Chapter 425 - Eastern Sea Region

MGA: Chapter 425 - Eastern Sea Region


However, Zi Ling didn’t even move. The purple-coloured flames were like savage fierce beasts, part savage devils that came from hell, and they had actually forcefully shattered the Profound Bagua Bowl.

*swish* Seeing that, the face of the manager elder changed greatly from fright, so why would he even dare to continue tangling with Zi Ling? He leaped, and wanted to escape.

*whoosh* However, Zi Ling did not give him that chance. The purple-coloured flames became a purple flame huge mouth, and instantly, it engulfed the manager elder.


Quickly after, within the surging purple-coloured flames, the manager elder unceasingly made heart-tearing and lung-splitting miserable cries. However, the sound of the miserable cries became smaller and smaller, and weaker and weaker, then finally, disappeared completely.

At that instant, Zi Ling’s purple-coloured eyes gradually returned to normal and the purple-coloured flames also returned to her body. However, looking back at the manager elder, there wasn’t even a single bone remaining. They were all cleanly engulfed by Zi Ling’s purple-coloured flames.

Looking back at Zi Ling, he discovered that there was a Cosmos Sack on her hand. Chu Feng saw that Cosmos Sack before. It was the manager elder’s.

“You girl, you are quite scary. You’re only in the 9th level of the Profound realm, yet you face someone in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm so easily.” Chu Feng sighed and said.

“Hmph.” After hearing those words, Zi Ling fiercely looked at Chu Feng disdainfully then quickly after, said, “You think that you’re the only one who grasps special power? No matter what you say, I’m still a Divine Body. How can my power be comparable to ordinary people?”

“Not to mention the 3rd level of the Heaven realm, even if it’s a person in the 4th level of the Heaven realm, I’m not afraid either. If I break into the Heaven realm, even if it’s someone in the 6th level of the heaven realm, I can still fight.” Zi Ling said while being full of confidence. It could be seen that she was extremely sure in her own power.

“Is the Heaven realm that hard to break into? Before, when you closed yourself off in the Prestigious Villa, you were trying to break into the Heaven realm right?” Chu Feng curiously asked.

“Of course it’s hard. It’s extremely hard. Do you think that the Heaven realm is truly so easy to enter?”

“At first, when I isolated myself in the Prestigious Villa, it was only my first time trying to break into the Heaven realm. After you left the Prestigious Villa, my grandfather tried to help me to break through two more times.”

“But those two times ended as failures. I must say that the Heaven power isn’t that easy to comprehend. Even if I’m a Divine Body, there’s still some difficulty.” Zi Ling pouted her little mouth. She seemed to feel displeased because she was unable to succeed after trying to break through three times.

“You girl, people can only successfully break into the Heaven realm when they’re over twenty, yet you want to break into the Heaven realm when you’re only fifteen. Even if you’re a Divine Body, have divine power bestowed by the heavens, and have talent that normal people don’t have, you can’t have strength that defies the heavens right?” Chu Feng smiled.

“Tch. What do you know? Divine Bodies should originally have strength that defies the heavens or else they can’t be called Divine Bodies.”

“My grandfather said before that the continent of the Nine Provinces is only tiny land. The people here mostly have extremely poor martial cultivating talent, so that’s the reason why there are several tens of billions of people yet very few people are in the Heaven realm.”

“This world is very big and there are countless people with high martial cultivation talent. There are also many people who are geniuses that can break common sense.”

“With normal standards, the martial cultivation talent of the people in the continent of the Nine Provinces can be counted to be very trash. So, even if they are the ones with the best talent within several tens of billions of people, they can only step into the Heaven realm when they are roughly twenty years old.”

“However, if it’s that region, there are actually many people who step into the Heaven realm at the age of twenty. But even those people cannot be counted as apical geniuses. At most, they are only geniuses. True apical geniuses must step into the heaven realm before the age of twenty. Only people like them can be recognized as peak geniuses. Real geniuses.”

“And if I, as a Divine Body, cannot enter the Heaven realm before the age of twenty, I simply shame the name of Divine Bodies and am not worthy of being one.” Zi Ling’s face was filled with stubborness.

“That region? What region?” However, what Chu Feng was more curious about was the region that Zi Ling talked about, where people’s martial cultivation talent was extremely high.

“That is...” Hearing Chu Feng’s question, Zi Ling hesitated a bit, but after thinking for a while, she still said to Chu Feng,

“Other than the continent of the Nine Provinces, there are many other continents. Those continents are quite similar to the continent of the Nine Provinces. There are many citizens on the continent, but people’s normal martial cultivation aptitude are horrible. On a continent like that, there is usually a ruler like the Jiang Dynasty.”

“But in reality, those continents aren’t everything of the world. Rather, they can only be counted as a corner of an iceberg because my grandfather said at the west of the continent, there is a boundless and borderless sea region.”

“In that sea region, there are many strong forces of powers. The disciples of those powers all have abilities that are extremely powerful. Take and put any ordinary disciple into the continent of the Nine Provinces, and that disciple will become a genius in people’s eyes.”

“That doesn’t mean that those people’s talents are good, it just means that the people in the continent of the Nine Provinces have horrible talent.”

“I’ve heard that the sea region is very large. On the sea, there are boundless continents and underneath the surface of the sea, there are even powerful sea beasts. Countless remains, countless treasures.”

“That sea region is named as the Eastern Sea Region and my grandfather and I came from that sea region. Sooner or later, I will return to that sea region.”

“It’s because my parents were killed in that sea region. My clan was exterminated in that sea region. So, I will avenge them. Sooner or later, I will return to that sea region and avenge my parents.” Speaking to that point, Zi Ling was clearly a bit emotional.

At that instant, Chu Feng also finally understood why Zi Ling was a Divine Body yet no one knew. It was because Zi Ling wasn’t born in the continent of the Nine Provinces. She was born in the Eastern Sea Region.

Also, Chu Feng knew why Zi Ling and her grandfather were so powerful, yet had to hide like a turtle in the continent of the Nine Provinces. It was because Zi Ling was burdened by deep enmity that was like an ocean of blood. But clearly, her enemy was very powerful. So powerful that her clan was exterminated and only she and her grandfather escaped to this place.

So, no wonder Zi Ling would so impatiently want to become stronger. It was because she wanted revenge. Regarding the emotion of revenge, Chu Feng deeply knew about it so he could totally understand Zi Ling’s feeling.

“Zi Ling, your enemy is my enemy. Tell me who they are. In the future, I will definitely help you kill them.” Chu Feng grabbed Zi Ling’s delicate white hands.

Feeling the warmth coming from his hands, Zi Ling’s heart trembled and she awakened from her furious hatred. Looking at Chu Feng in front of her, she sweetly smiled and said,

“I also don’t know who they are because my grandfather said to me that because I’m too weak, right now, I am not even worthy enough to know the name of my enemy.”