Chapter 438 - Difficult to Differentiate Good and Evil

MGA: Chapter 438 - Difficult to Differentiate Good and Evil

“I’m begging you, don’t kill me, don’t kill me!”

“Noo! Ahh~~~~~~~~~”

Facing a situation where they had no place to escape to, many people in the palace started to kneel on the floor and with snot and tears, they banged their heads on the ground towards Chu Feng and Zi Ling, but what they got back was heartless slaughter.

Facing people like them, Chu Feng and Zi Ling didn’t have the slightest bit of pity because Chu Feng and Zi Ling knew their natures. Even if they were currently pettily begging, after leaving, they would undoubtedly continue committing crimes. People like them had to be killed.

Chu Feng and Zi Ling kept on massacring with lightning-like methods. With a blink, most of the evil people in the palace were killed.

However, Chu Feng left Yan Yangtian for the very last. After killing all of Yan Yangtian’s subordinates who were in the palace, only then did Chu Feng come up to Yan Yangtian and asked,

“At first, when you were fighting me, have you ever thought that a day like today would happen?”

“Hohahaha...” Yan Yangtian did not reply. Instead, he suddenly loudly laughed.

His laughter told Chu Feng that he wasn’t afraid of death. He was also not afraid that Chu Feng would torture him. It was telling Chu Feng that he already thought of everything.

So, he put away all pettiness, and even the fear in his eyes retracted quite a bit. As much as he could, he maintained the grandeur of a king and said to Chu Feng,

“How glorious was I, Yan Yangtian, when I swept through the Azure Province for dozens of years? At the beginning, I have indeed not thought that there would be a day like today.”

“Even more so, I never would have thought that I would be defeated by the hands of a young man.”

“But the winner is the king, and the loser is the thief. I have no excuses.”

“You, Chu Feng, are stronger than me. You are more ruthless than me. I, Yan Yangtian, admit defeat.”

“But I don’t feel that it’s embarrassing. Even so many great characters and peak big powers that have been existing for many years in the continent of the Nine Provinces could do nothing to you. What can I possibly do?”

“If you were to ask me whether I regret doing the actions I did, I can tell you that I have regretted it. I regret it very much. I regret angering you...”

“If I can choose again, I would definitely pull you in with me. I would fawn over you.”

“But what has happened has already happened. What’s the use in regretting? I can only envy. Envy the unique eyes of the head of the Azure Dragon School. His eyes were better than mine, and he was also smarter than me because he saw what you had.”

“Right now, you are in front of me. Although my cultivation is still above yours, my strength is already far below yours.”

“No matter if you want to kill me or torture me, I have absolutely no words of grudges. Go ahead. Today, if I, Yan Yangtian, beg in any way, I shall be your son in my next life.”

Seeing Yan Yangtian who was like that, Chu Feng first closed his eyes. The former things that happened were in his mind, and afterwards, he suddenly smiled, as if he was enlightened. Then, he said to Yan Yangtian,

“You have seen everything quite clearly, but don’t worry. I won’t kill you, nor will I torment you. However, I will take away your strength so you cannot harm ordinary citizens anymore nor bully the weak.” Chu Feng calmly smiled, then stuck out his hand, and like a sharp blade, it penetrated into Yan Yangtian’s dantian.

“Ahh~~~~~~” Along with blood that flowed out of his dantian, Yan Yangtian couldn’t help but cry out loud. Quickly after, he fell onto the floor with a deathly-white face while he twitched in bursts.

Chu Feng did not kill Yan Yangtian. It wasn’t because he was soft-hearted, nor was it because he wanted to give him a chance to start fresh. It was just that suddenly, he didn’t feel like killing him.

If Yan Yangtian’s strength was still above Chu Feng’s, or if he was still able to threaten Chu Feng greatly, Chu Feng would definitely, unhesitantly, kill him in order to remove future diseases.

But facing a person who wasn’t a threat at all, Chu Feng already felt that there wasn’t any meaning whether he killed him or not.

Besides, the head of the Lingyun School who chased after him everywhere and could kill him with a raise of a hand or feet had already been defeated by him. He could not threaten him anymore.

Perhaps his existence could remind Chu Feng and let him know that the difficulties he experienced weren’t for nothing.

Because he, who struggled within challenging trials, developed very quickly. He had already stepped over countless people who threatened his life before and made them unable to turn their unfavourable situations around in their lives.

After that, Chu Feng and Zi Ling didn’t start a huge massacre. They drove all the cultivators away, then dispersed the labourers.

After questioning, the young woman who was almost defiled was truly Erya’s elder sister.

So, with Spirit Formation techniques, Chu Feng and Zi Ling helped her recover her broken arms, and with medicinal pellets, helped her recover her injuries. They even healed her wounded soul, and made it so that she very quickly got rid of the shadow in her heart and returned her to healthiness.

After doing that, Chu Feng and Zi Ling brought Erya’s elder sister back to Erya’s family’s village.

“Without cultivation, what meaning is there to continue living?”

However, after Chu Feng and the others left, Yan Yangtian who had his cultivation stripped away came at the summit of a mountain peak.

His face no longer had its former pride. His appearance no longer looked like it belonged to a grand character of a school head. He no longer looked like he was an overlord of an area. He no longer looked like he was a king. Rather, he seemed more like an old man who had had enough of the experiences of life.

*swish* Finally, his footsteps met air, and he fell from the cliff.

He, who had no cultivation, he, who had no Heaven power, his physical body was like a commoner’s. Extremely feeble.

He crashed into the ground from the several hundred meter tall cliff. He was immediately crushed into meat paste. The head of the Lingyun School who had extreme might in the Azure Province had fallen at that place.

“Chu Feng, today, it can be said that we did a good thing right?”

“Of the matters in this world, there is nothing that is absolutely good, and there is nothing that is absolutely bad. As long as you feel that it is right, it is a good thing.”

Above the sky, within the white clouds, Chu Feng was steering the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens and travelling in the air, heading towards the place where they lived.

“Tch.” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Zi Ling curled her lips, then after, lightly smiled and said, “Your words weren’t with no sense. There are two sides for anything. In order to save people, we kill people. Even if the ones we kill are bad people, the people we save feel that we are good people.”

“But in reality, we are not good people because the family of bad people may not be bad people, but within the eyes bad people’s family’s, we killed their relatives therefore we are bad people.”

“My wife, how’s your mood today? Happy?” Chu Feng smiled and asked.

“I’m happy. Seeing Erya’s family able to happily live together, I am truly happy. Perhaps the simple life of ordinary people is the joy that is most difficult to get from people like us.” Zi Ling sweetly smiled and said.

“It’s great if you’re happy.” Chu Feng also calmly smiled.

It was absolutely not the first time Chu Feng did things like saving Erya’s elder sister. Chu Feng couldn’t bear seeing petty commoners being bullied by powerful people, so when meeting things like those, most of the time, he would fight for the unfairness.

But he was also the one getting bullied. At first, the Lingyun School bullied them, and currently, the six big powers were bullying him. Even the Jiang Dynasty sent out people and wanted to bully him.

Facing such bullying, Chu Feng resisted with all he had, but he who was the one getting bullied became the evil person in people’s eyes, and the huge monsters that were bullying him became the righteous side.