Chapter 429 - Very Understandable

MGA: Chapter 429 - Very Understandable

“But no matter what you say, people with high level bloodlines, when breaking through the bindings of a realm, breaks through a lot easier when compared to many people. Even if it is compared to me, it is easier because this is the strength of inheriting a bloodline. From the day you were born, you were a martial cultivation genius.”

“My grandfather even said regarding people who have inherited bloodlines, if the bloodline level in their bodies reach a certain degree, they would be even stronger than Divine Bodies, and their future achievements would be inestimable.”

“It’s because even if it is a Divine Body and it receives the blessing of the heavens from a young age, after reaching a certain realm, breaking through would also be an extremely difficult thing. However, it is a lot easier for people with high-level bloodlines.” Zi Ling seriously said, detailedly narrating the differences between Divine Bodies and inherited bloodlines.

“Haha, nonsense! Inherited bloodlines are brought innately, yet clearly, divine lighting broke into your body and took the initiative to drill into your body. How is it possible that you have an innate inherited bloodline?” Just at that time, Eggy suddenly smiled mockingly and said.

“That’s right. Eggy is very right. Although the inherited bloodline Zi Ling said matches completely with my situation, there one thing that doesn’t match. Zi Ling also said that inherited bloodlines are brought innately and are fated to be a genius when born.”

“But I am not like that. Before I was ten years old, I was a normal person. Only after the divine body entered my body did I gain this ability.” Chu Feng also muttered to himself and he was a bit unclear what situation he himself was.

“Chu Feng, can you tell me right now where you came from and what level your bloodline is?”

Suddenly, Zi Ling’s clear pupils became extremely solemn. She seriously started at Chu Feng, and her gaze was filled with yearning. Yearning to get Chu Feng’s answer.

“Ca...Can I say that even I don’t know where I came from, and that even I don’t know what’s the deal with the special power I grasp?” Chu Feng helplessly said.

“Of course you can, I believe you.” However, Zi Ling relievedly smiled, then afterwards, didn’t ask anymore. She jumped onto a coffin, turned her head around, and said to Chu Feng, “All the cultivation resources will belong to you, but these Source energies will belong to me.”

“This...” After hearing those words, Chu Feng was a bit speechless because Eggy also needed to raise her strength. Eggy’s method of raising his strength was to refine Source energy.

In front of him, there were so many complete Source energies from experts. To Eggy, it was absolutely hugely attractive, something that could only met by luck and not found.

However, Zi Ling already gave a large amount of cultivation resources to himself. If he still fought over the Source energies with Zi Ling, Chu Feng would really feel bad. If he didn’t, he would feel sorry for Eggy. In that instant, he sank into a predicament.

“I’ve got it.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng found a thought. It was to only take half of the cultivation resources, then he would also take half of the Source energies. Damage his own benefits to help create benefits for Eggy.

“Idiot. What are you thinking about? Just give all of the Source energies to her. I don’t need this tiny bit of Source energy. Right now, the most important thing is to quickly raise your cultivation. Don’t you want to save Su Rou and Su Mei?” But just as Chu Feng was in a difficult situation, Eggy’s kind and understanding voice suddenly rang out.

“Eggy, I...” At that instant, Chu Feng was truly unable to describe his feelings. The warmth in his heart flowed, yet he felt even guiltier.

It was because he knew that it was impossible for Eggy to not want those Source energies, but for himself, Eggy made a sacrifice. Also, in order to not make Chu Feng feel bad, she even pretended to be so unconcerned.

“Okay, don’t be so sensitive. Wait until you get stronger, then help me find even more Source energies. Now, go quickly collect those cultivation resources.” Eggy sweetly smiled. Although she seemed wild and unrestrained, in reality, she was cute and likeable.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded his head, and he also didn’t hold himself back. He took out his Cosmos Sack, then started to collect the cultivation resources on the ground in large amounts. There were too many cultivation resources.

Especially Spiritual beads. But no matter how much more Spiritual beads there were, to the current Chu Feng, their use was limited so Chu Feng only collected all the Origin beads and Profound beads.

“Finished?” When Chu Feng collected the last Profound bead into his Cosmos Sack, he discovered that Zi Ling was sitting on a tombstone. She waved her snow-white legs and from above, looked downwards at him.

At that instant, Chu Feng’s eyes flashed and a hint of red couldn’t help but appear on his face. He shamelessly smiled and said, “Pink.”

“What’s pink?” After hearing Chu Feng’s word, the pure Zi Ling’s didn’t react to it at first. But after seeing Chu Feng’s shameless and lewd smile, Zi Ling instantly understood.

She hurriedly combined her legs, rushed down from the tombstone, and loudly cursed Chu Feng, “Dirty.”

“I… I didn’t see anything.” Seeing that his actions were revealed, Chu Feng quickly closed his eyes.

“You...” That made Zi Ling furious. She extended her hand and wished to strike, but ultimately, she retracted it, fiercely glared at Chu Feng, and said, “A total of twenty-one Source energy remains, all in the Heaven realm.”

“Because my World Spirit needs to quickly break through, I refined eleven. Give the ten remaining to your World Spirit.”

“Zi Ling, you...” After hearing those words, Chu Feng was greatly shocked and he was a bit speechless.

“Don’t say all these you’s and I’s. Quickly go refine them. I know that you also have a World Spirit in your body and it also needs Source energy quite a bit. Or else, you wouldn’t go absorb your opponent’s Source energy every time you kill someone.” Zi Ling said.

Seeing that, Chu Feng no longer stayed stubborn and with warmth that filled his heart, he rushed towards the coffins that were already opened by Zi Ling and helped Eggy absorb and refine the Source energy.

“Chu Feng oh Chu Feng, I must say that your future wife is quite understanding!”

“Not bad, not bad. I quite like her.” After refining the ten remains, Eggy’s cultivation had broke into the 7th level of the Profound realm. She was even one level higher than Chu Feng, and that caused her to feel very satisfied.

“You girl, aren’t you very understanding as well? When are you going to consider being my future wife?” Chu Feng giggled and said.

“You dare? If you dare to have any thoughts towards me, see if I castrate you or not. Hmph.” However, what was given back was Eggy’s emotionless insult.

“Chu Feng, what should we do now? Do we leave this place, or are we going to do something?” Zi Ling asked.

“Since we have already made a mess, of course we need to make a bigger mess. Let’s tear open all these ancestor’s corpses, then throw all the coffins and tombstones out.” Chu Feng coldly smiled, and as he said he was going to do it, he was doing it.

He first destroyed all of the remains of the previous ancestors and meritorious people of the Fire God School out, then afterwards, threw out all the coffins and tombstones.

After doing that, Zi Ling and Chu Feng started their attacks. What they did first as to make a complete mess of the Fire God Burial Grounds, and they destroyed it to the point it became unrecognizable.