The ones who were sitting on them were all core disciples of the Fire God School.

“Want to run? Are you able to?” Chu Feng was satisfyingly slaughtering at the moment, and he was picking core disciples to kill. Seeing that a large number of core disciples planned to escape, naturally, he would not let them go.

“Who are the ones invading my Fire God School?!!!”

But just at that time, a thundering and furious shout suddenly rang out from the back mountains of the Fire God School.

That sound was extremely deafening and even Chu Feng’s ears hummed from being shaken. Looking at Zi Ling, the girl with a Divine Body, even her little face of absolute beauty changed.

*boom* Suddenly, a burst of boundless might rose from the huge mountains as an exceptional expert came out from the back mountain of the Fire God School.

His speed was extremely quick. Even quicker than Chu Feng’s Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens. His might was also extremely powerful. As he flew in mid-air, even the surrounding space twisted and changed, as if unable to hold his might back.

“Crap, it’s the former head of the Fire God School! This old monster is actually still living! This aura… He has definitely entered the 6th level of the Heaven realm.”

“Chu Feng, quickly run! Neither of us will be able to defeat him!” With her sharp Spirit power, Zi Ling was the first to detect his cultivation. She hurriedly urged the Exquisite Chariot to arrive next to her, then quickly after, while pulling Chu Feng, they jumped onto the Exquisite Chariot and prepared to escape.

Simultaneously, the former head of the Fire God School, the old ancestor within many eyes of the disciples, had already arrived above the Fire God School and saw the silhouettes of Chu Feng and Zi Ling jumping into the Exquisite Chariot.

Seeing Chu Feng and Zi Ling’s panicked appearances, he determined that the ones who caused destruction in the Fire God School today were definitely them. So, the old man furiously yelled, “Where did these two brats come from and dares to be so insolent in my Fire God School?!”

As he spoke, he waved his big sleeve, raised his hand, and palmed. Boundless Heaven power became formless huge waves and the air changed from being stirred. The layers of waves overlaid one another, causing the weather to change. They forced their way towards the Exquisite Chariot that Chu Feng and Zi Ling were on.

“Old thing, rather than asking me why I came to your Fire God School, ask your unfilial successor! The actions that I, Chu Feng, did today were all forced by him!”

The speed of the Exquisite Chariot was very fast. After Chu Feng’s explosive yell sounded out, it became a long rainbow, flew into the clouds, and no traces of it could be seen after a blink.

“Chu Feng? That young man is called Chu Feng?” As the Fire God School’s old ancestor watched the chariot that was disappearing from his field of view, he tightly furrowed his brows. Afterwards, he angrily shouted towards the Fire God School underneath him,

“Kong Chenguang!!”

“Kong Chenguang!!”

“What is happening?! Come out and give me an explanation!!”

That old ancestor’s strength was really too strong. His angry shout caused the ground to shake, the forests to tremble, and truly, mountains collapsed and grounds cracked.

In a situation like that, some disciples were even unable to endure that sound and they directly spat out blood from the shock and were heavily injured.

As for the Kong Chenguang he was shouting out to, there were very few disciples who knew who he was. Only some core disciples knew that the one he was calling out for was the current head of the Fire God School.

The old ancestor of the Fire God School was painstakingly cultivating in isolation, but he was awakened by the urgent alarms. After coming out, he discovered that the Fire God School was made into a mess by two brats, and if he didn’t come out in time, it was likely that today, the Fire God School would have been destroyed by the two children and the foundation of almost a thousand years would have been ruined.

The head of the Fire God School, Kong Chenguang, as well as the manager elders of the Fire God School were all not in the school. It meant that Kong Chenguang didn’t follow his instructions back then and didn’t guard the Fire God School well. How could he not be furious?

But that was still mild. After the old ancestor discovered that the Fire God Burial Grounds were torn down by Chu Feng, and that the corpses of the past generations’ heads and elders of the Fire God School were destroyed by Chu Feng, only then did the fury truly explode.

So, when the head of the Fire God School led the group of manager elders back, they could not avoid receiving extremely serious punishments.