Chapter 420 - Arrival of Li Zing

MGA: Chapter 420 - Arrival of Li Zing

Within the Hundred-faced Old Man’s Cosmos Sack, there were Profound beads. There were over 623500 beads, and other than those, there were even twenty-three low-quality Heaven medicine and there was a single medium-quality Heaven medicine.

And other than those cultivation resources, there was even a special World Spirit Compass. That World Spirit Compass was golden-coloured. It seemed to be created by gold, yet it was not gold. Radiance did not flash everywhere, but there was plenty of texture. Anyway, it was extremely special.

Speaking with Eggy’s words, it was a high-quality World Spirit Compass. Who knew how many times stronger it was than Chu Feng’s? It was a priceless object, and all in all, it was an extremely rare good thing.

Other than the special World Spirit Compass, there was even a World Spirit Blue-cloak and a large amounts of Spirit Formation Rocks.

Those Spirit Formation Rocks could be placed within Spirit Formations and it could cause the might of the Spirit Formation to become even stronger, but because the prices for them were too high, very few people were willing to add those things when laying Spirit Formations.

But within the Hundred-face Old Man’s Cosmos Sack, there was an extremely terrifying amount of Spirit Formation Rocks. Over three hundred thousand. Even if Chu Feng used Spirit Formation Rocks every day, the large number of rocks would be enough for him to use for many years.

Other than things World Spiritists used, there were even many precious treasures. For example, manmade Elite Armaments. Within his Cosmos Sack, there were even two sets of those. In addition to the ones on his wrists, there were three sets.

It could be seen that Liu Xiaoyao, Tang Yixiu, and Bai Yunfei were indeed killed by the Hundred-faced Old man, but it had to be said that this time, Chu Feng had earned greatly.

“Haha, truly, as expected of the Hundred-faced Old Man, the number one assassin in the continent of the Nine Provinces. It seems like he has really quite a few treasures stored. His Cosmos Sack is simply a huge treasure trove.”

Chu Feng could almost dance from excitement because that was definitely a huge sum of wealth. Perhaps the wealth the Hundred-faced Old Man gained from killing a lifetime of people and accumulated for his entire lifetime all landed into Chu Feng’s hands.

Over 623500 Profound beads, in addition to twenty-three low-quality Heaven medicine and one medium-quality medicine. Even if they couldn’t help Chu Feng break into the 7th level of the Profound realm, it would still become quite a good foundation.

Besides, throwing the cultivation resources on the side, every single item in the Hundred-faced Old man’s Cosmos Sack were the so-called priceless treasures. Things that were extremely expensive. If he sold those, their prices would even be far above the cultivation resources.

It had to be said that in the Hundred-faced Old Man’s life, he truly obtained quite some wealth. Although it was impossible to be compared to peak powers like the Prestigious Villa, it was also not comparable to second-rate powers. But sadly, it went all to Chu Feng.

“Crap. Although the Hundred-faced Old Man has died, the Spirit Formation he laid is still here. Blue-coloured Spirit Formations. My current methods cannot break it and I have even used up my final Attacking Talisman. Doesn’t this mean that I’m like a turtle in an earthen jar, and that I’m trapped in here?”

But just as the happiness arrived, Chu Feng’s face couldn’t help but freeze and after that, black lines appeared on his forehead because when he raised his head, he discovered that the layers of Blue-coloured Spirit Formations were still there. That thing could imprison him to death.

If he was unable to escape this place, by the time someone notified the six big powers and sent the heads over to catch Chu Feng, Chu Feng would really not be able to escape then.


However, just as Chu Feng panicked, a deafening rumble rang from the outside of the city. Even the land under Chu Feng’s feet slightly trembled from the rumble.

*boom boom boom boom boom boom* Quickly after, several rumbles continuously rang out and at that instant, Chu Feng astonishedly discovered that the layers of Spirit Formations which sealed the city was being broken through one by one by someone. There was someone who came from the outside and was entering, and broke open all the Spirit Formations.

*boom* Finally, another rumble rang out, and looking towards the place where that noise was being emitted, Chu Feng found out that a beautiful body was currently slowly approaching.

That beautiful figure was a young female’s. She wore a purple-coloured skirt, had a complexion of absolute beauty, sweet face, graceful body, and alluring curves.

Her power was also extremely overpoweringly strong. Although she was only in the 9th level of the Profound realm, she was able to easily break open the layers of Spirit Formation the Hundred-faced Old Man laid earlier.

And who else could that young female be? Naturally, it was the person who Chu Feng waited for a long time, Zi Ling.

“Zi Ling!”

After seeing Zi Ling, Chu Feng was also elated because not only was Zi Ling going to save him from that place, the most important thing was still that, after waiting for so long, he was finally going to have returns today.

After being separated for a few days and seeing Zi Ling again, Chu Feng’s feelings were completely different from before. He couldn’t help but put down quite a bit of the alert in his heart.

Because, in the past few days when he wandered around the Qin Province, other than hearing things about himself, Chu Feng also discovered that in the Marriage Gathering, the person Zi Ling announced to be the one she loved was him and she even cut off her relationship with the Prestigious Villa because of that.

To be honest, in a time like this when there was even a person willing to follow him, and even stood out to support himself without caring for her own safety, Chu Feng was truly moved in his heart. “Real feelings are seen when disaster strikes”. Perhaps that was true.

But Chu Feng never would have thought that Zi Ling would be the one who was going to back him up the most.

It had to be said at that very instant, Chu Feng finally felt that the all sorts of things he did for Zi Ling was worth it. He did not risk his life for nothing, and he did not take those crimes for nothing.

“Zi Ling!” When Zi Ling broke open the last Spirit Formation, Chu Feng continuously walked several big steps and arrived in front of her. Quickly after, he opened his arms, and like a powerful fierce tiger pouncing on its prey, Chu Feng took Zi Ling’s extremely beautiful body into his embrace.

At first, when she saw Chu Feng, Zi Ling was very joyful as well. She did not have any objections when Chu Feng hugged her like this.

But what could she do when Chu Feng was very dishonest? Not only did he hug Zi Ling very tightly, he even squished Zi Ling’s two lumps of softness, her almost developed chest, and deformed them.

And after putting Zi Ling into his embrace, Chu Feng’s hands had actually unrestrainedly wandered around Zi Ling’s body, and that struck her bottomline.

It caused Zi Ling’s thoroughly white little face to instantly become red. Quickly after, not only did she get rid of Chu Feng’s embrace, she also, with a little hand that tore through the air and made “huhu” sounds, fiercely slapped Chu Feng’s face.

With a clear bang, Zi Ling’s pretty little hand left a deep red-coloured little handprint on Chu Feng’s face.

“You?” Chu Feng was stupefied and thought in his heart, “What’s this situation? Hasn’t she already announced her love to me? Why doesn’t she even allow a hug?”

“I…I know that you must have heard some things. Indeed, I, Zi Ling, have already quite...”

“But males and females must keep a distance… Before officially marrying, before I become your wife, don’t think of doing impolite things to me, or else...” Zi Ling said while pouting. When she spoke to the crucial point, her little face even reddened. That girl was actually embarrassed!