Chapter 421 - Magical Mask

MGA: Chapter 421 - Magical Mask

“Or else what?” Chu Feng first shamelessly smiled, then curiously asked.

“Or else...Or else I’ll kill you!” Zi Ling’s little mouth curled and within her clear eyes, a hint of killing intent had truly appeared.

“Ehh~~~~” At that instant, Chu Feng hiddenly cursed because he could see that Zi Ling seemed to truly be a girl who guarded her body like jade. Also, no matter how she announced she liked Chu Feng in front of outsiders, when she was in front of Chu Feng, she seemed a bit embarrassed.

A girl like that was very difficult to deal with. Chu Feng could not force it, or else all his hard work would have been for naught. He could only sweet-talk and bit by bit, break through Zi Ling’s line of defense.

But luckily, Zi Ling already had feelings to him. Even if Zi Ling didn’t say that, Chu Feng could feel it. So, he did not rush it because he had confidence that sooner or later, Zi Ling would be his.

Also, Chu Feng discovered that after Zi Ling, the exceptional little beauty, shed off the layer of alert towards him, he had to say that he truly liked a girl like her who was sinister, cute, fierce, and stubborn. Even if he didn’t want to love her, it would be hard.

“What are you shamelessly smiling about?” Zi Ling first fiercely shot Chu Feng a glare and she knew that Chu Feng definitely wasn’t thinking about any good things. Quickly after, she no longer paid attention to him. She cast her gaze towards the corpse of the Hundred-faced Old Man nearby and muttered, “You have actually killed the Hundred-faced Old Man. You’re as strong as usual!”

“Mm. You’ve collected quite cleanly as well, but you missed one.” After arriving in front of the Hundred-faced Old Man, Zi Ling curled her lips and said.

“What did I miss?” Chu Feng asked confusedly. He clearly looted all of the Hundred-faced Old Man’s treasure!

“Do you know why this Hundred-faced Old Man is called the Hundred-faced Old Man? It’s because he can change his face to a hundred different ones as well as a hundred different auras. That causes people to be unable to catch him, and to be caught off guard by him.”

“The reason why he could do all this wasn’t because he relied on some special Mysterious Technique. He relied on this...”

As she spoke, Zi Ling extended her hand and grabbed the Hundred-faced Old Man’s face which was filled with blood, and stuck her fingers deep into his flesh.


Indeed, Zi Ling, the cruel little girl, truly stuck her own fingers into the face of the Hundred-faced Old Man. However, when Zi Ling’s five fingers deeply entered the face of the Hundred-faced Old Man, his bloody face gave off faint brilliance.

Quickly after, Zi Ling’s hand suddenly retracted and a half-transparent mask appeared in Zi Ling’s palm, and at that instant, the face of the Hundred-faced Old Man changed to another. Even though it was still bloody, there was indeed change.

“This is the Hundred-faced Old Man’s most precious treasure. Not only can it transform one’s face, it can even transform one’s aura and even World Spiritists can’t detect it. When concealing aura, it does it very thoroughly.”

“I wanted this treasure before, but I could do nothing as it was exactly the Hundred-faced Old Man who had this magical mask on him. So, almost no one was able to find him, and even my grandfather couldn’t find traces of him.”

“But right now, this thing is your spoil of battle.” After finishing speaking all that, Zi Ling waved her hand, and threw the magical mask over to Chu Feng.

“Since you like it so much, you keep it.” Chu Feng indifferently smiled, then threw it back to Zi Ling.

Seeing that, Zi Ling squinted her eyes and the corners of her mouth rose, revealing a bewitching light smile that was so sweet it could make a person drunk.

Quickly after, she walked, and step by step, she came in front of Chu Feng. She raised her beautiful little face, and said to Chu Feng, “You need it more than I do, so carefully keep it.” As she spoke, Zi Ling put the mask on Chu Feng’s face.


At that instant, Chu Feng felt a strong burst of suction power from the mask sucking on his face, as if it was going to enter his skin.

His appearance, also at that instant, had changes. He looked like another person. Even though he still looked like a young man, it was completely different from Chu Feng’s original appearance and even his aura was completely different.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Quickly after, as he willed, his face changed continuously. Also, it could follow his thoughts and return to his original appearance.

“Haha, this is truly a good treasure!” After feeling the wondrousness of the mask, Chu Feng was elated. He thought in his heart when he first saw the Hundred-faced Old Man today and was unable to see that he was a cultivator, it was definitely because of the marvelous mask.

And with treasure like that on his body, in the future, Chu Feng could do many evils and not leave any traces of him behind. No one would know what he did, and it was simply the best tool for committing crimes.

“Of course! The reason why the Hundred-faced Old Man has his current position is because he relied on this treasure. Even my grandfather said that this mask is undoubtedly a strange treasure. He doesn’t even know where the Hundred-faced Old Man got it from.” Zi Ling curiously said, but quickly after, asking Chu Feng, “Do you have any plans?”

“I do, I’m preparing to go visit the Fire God School.” Chu Feng said.

“You want to go to the Fire God School?” After hearing those words, Zi Ling’s little face slightly changed, but there wasn’t too much shock. She didn’t ask Chu Feng why and just straightforwardly said, “That’s fine, let’s go.”

“Zi Ling, are you truly going to follow me? You should know how dangerous it is to follow me at a time like this right?” Chu Feng asked.

Hearing that question, Zi Ling sweetly smiled and said, “It is but the six big powers. What is there to fear from them?”

“Not to mention them, even if you poke a hole through the heavens, so what? I, Zi Ling, will still accompany you and be by your side.”

*ba-dum ba-dum* After hearing that, Chu Feng’s heart couldn’t help but intensely jump two times and afterwards, his brain went blank and some unspeakable feelings were born in his heart and entered his brain.

Although he had already heard of Zi Ling’s determination to follow himself, after all, he only heard it on the road. Chu Feng couldn’t determine it was true or false, so he didn’t fully believe it.

Today, when he personally heard Zi Ling say those words in front of him, Chu Feng was indeed moved and good feelings towards the little beauty in front of him couldn’t help but multiply.

“Okay, stop daydreaming. Since the journey has been decided, let’s quickly leave.” Zi Ling said.

“Okay. My wife, come on the dragon!” Chu Feng proudly smiled, then the azure dragon underneath him appeared. He couldn’t even help patting the place where Zi Ling sat before, indicting her to quickly sit.

However, when facing Chu Feng’s call, Zi Ling fiercely glared at him, but she didn’t say anything. Instead, she curled her lips and said, “Your bodily martial skill is indeed not bad, but after all, it’s a martial skill. Since we want to hurry, it’s better to sit on mine.”

As she spoke, Zi Ling flipped her right hand, and an exquisite chariot appeared on her palm.

The chariot was only as big as the palm. It was completely jade-green-coloured, as if it was made by jade, but it was extremely beautiful.

There was a total of ten wheels, and there were two horns at the front of the chariot. They seemed like sheep horns yet like cow horns yet like dragon horns. They were both beautiful, and also domineering. On the top of the chariot, a picture was engraved. It was an indescribable animal. It seemed like a Monstrous Beast, yet also like a symbol.

But the most important thing was that the chariot unexpectedly gave Chu Feng a feeling of indestructibility and invincibility. It also contained unique might.