Chapter 422 - Exquisite Chariot

MGA: Chapter 422 - Exquisite Chariot

“Zi Ling, also have a Elite Armament?” Such a unique feeling caused Chu Feng to instantly recognize that the chariot, which was as big as her palm, was a Elite Armament.

“My grandfather said that since I chose to follow you and take risks, he will not care about my life. Even more so, he won’t secretly follow me to protect me. Life or death will depend on the heavens, and he will not interfere.”

“But seeing that it wasn’t easy to raise me up to this age, before I left him, he gifted this Exquisite Chariot to me. This chariot isn’t the strongest within Elite Armaments in terms of offense or defense, but its speed is absolutely peerless in the world.”

Zi Ling sweetly smiled, then after, she lightly waved her hand and the Exquisite Chariot as big as her palm left her hand. Quickly after, light shot in all directions and with a blink, it became a huge chariot that was five meters wide, and ten meters long. At that very moment, it was floating off the ground.

“Waa, what a beautiful chariot.” Chu Feng was stupefied. At that instant, the Exquisite Chariot was even more beautiful than when it was on Zi Ling’s palm, and even more domineering.

The most important part was that after it became larger, the unique might of Elite Armaments became fully evident. It was a lot more overbearing when compared to the Jiang Dynasty’s chariot that was pulled by a Monstrous Beast back then.

“Stop staring and let’s go.” Zi Ling grabbed onto Chu Feng and the doors of the Exquisite Chariot automatically opened. Zi Ling leaped with her alluring body, and entered along with Chu Feng.


After the chariot doors closed, the ten wheels started to spin in mid-air. Their speed got quicker and quicker, and layers of special gas was emitted from the wheels. At the end, under the wheels, clouds had actually appeared.


Suddenly, a rainbow charged into the sky and rose, and the chariot disappeared. That speed was several times quicker than Chu Feng’s Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens.

Shortly after Chu Feng and Zi Ling left, and after the people in the city hesitated for a long time, they could no longer bear their hearts of curiosity and started to carefully walk towards the battlefield between Chu Feng and the Hundred-faced Old Man.

But when they arrived at the battlefield and saw the deep pits on the ground as well as the buildings that were unrecognizably destroyed, many people felt fear.

At that time, only a person called “Fearless Li” bit his teeth and walked over.

At that instant, everyone was standing outside of the circle of battle and they started fixedly at Fearless Li and awaited his answer.

Finally, Fearless Li made some sounds. He loudly shouted, “The Hundred-faced Old Man is dead! The Hundred-faced Old Man has been killed by Chu Feng! There’s only one corpse here, and it is definitely the Hundred-faced old Man!!”

“What? The Hundred-faced Old Man actually died? Titled as the number one assassin in the continent of the Nine Provinces, killed countless people and never failed, the Hundred-faced Old Man, died? He has actually been killed by Chu Feng?”

When that news was known, almost everyone was greatly taken aback and felt disbelief.

Because, no matter how much more god-like the news about Chu Feng were before, no one would believe that he could break common sense so much to the point he could defeat the Hundred-faced Old Man. After all, the Hundred-faced Old Man was originally a legend who was never defeated. A name that would cause one to feel fear if they heard it.

However, after that thing got known, people had no choice but to believe it. After all, many people had heard the dialogues between Chu Feng and the Hundred-faced Old Man, and many people had seen the great battle between Chu Feng and the Hundred-faced Old Man.

Even later on, when someone asked the elder, who was in the assassination camp that the Hundred-faced Old Man went before, for identification, the result was that the old man who died was definitely the Hundred-faced Old Man.

When that news got known, it instantly shocked the Nine Provinces because it meant that Chu Feng truly defied common sense. If he even killed the Hundred-faced Old Man, who would be able to kill him?

Was it possible that the heads of the six big powers were truly required to come out in order to handle a young man, who was only sixteen years old?

But no matter how the outside world sighed in shock or how they were shocked, when the Yuangang School, the Fire God School, the Hidden White Sect, and the Free and Unrestrained Valley heard that news, they were doubtlessly furious.

It did not only mean that they failed once again to kill Chu Feng. It even meant that the five hundred thousand Profound beads they combined to take out were like “rocks spent to skip water”. They were very possibly given to Chu Feng for free. Five hundred thousand Profound beads entered Chu Feng’s hands once again.

That really caused the roots of their teeth to itch, causing them to angrily slam the table. Actually, ever since putting Chu Feng on a wanted list, they had already shattered countless tables because every time news about Chu Feng came, it would certainly not be any good news.

But at the same time they were furious, they started to feel uneasiness because Chu Feng was really too overwhelming. Right now, the pillars of enmity had already been firmly laid. If Chu Feng continued to develop like that, one day, even they wouldn’t be able to defeat Chu Feng. At that time, wouldn’t a great disaster come?

Because Chu Feng’s fame became bigger and bigger, someone had already announced Chu Feng’s actions in the Azure Province to the Nine Provinces, and many things that Chu Feng did became legends.

Something about Chu Feng flattening the number one school in the Azure Province by himself, killed so many people that the head of the Lingyun School abandoned his school and escaped, several million disciples were all slaughtered and not a single lived, blood flowed and formed rivers in the Lingyun Mountain Range, the corpses could fill an ocean...

Also, there was the one about Chu Feng going to the Qilin Prince’s Mansion’s execution grounds, killed many Qilin Prince’s Mansion generals, guards, and even with the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion there as fortification, they were unable to suppress Chu Feng and could only watch with their eyes wide open as he brought the person away and left the corpses of countless Qilin Prince’s Mansion’s members.

Anyway, not only were the things that Chu Feng did in the Azure Province spread, they were even made godly and that caused the people who did not know the truth to believe those things to be the truth and they even made a conclusion regarding Chu Feng.

It was that Chu Feng was simply the reincarnation of a slaughtering god. The people who offended him would not end up well, because currently, Chu Feng had already killed no small number of disciples and elders from the six big powers, and he was indeed taking his revenge.

If he truly develops one day, they believed that the Yuangang School, Fire God School, Free and Unrestrained Valley, Sword God Valley, Hidden White Sect, and even the Jie clan would “follow the dust” of the Lingyun School and be annihilated.

That caused the heads of the several big powers to panic because they felt that Chu Feng was truly a calamity. That calamity had to be removed. Even if they couldn’t get the Elite Armament, even if they could not open the treasure, Chu Feng still had to be removed or else they would be facing a huge disaster in the future.

So, the Yuangang School, Fire God School, Free and Unrestrained Valley, Sword God Valley, Hidden White Sect, and the Jie clan, the six big powers united and wrote a letter, asking the Jiang Dynasty to send out troops to remove the demon, Chu Feng.

Or else, if Chu Feng develops in the future, he would very possibly be like the Monster King of the Thousand Monster Mountain back then and a rebellion would start. On that day, even the Jiang Dynasty would be facing an approaching danger.

And when facing the united letter from the six big powers, as the ruler of the continent of the Nine Provinces, the Jiang Dynasty would not be in a good position to only sit and not do anything about it. So, the Jiang Dynasty sent out a batch of experts, who entered the Qin Province, and started to search for the whereabouts of Chu Feng.