Chapter 427 - Opening the Tomb

MGA: Chapter 427 - Opening the Tomb


Suddenly, a gale flew past and like a ghost, Chu Feng appeared in front of the two gate guards. Without them even feeling anything, the sharp blade in Chu Feng’s hand flashed past and he chopped off their heads.

Quickly after, Chu Feng and Zi Ling killed their way into the Fire God Burial Grounds. Those who saw Chu Feng and Zi Ling, no matter if it was a disciple, or an elder, not a single lived. All of them didn’t even make any sound before they were killed by Chu Feng and Zi Ling.

Very quickly, Chu Feng and Zi Ling killed all 1058 guardians of the Fire God Burial Grounds.

Then, with Zi Ling’s powerful Blue-cloak World Spiritist methods, she broke open layers of Restriction Spirit Formations, opened mechanism after mechanism, and easily intruded the core area of the Fire God Burial Grounds: the underground tomb that was within the underground section of the Fire God Burial Grounds.

“They are truly rich people! Even the tomb is constructed so well. Many main structures of third-rate powers aren’t even as lavish as this.”

After walking into the core area of the Fire God Burial Grounds and seeing the constructs dazzling in gold and jade as well as the delicate and fine ornaments, Chu Feng couldn’t help but sigh in admiration.

Also, about the tombs in the Fire God Burial Grounds, every single tombstone was a huge sculpture. What was sculpted was the appearance of the person before death, and on the tombstone, what was recorded was the person’s cultivation when alive, their position in the Fire God School, and all their contributions done for the Fire God School.

“The larger the power, the more they love face. This is very normal.” Zi Ling explained.

Even though the little girl was only fifteen years old, her mind was extremely mature and she also had extremely abundant experience. In all areas, she was not inferior to Chu Feng.

“Waa, so many delicious things and they’re all fresh! Do they bring these in every day?”

Because the ones who died outside didn’t have very strong strength, Chu Feng was completely uninterested in their Source energies. On the other hand, the food placed in front of the tombstones attracted Chu Feng’s interest. He unrestrainedly extended his hand to grab, and as he walked, he ate, and as he ate, he threw, and as he threw, he grabbed more.

“Stop eating. It’s time to start working.” Suddenly, Zi Ling cast her gaze forward.

And at that instant, Chu Feng discovered that in front of them, a vast gate appeared. On the gate, a Spirit Formation that did not allow for underestimation was laid there.

That Spirit Formation was very powerful. Clearly, it was left behind by an expert. Even if it was Zi Ling, she needed to lay a Spirit Formation in order to open it.

“My wife, don’t be afraid. We have Spirit Formation Rocks!” Chu Feng waved his hand and quite a few Spirit Formation Rocks appeared in his hand. That thing could strengthen the power of the Spirit Formation and could open the gate even quicker.

Indeed, with Zi Ling’s profound Spirit Formation technique in addition to the assistance of Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation Rocks, the vast gate quickly opened.

“Waa~~” And after the gate opened, in front of Chu Feng’s eyes, light instantly shot in all directions because on the other side of the gate, there were twenty-one tombs.

Around the twenty-one tombs, there was beautiful radiance. They were all Profound beads, Origin beads, and Spiritual beads.

From the three beads, the number of Profound beads could be said to be the least, but there were still at least four to five hundred thousand beads, several million Origin beads, and as for Spiritual beads, it was uncountable, but there were at least several hundreds of millions.

Such precious cultivation resources were flatly spread on the ground, flatly spread around the twenty-one tombs and coffins.

“A huge profit this time! I never would have thought that the Fire God School would truly take so many cultivation resources as offerings to the people who have died. They are truly willing to give so much.” Chu Feng was speechless.

“These are all the school heads in their history who made great contributions for the Fire God School in order for them to be in their current position in the Song Province.”

“The cultivation resources here are only a type of symbol to their power when they lived. It represents no matter how many more cultivation resources there are, no matter how much more wealth, all that could only be stepped under their feet.” Zi Ling explained.

“Zi Ling, say, for a power like the Fire God School, if Profound beads are used as their assets, how much would they have?” Chu Feng curiously asked.

Because, at first, when he saw the masters of the several big powers take out over a hundred thousand Profound beads with such painful expressions, he even thought that a hundred thousand Profound beads was truly a huge number that they could not take out, but looking at it now, that was clearly not true.

“From what I know, if the Prestigious Villa’s assets are calculated with Profound beads, they should have five to six million Profound beads.”

“As for this Fire God School… They have a longer line of inheritances than the Prestigious Villa, and they have already been the overlord of the Song Province for several hundred years of time. So, I believe that the wealth the Fire God School accumulated, if calculated in terms of Profound beads, should be over six million Profound beads.” Zi Ling explained.

“That many? At first, I even stupidly thought that tricking over a hundred thousand Profound beads from every power made them suffer a huge loss.”

“After so much, it was merely a corner of their icebergs. These selfish stingy people even feigned those painful appearances to me. Damn.” Thinking back at the expressions on the faces of the several heads when he demanded for a million Profound beads, he couldn’t help wanting to curse.

“This is the wealth countless generations of school heads accumulated for the almost a thousand years. You think that they can just casually take them out to use as they wish? To them, if they shift the usage of over a hundred thousand Profound beads randomly, it is already a huge number.”

“After all, powers like these must find victory within stability. Although they have a lot of wealth, they won’t easily use them. Ultimately, they still need to use those huge resources for several tens of millions of disciples to develop batch after batch of outstanding successors. Only then could they experience the long years yet not age, stand tall and not fall, and stabilize the position of the strongest power.”

“Therefore, they only want to continuously fill the numbers in, so there can be more and more school’s assets in their hands. How could they be willing to take them out?”

Zi Ling sweetly smiled, then quickly after, said to Chu Feng, “I don’t want a single one of these cultivation resources. Take them all.”

“Zi Ling, this…this isn’t too good right?” Actually, Chu Feng truly planned to pocket all of the Profound beads by himself. After all, before, he was alone and it was already a habit to take all the treasures when he saw them.

But only after hearing Zi Ling say it like that did he slowly come to his senses. At present, he no longer moved alone. There was also a Zi Ling by his side! So naturally, he could not enjoy the use of all those cultivation resources.

“Take them all. Looking at how you are looking at those Profound beads, you’re almost going to drool.” Zi Ling smiled and said.

“But, do you not require cultivation resources?” Chu Feng asked.

“Me? I do, but my requirements are absolutely not as huge as yours. It can be said that to me, cultivation resources aren’t that important.”

“It’s because I am a Divine Body. I have divine power in my body, and that’s the greatest assistance to my cultivation. What I need is to endlessly understand the divine power in my body, because they are the crucial existences that raise my cultivation.”

“However, you are the direct opposite of me. Your cultivation requires extremely large amounts of cultivation resources, am I right?” Zi Ling smiled and asked.

“How did you know?” Chu Feng tightly furrowed his brows and felt that Zi Ling seemed to see something through. After all, the Divine Lightning in his body was his greatest secret.