Chapter 423 - Luring the Snake out of the Cave

MGA: Chapter 423 - Luring the Snake out of the Cave

It had to be said that after the people from the Jiang Dynasty started to move, Chu Feng kept an extremely low-profile. Ever since killing the Hundred-faced Old Man, he never reappeared.

Facing that situation, everyone started to guess one after another once again. Some people felt that Chu Feng was afraid of the might of the Jiang Dynasty and didn’t dare to go wild, so he hid.

Some people also felt that even though he won against the Hundred-faced Old Man, Chu Feng suffered heavy injuries and was currently recuperating. Perhaps his injuries hadn’t recovered and he died.

However, they never would have thought that the current Chu Feng already left the Qin Province and secretly arrived to the Song Province that the Fire God School controlled.

After a period of time of observing and understanding the Fire God School, Chu Feng and Zi Ling found the location of the senior tombs of the Fire God School

However, because the head of the Fire God School was there to oversee everything, even if it was Chu Feng and Zi Ling, they didn’t dare to rashly enter. Facing the expert in the 5th level of the Heaven realm, the two of them feared as well.

However, after a few days of studying at the geography of the Song Province and some comprehension of the Fire God School, Chu Feng and Zi Ling made a plan.

On that day, with the magical use of the magical mask, Chu Feng changed his face and went into the Fire God School.

“You said you know the whereabouts of Chu Feng, and he is in the borders of my Song Province right now?” One of the manager elders of the Fire God School had the cultivation of the 3rd level of the heaven realm. After hearing Chu Feng’s words, he half-believed and half-doubted, and didn’t fully trust him.

Because after the wanted posters were sent out, many people wanted to swindle some money and they provided quite a few fake information. Even if they were real, they were useless. So, that caused the elder of the Fire God School to be very alert.

“It’s true! I saw Chu Feng! Right now, he is in the Beast Capitol Mountain Range in my Song Province.” Chu Feng firmly said. He started to lie. His little face did not redden or pale, as if what he said was all true.

“Really? How did you meet Chu Feng? And what did you see? Start from the beginning.” The manager elder seriously asked. At the same time, a pair of fierce eyes tightly stared at Chu Feng, wanting to find a loophole.

“When I saw him, he seemed to be seriously ill. His face was deathly-white and powerless, and his skin was even a bit purple. He was fighting with a Monstrous Beast that was in the 8th level of the Profound realm in the mountain range.”

“At first, Chu Feng was at a disadvantage, but later on, his aura suddenly violently rose and it reached the 8th level of the Profound realm. Also, azure-coloured gas appeared underneath him. That gas was very strange. It seemed like a snake yet was not, and seemed like a dragon yet was not. Anyway, as long as it moved, its speed was odd, and I wasn’t able to clearly see his movements before he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was definitely in another location.”

“But even so, Chu Feng was still unable to defeat the Monstrous Beast. Because the physical body of the Monstrous Beast was too hard, Chu Feng could not injure it. Finally, Che Feng brought out a huge black-coloured axe.”

“That axe was extremely scary. It was two meters long, and it was huge. There was a hook on the back of the axe, and when Chu Feng waved it, it even shot out a black-coloured blade of light.”

“That blade of light was too powerful. It chopped down a large area of trees, and relying on that axe, he killed the Monstrous Beast by force.”

“However, after killing the Monstrous Beast, Chu Feng lost his strength and rested a long time on the ground. Only then did he hide into a mountain cave and seeing that he didn’t come out after a long time and when he entered, he even laid layers of Spirit Formations. I believe that he should be cultivating in isolation. So, I hurriedly came here to notify you.”

Chu Feng fabricated stories and could even draw the sounds and colours. His words were extremely realistic, as if the things he spoke of truly happened.

That caused the eyes of the manager elder of the Fire God School, who heard about it, to glitter and his face changed. It was because Chu Feng said many things that others didn’t know about.

For example, the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens that Chu Feng grasped and also the appearance of the Asura Ghost Axe Chu Feng had, as well as all sorts of other special characteristics. People could not find out about those things other than those who personally saw Chu Feng.

“Wait a moment.” So, that manger elder hurriedly reported that matter to the head of the Fire God School.

After the head of the Fire God School got hold of that news, he was also greatly shocked and he hurriedly gathered three manager elders from the Fire God School and passed down a treasure to the manager elders. He also told them to bring twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists who had cultivations in the peak of the Profound realm to go forward to the Beast Capitol Mountain Range to catch Chu Feng.

The reason why the head of the Fire God School didn’t personally go out was because he could still not confirm that the news was real. Also, he was also afraid that this was Chu Feng’s plan of “luring the tiger out of the mountain”, by taking the chance when he left to surprise attack the Fire God School.

After all, he didn’t know how Chu Feng got sick. Why was Chu Feng, who should originally have battle power that broke common sense, even unable to defeat a Monstrous Beast who was in the 8th level of the Profound realm, and had to use his full strength to defeat it?

Before clearing those things up, the head of the Fire God School would not personally move. Besides, if the news was truly accurate, and Chu Feng had difficulty even defeating a Monstrous Beast in the 8th level of the Profound realm, then it should be too easy for three Heaven realm experts to catch Chu Feng. Besides, within them, there was even one in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm. That level, even if it was in terms of the entire continent of the Nine Provinces, could be counted to be a peak-level character.

In addition to twenty extremely experienced Grey-cloak World Spiritists who were all over sixty-years-old, there shouldn’t be any problem if they wanted to break open the Spirit Formations Chu Feng laid. So, the head of the Fire God School felt that if the news was reliable, this time, they could certainly catch Chu Feng.

Thus, with Chu Feng’s trickery, from the Fire God School, an elder in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm, two elders in the 1st level of the Heaven realm, as well as twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists with ages past sixty, all moved out at the same time. They formed an old group of twenty-three people and headed towards the Beast Capitol Mountain Range to apprehend Chu Feng.

Although there weren’t many people heading there, the twenty Grey-cloak World Spiritists were going too slowly, as their cultivations were still in the Profound realm. So, they could only use the White-headed Eagle as transportation to hurry.

In addition, the Song Province was also very large and since the Beast Capitol Mountain Range was quite far from the Fire God School, only after a full few days did they finally arrive within the Beast Capitol Mountain Range.

“My friend, you said that Chu Feng is cultivating in isolation here, but why is there no mountain cave here? There aren’t any Spirit Formations as well.” An elder in the 1st level of the Heaven realm stood next to Chu Feng and furiously interrogated him.

Because, after following Chu Feng to this place, they did not discover any traces of battle, let alone any Spirit Formations or mountain cave. There was a huge feeling of being tricked.

“Chu Feng is clearly here! Don’t you see him?” Chu Feng’s had a face of innocence.

“Nonsense! Where is he? Why haven’t I seen him?” That elder was even more furious. He already determined that they were tricked.

“You old blind man, do you see him now?” Suddenly, Chu Feng abruptly stuck out his hand and with lightning speed, he grabbed that elder’s skull. At the same time, his face also changed along and became how it was originally.