Chapter 416 - Mad Murdering Demon

MGA: Chapter 416 - Mad Murdering Demon

Chu Feng was not any saint because the world was so huge and there were countless unfair things. Every day, there would probably be people who died because of being wronged. Every day, people miserably met misfortune. No one could do anything about those things, nor did anyone have the time.

But Chu Feng was not also any evildoer. Since things like those happened by his side and it was within his range of ability, his heart could finally no longer bear it and he wasn’t willing to put his hands in his sleeve and merely observe.

So, as everyone was too lazy to spare that old beggar an extra glance, and even hoped that the waiter could quickly kick him out so that their appetites wouldn’t be affected, Chu Feng stood up, walked to the entrance, pushed away the waiter, then quickly after, propped the old beggar up and said, “Old man, come over to my place and let’s eat together.”

“Thank you milord, thank you milord!” Seeing that, the old man could break from all the happiness as he endlessly bowed with his hands clasped in front.

After coming to Chu Feng’s table, the old beggar started to stuff himself with food with speed that was like a gale sweeping away clouds in the sky. He had actually, by myself, cleanly finished Chu Feng’s table of good dishes.

“Old man, no rush. Slowly eat. Today, eat until you’re full and it’s all on me.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, and after, said to the waiter, “Waiter, bring a few more fulfilling dishes!”

Hearing those words, the old beggar suddenly gratefully smiled and said to Chu Feng, “Young man, you are truly a good person. But sometimes, good people may not be rewarded.”


After speaking, the old man’s gaze suddenly flashed and his originally benevolent and weak face changed. It became an extremely sinister complexion, and even though he still had the appearance of an old man, the feeling he gave others was already completely different.

At the same time, the aura of the 3rd level of the Heaven realm was emanated out from the old man’s body. A layer of blue-coloured Spirit Formation also encircled Chu Feng’s surroundings and sealed the tavern.

The sudden change caused Chu Feng to be greatly shocked. He hurriedly leaped back and kept a certain distance with the old man, then loudly asked, “Who are you?”

*whoosh* The old man did not directly reply. He opened his hand, and the assassination poster that the tall male put on the table entered his hand. Quickly after, he said to Chu Feng, “I take the money of others to remove the misfortune of others. Number one in the assassination world, the Hundred-faced Old Man is me.”

“What? Hundred-faced Old Man?” Only at that instant did the others in the tavern slowly come to their sense. After hearing the old man’s words, people were undoubtedly astounded and instantly, they trembled from fright and kept on shrieking. They originally wanted to escape, it was useless as the tavern was completely sealed and they had no places to escape.

“So you’re the Hundred-faced Old Man. You indeed have some methods to be able to find me.” Seeing that, Chu Feng also no longer hid. He took off the conical hat on his head and revealed his true appearance.

“Heavens! He...He’s Chu Feng?!” And after seeing Chu Feng’s face, the originally endlessly shocked crowd were frightened into being dumbfounded.

Because, this was equal to two devils, who were the most infamous and had killed countless people in the continent of the Nine Provinces, appearing in front of their faces. If those two fought, wouldn’t all of them die?

*hmm* Just at that time, with a thought, the aura that the Hundred-faced Old Man gave off became strangely berserk. It had actually became pressure and it shattered everything from stress within the tavern. Even the innocent customers there were directly crushed into pools of blood.

“The people who have seen my true face must all die.” As he willed, after killing all other customers in the tavern, the Hundred-faced Old Man calmly smoke. There was no change on his face, as if the ones he killed were only ants and not worthy for him to show any pity.

“What a savage old thing. An existence like you is the true evil. Today, I, Chu Feng, shall perform righteousness for the heavens and remove an old animal like you.”

Although the pressure of the 3rd level of the Heaven realm was strong, it was unable to suppress the current Chu Feng. At the present, Chu Feng was in the 6th level of the Profound realm, and when the power of his two lightning was added, he was in the 8th level of the Profound realm. With that cultivation, those in the 2nd level of the Heaven realm would have no way of defeating Chu Feng and he could definitely fight someone in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm.

*boom* With a thought from Chu Feng, boundless pressure descended from the sky. Even the blue-coloured Spirit Formation the Hundred-faced Old Man laid trembled.

Quickly after, a golden-coloured longsword appeared in Chu Feng’s hand. When that sword appeared, bursts of dragon roars instantly sounded. It was the martial skill Chu Feng got from the Void School that day, the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry.

“A rank 7 martial skill has already been mastered. Not bad. Your talent is indeed special, and you are a rare martial cultivating genius.”

“But sadly, the person you face is me. It’s not that I look down on you, but with methods like yours, don’t even think of fighting against me. It would be better if you took out your Asura Ghost Axe, then perhaps I would leave you with a complete corpse.” The Hundred-faced Old man smiled and said. He was not feared at all when facing Chu Feng’s Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry. He even disdained it.

“So you’re here for my Asura Ghost Axe.” Chu Feng lightly furrowed his brows. He felt that the old man was indeed not simple. He was an old fox who killed innumerable people and was also incomparably sinister.

“A single Elite Armament is priceless. How can it be bought with a million Profound beads?”

“Although I have always believed in honesty when taking assassination jobs, when facing a Elite Armament, even my heart will itch. So, I will take your life, and I will also take your Elite Armament.” The Hundred-faced Old Man had an appearance of “confident in victory”.

“Want to take away my Elite Armament? Want to take away my life? That’ll depend if you have the abilities or not.” Chu Feng stepped forward and his entire body became a blur of light. The Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry in his hand directly stabbed towards the Hundred-faced Old man’s throat area.


However, just as Chu Feng’s Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry was not even half an inch away from the Hundred-faced Old Man’s throat, he raised his palm, extended two fingers, and trapped Chu Feng’s blade in between his fingers.

“No matter how much stronger martial skills are, they are only trash. Your martial skill condensed by Profound power wants to touch my body of the Heaven realm? Truly foolish thinking.” The Hundred-faced Old Man strangely smiled, then afterwards, a burst of Heaven power came from his two fingers and had actually shattered the blade in Chu Feng’s hand.

At the same time, strong force also swept towards Chu Feng, causing him to continuously fall back and he almost fell down.

“How is this possible? Why is this old man so strong?” Chu Feng tightly frowned. He discovered that the Hundred-faced Old Man, no matter if it was the degree of strength of his Heaven power or his true battle power, they were both exceptionally strong and it was absolutely not comparable to ordinary people in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm.

“I entered an assassination camp at the age of five, killed at the age of six, killed all thirty-three companions who were also receiving training at the age of seven, and became an assassin at the age of eight. I am the quickest person to become an assassin in the history of the assassination camp.”

“In my career as an assassin, I have killed a total of 338,541 people, exterminated 871 clans, and climbed back up countless times from the border of life and death. The battle skills that I have sharpened. The life and death tests that I have experienced. How can they be compared to a doll like you?”

“Don’t think that you can fight toe-to-toe with me just because you cultivated high-level Mysterious Techniques, because you grasp peerless Secret Skills, and because you grasp a Elite Armament that can recognize its master, with your cultivation of the 8th level of the Profound realm.”

“In front of me, you are like an ant. I can take your life whenever I wish to and you have no place where you can escape to.” The Hundred-faced Old Man’s eyes were like blades and killing intent flooded everywhere. The atmosphere of his entire person became extremely terrifying. This was a true executioner. A mad murdering demon who had his hands stained by countless people’s blood.