Chapter 428 - Inherited Bloodline

MGA: Chapter 428 - Inherited Bloodline

“Your thirst in cultivation resources sold you out. At first, before escaping the Prestigious Villa, you didn’t swindle anything but Profound beads, and it was even such a huge number.”

“A few days after you tricked them, your cultivation rose. It’s something that doesn’t make sense.”

“So, if I haven’t guessed incorrectly, your cultivation method is that you need to spend a large amount of resources. So, I know that you aren’t a Divine Body. The special power you grasp very possibly is a type of bloodline. A very strong bloodline.” Zi Ling said.

“Bloodline?” After hearing those words, Chu Feng was astonished because he had never thought that the Divine Lightning in his body was a type of bloodline.

After all, that thing only abruptly drilled into his body when he was ten years old. So before, Chu Feng always felt that he was a Divine Body.

“Yeah. In this world, other than the special divine power that Divine Bodies have, people who have bloodlines passed down to them also grasp special powers.”

“For example, the Jiang Dynasty. What they grasp are special inherited bloodlines. So, when their clan raises their cultivations, they require a large amount of cultivation resources.”

“However, you are different from them.” Zi Ling said.

“Different? How so?” Chu Feng asked.

“If I’m not mistaken, over a million Profound beads have already been completely refined by you, and after refining so many Profound beads, you only rose from the 3rd level of the Profound realm to the 6th level of the Profound realm. The amount of resources you require is extremely horrifying. This is something far from being comparable to the people from the Jiang Dynasty.”

“Besides, you continuously break through levels, so that states two things.”

“First, the amount of cultivation resources you require is enormous. Second, breaking through, for you, is unrestrained. At least, within the levels, there is no limit. As long as you have sufficient cultivation resources, you can easily break through.”

“Am I correct?” Zi Ling asked.

“This… How did you know?” Chu Feng tightly frowned. He never would have thought that the little girl, Zi Ling, had actually seen through him so clearly and even understood his methods of cultivations and his rules of breaking through.

“It’s true? All that I’ve said was right?” However, Zi Ling suddenly celebrated, and answered a question with a question.

“You girl, you were testing me?” Chu Feng saw through Zi Ling’s intention and he couldn’t avoid being a bit angry.

“Actually, I was only guessing because at first, after exchanging blows with you in the White Tiger Villa, I asked my grandfather when I went back. Other than Divine Bodies, what kind of person could grasp extremely strong and special power?”

“My grandfather said that there are two types of people. The first are people who innately have the inheritance of bloodline, and the other are people who cultivate in Forbidden Mysterious Techniques.”

“Those who cultivate Forbidden Mysterious Techniques imitate the cultivation of Divine Bodies. They can, with Forbidden Mysterious Techniques, gain special power that is comparable to Divine Bodies, and the cultivation method is by only studying the Mysterious Technique and they do not require large amounts of cultivation resources.”

“However, those cultivation methods are accompanied by huge dangers. Usually, during the period of time of special cultivation, they will receive the torment from the Mysterious Technique. This is called Divine Punishment.”

“Divine Punishments will appear routinely. If they can bear it, they can continue cultivating. If they can’t, they will die; yet you clearly don’t have anything like that.”

“So, you should be a person who has inherited a bloodline, yet you are clearly different from the people in the Jiang Dynasty. So, it’s impossible that you’re part of the Jiang Dynasty. Also, my grandfather has said...”

“What did your grandfather also say?” Chu Feng impatiently asked closely.

“My grandfather also said that bloodlines are different from Divine Bodies. Divine Bodies are the heavens’ blessing. Their power comes from the bestowment of the heavens. But bloodlines… Their power comes from the cultivator getting it themselves. Their power comes from their own hard work.”

“Bloodline can evolve. After a person’s blood evolves, their future generation: children, grandchildren, can also enjoy similar benefits. So, there are different levels of bloodlines.”

“Levels? What kind of levels?” Chu Feng continued to ask closely because he learned some things that he did not know at all before. Also, things like those really matched what he was currently.

“Even my grandfather doesn’t know about the levels. He said that he only saw some on ancient books, as for if it’s true or false, he cannot confirm either.”

“But my grandfather said that the lowest level of bloodline should be the Royal Bloodline.”

“For example, the Jiang Dynasty, the Royal Jiang clan. What they inherited should be the Royal Bloodline, that’s why they’re called the Royal Jiang clan.”

“My grandfather also said that there are actually many clans with Royal Bloodlines in the Eastern Sea Region. They can’t be considered to be any noble clans. They can only be said to be clans who have been around for longer.”

“So, that’s why the Jiang Dynasty came to a place like the continent of the Nine Provinces to name themselves as king, to name themselves as overlord, because in the Eastern Sea Region, they are truly not much. Instead, in this place, they can name themselves as overlord of an area and safe and stably develop.”

“As for the clans that are stronger than the Jiang Dynasty, there are quite a few. But in reality, they also have the Royal Bloodline. Only because the blood in their bodies are stronger, that caused them to be stronger than other royal clans, and only then could they occupy a section of land in the Eastern Sea Region.”

“Anyway, at least in the Eastern Sea Region, my grandfather has not seen a clan that is above royal clans, which also means that in the Eastern Sea Region, bloodlines stronger than the Royal Bloodline haven’t appeared before.”

“But that’s not the important part. The important part is that the special area of your bloodline is different from the Jiang Dynasty’s. My grandfather once said that the higher level the bloodline is, the amount of cultivation resources that person would need would be even more enormous.”

“Because, people with powerful bloodlines will always have higher difficulty walking on the road of martial cultivation. So, the resources they need to feed their blood will become even more enormous.”

“This is the so-called price. Because bloodlines aren’t Divine Bodies, they will not get the blessing of the heavens.”

“So, for people who inherit bloodlines, if they want to gain power, they need to pay a greater price and they must rely on themselves to gain it.”

“Also, the higher level a person’s bloodline is, the smaller the restriction they have. That also means that as long as one has sufficient resources, they can infinitely break through levels.”

“That’s a person with a high-level bloodline. The most obvious sign is that they break through levels quickly, and it is within reason because the power of their bloodline is strong in such a way, and it can shake away many bindings because of that.”

“For example, if a normal person wants to make a breakthrough for a single level, after accumulating enough power, they must go comprehend it. They must understand the entire new realm, but people with very high level bloodlines don’t need to comprehend anything.”

“It’s because their talents are high like that. They are strong like that. They don’t need to understand levels, because ever since entering the realm itself, they already understood the realm’s everything.”

“Of course, talent like that will always still be restricted. For example, the heaven realm. Even if people have higher-leveled bloodlines, after reaching that realm, they will still be required to understand it, and the difficulty of understanding will become more difficult as the realm rises.” Zi Ling said.