Chapter 426 - Returning to the Fire God School

MGA: Chapter 426 - Returning to the Fire God School

“Chu Feng, my grandfather also told me that even if it is that boundless and borderless Eastern Sea Region, it is not the end of this world. The reason why it is called the Eastern Sea Region is because in this world, other than the Eastern Sea Region, there is also the Western Sea Region, Northern Sea Region, and Southern Sea Region.”

“In the middle of the four big sea regions, there is a mysterious land. That place is this world’s center. It is the heaven for cultivators, the place where all geniuses yearn to be in.”

“In that mysterious land, my grandfather said that Divine Bodies aren’t even extremely rare because that world is where all geniuses converge. It is where victors are right and losers are wrong. A place where only powerful people can survive in.”

“However, as for what that mysterious land looks like, even my grandfather isn’t clear because he has never went to that place.”

“That piece of land is like a legend. One does not go there only because that person wants to, but my grandfather said that it does exist because many peak experts had entered that land.”

“So, Chu Feng, this world is too big. So big that we cannot imagine it. There are also too many experts. So unimaginably many.”

“In the continent of the Nine Provinces right now, it is as if we are living in a desolate mountain village that people don’t like to come to. The people here are very easily satisfied, but they don’t know that there is a mountain beyond every mountain, and a person beyond every person. They are only living with self-satisfaction in this tiny little land.”

“So, we can never be arrogant. We cannot feel proud because we have such powerful talent in this land, and feel satisfied.”

“Because, in reality, we are taking our special bodies, special powers, and comparing ourselves to a pile of trash with extremely weak talent. No matter how much more they praise or fear us, it is useless because the people in this place are originally weak. They are people who cannot step onto the world’s stage.”

“And you and I are fated to leave this place. Not only will we need to enter the Eastern Sea Region, we also need to step onto the mysterious land which is like a legend.”

“It doesn’t mean much for us being titled as geniuses here because that is what’s expected. With their petty talent, they shouldn’t view us as geniuses. They should view us as gods.”

“What we need to do is not become the genius in their eyes. It is to be the genius in the Eastern Sea Region, even that mysterious land’s genius. Only then would we not be buried under other people’s strength after entering that place where powerful people are everywhere.” Zi Ling seriously reminded.

At that instant, Chu Feng’s emotions were extremely complicated. Even the blood in his body was boiling, and he was feeling that he was being burned by steaming hot flames.

Even though Eggy had always reminded him that this place was only a corner of an iceberg in the world, and that this world was very big, as there was a sky beyond a sky and a person beyond a person, Chu Feng never thought of all those. His gaze had always remained on this continent of the Nine Provinces.

But after hearing Zi Ling’s words, Chu Feng suddenly came to a realization. He was finally aware how big this world was, and was aware that there were uncountable number of experts in this world.

He knew that in his continent, he was viewed to be a genius who had heaven-defying battle power, but perhaps in other people’s eyes, he was but a normal piece of garbage.

So, Chu Feng’s blood was ignited. He finally knew the direction he needed to head towards. He still needed to endlessly become strong, become even stronger, because this continent of the Nine Provinces was fated to be unable to contain him.

His target wasn’t the Eastern Sea Region where there were experts everywhere. It was the center of this world, where geniuses stood in masses. The mysterious land where only true geniuses could stand in.

“If Zi Ling came from the Eastern Sea Region, then where did I come from?”

“My parents, my family, where are all of you? Are you still living?” Chu Feng looked at the sky, and more and more, his heart wished to leave this continent of the Nine Provinces and head towards that new land.

“Okay. Chu Feng, the time is almost up. Let’s go to the Fire God School. After luring the head of the Fire God School away, we will loot everything from the Fire God School and make them suffer the evil consequences for their evil actions.” Suddenly, Zi Ling sweetly smiled and said.

“Mm. It’s time to let them pay the price.” Hearing Zi Ling’s words, the corners of Chu Feng’s mouth also rose and revealed a touch of a light, evil smile.

Quickly after, Chu Feng and Zi Ling rode Zi Ling’s Exquisite Chariot back to the Fire God School. It had to be said that the speed of the Exquisite Chariot was truly quite fast.

When Chu Feng and Zi Ling returned to the Fire God School, the elder who was returning to the Fire God School for notifying still hadn’t arrived yet. The two of them had actually waited a full two days before that elder returned to the Fire God School.

As for how Chu Feng and Zi Ling knew that elder returned, it was because suddenly, the Fire God School started to shake.

Then, the head of the Fire God School flew out and behind him, there were even eleven Heaven realm experts following him, and with extremely quick speed, they ran straight towards the Beast Capitol Mountain Range, and the elder who notified was also in that group.

After they left, in order to avoid any unexpected circumstances, Chu Feng and Zi Ling waited for another half a day, and after half a day, when the head of the Fire God School still didn’t return, they calmed down and sneaked into the location of the tomb that they were searching for first.

The tomb of the Fire God School was built very vastly. Normal people’s tombs were built underground, but half of this tomb was above ground, and half was underground.

It also meant that in the above ground section of the tomb, there were large palaces. Outside of the palaces, there were tall and big walls. Looking at its outer appearance, that place seemed like a city that stood alone, and on the gates of the city, there were four words written: “Fire God Burial Grounds”.

In front of the gates of the Fire God Burial Ground, two core disciples stood. Those two core disciples both had the cultivations of the Profound realm. They stood perfectly straight, as straight as a javelin, and did not move at all.

But Chu Feng and Zi Ling knew that they were absolutely not the only guardians of that tomb. It could be said that the Fire God School valued the Fire God Burial Grounds very heavily, and they posted roughly a thousand core disciples to guard there.

Although being also core disciples, the disciples guarding within the burial grounds were definitely the elites within core disciples. Almost all of them had cultivations in the Profound realm, and even if they weren’t in the Profound realm, they were certainly in the peak of the Origin realm.

And other than core disciples, there were around a hundred core elders. The cultivations of those core elders were a lot higher. They were all in the peak of the Profound realm. Most of them were roughly in the 7th level of the Profound realm, and some were even in the 9th level of the Profound realm, being truly in true peak of the Profound realm.

Other than those powerful guarding members, there were even layers of Spirit Formations within the Fire God Burial Grounds and all sorts of mechanisms.

There were even bells for alerting. No matter what kind of intruder dared to enter this place, as long as they were discovered, the guardians would definitely ring the bell immediately and at that time, everyone in the Fire God School would come to reinforce.

So, in order to not “shock the snake by striking the grass”, Chu Feng and Zi Ling’s mission was very challenging. Not only did they need to kill everyone in the Fire God Burial Grounds, they had to kill all of them before they made any sounds and could not let them ring the bell to alert.