Chapter 415 - Begging Old Beggar

MGA: Chapter 415 - Begging Old Beggar

But that wasn’t the important part. The important part was that as Chu Feng was slaughtering the people from the six big powers, he also plundered quite a few resources. Also, in that period of time, Chu Feng even participated in an underground exchange in the Qin Province.

The so-called underground exchange was a place where many big powers of the Qin Province and experts from everywhere came to trade things. Many of those things very possibly came from dark places, but they were all priceless treasures. They were also the so-called “black goods”, so that was why it was named as the underground exchange.

In the underground exchange, Chu Feng sold the pair of manmade Elite Armaments that Jie Yan gifted to Song Qingfeng. He got fifty thousand Profound beads from trading, so from that, it could be seen despite being only an imitation, the manmade Elite Armament was also priceless.

Yet the Jie clan had actually gave things like those, all at once, to the four powers. It could be seen that they were indeed roping those four powers with them. To be precise, it was five powers. After all, the current Sword God Valley also stood on the same boat as the Jie clan.

However, Chu Feng did not care about how the Jie clan got closer to the five powers. What he was joyful for was that the Elite Armaments sold for high prices, and in addition to the Profound beads plundered from Song Qingfeng before, Chu Feng finally surpassed that tiny bit and successfully broke into the 6th level of the Profound realm.

Only after using roughly a million and a hundred fifteen thousand Profound beads did Chu Feng go from the 3rd level of the Profound realm to the 6th level of the Profound realm. Also, his current dantian was completely empty. It was like a bottomless hole, waiting for Chu Feng to find resources to fill it up.

Chu Feng knew that even though he was only one step away from the 7th level of the Profound realm, that step was extremely difficult. The amount of resources required was extremely, extremely horrifying. It would be several times a million Profound beads.

On that day, Chu Feng just killed another batch of Yuangang School disciples and hung their corpses on trees. Also, after leaving the four big words, “Killed by Chu Feng”, he put on a conical hat, entered a city, and prepared to rest for a while and eat a meal.

Even though the present Chu Feng was listed as wanted by six big powers, and was a criminal that everyone wanted to kill, Chu Feng was not afraid. Instead, he even wanted to meet people from the six big powers. As long as they had strength that was inferior to Chu Feng, he would kill them all.

If their strengths were too strong, Chu Feng could ride on the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens to immediately escape. The problem was that up until now, Chu Feng hadn’t met anyone who could cause him to feel fear from the six big powers.

“Oi, what did you say? Another batch of disciples and elders died from the Yuangang School, and the sub-school they created in the Qin Province was completely destroyed by him?”

“I heard that Chu Feng is simply a butcher. He is simply a devil. The six big powers have quite bad luck to have angered him.”

“Ahh, if even the six big powers can’t do anything to him, wouldn’t Chu Feng have powers that could go against the heavens when he continues to develop in the future? If this goes on, he will become the second Azure Dragon Founder!”

“On that topic, I heard that Chu Feng came from the Azure Province. Didn’t the Azure Dragon Founder also come from the Azure Province? Why has the Azure Province produced a monster within monsters?”

“Yeah! The Azure Province has stayed in dormant for several hundred years. I heard that in these several hundred years, within the borders of the Azure Province, not even a single Heaven realm expert has appeared, but right now, a terrifying monster like Chu Feng shows up.”

“Not only Chu Feng. Isn’t there also someone called Zhang Tianyi? That Zhang Tianyi seems to be even more powerful than Chu Feng. A long time ago, he had already defeated Song Qingfeng, Liu Xiaoyao, Bai Yunfei, and Tang Yixiu.”

“Nonono, from what I see, Chu Feng is still the stronger one. Although Zhang Tianyi defeated the four, Chu Feng killed the four! Also, Zhang Tianyi at that time had the exact same cultivation as Song Qingfeng and the others, and his age was very similar to theirs as well.”

“But Chu Feng is different! With the 7th level of the Profound realm, he defeated people in the 1st level of the Heaven realm. He is even a young man! He is truly defying common sense.”

“Why does it matter who is stronger? Both of them came from the Azure Province after all, but it must be said that the Azure Province truly shocks people surprisingly. After being dormant for several hundred years, two terrifying monsters appeared. They are fated to cause the continent of the Nine Provinces to go into chaos.”

Within a tavern, as people ate, their mouths weren’t doing nothing and with excitement that shot everywhere, they discussed things about Chu Feng.

Chu Feng sat within the tavern. As he drank wine and ate meat, he listened to others talking about his story and guessing his cultivation. It was quite an interesting thing.

In reality, in the periods of time recently, Chu Feng had already gotten used to days like these because no matter where, as long as it was a place with many people, the topic that people discussed the most was related to Chu Feng.

“Hmph. Chu Feng is not far from death now.”

Just at that time, a tall male walked in, and as he spoke, he slammed a wanted poster onto the table.

“Brother, why so? Could it be that the heads of the six big powers have come out?” After hearing those words, someone curiously asked within the tavern.

“The heads of the six big powers? A person even fiercer than them has come! Look at this everyone.” The tall male pointed at the wanted poster on his table.

“Heavens! This is?!” And after people curiously walked over and saw the contents on the wanted poster, not a single person wasn’t greatly shocked. Because, it wasn’t a wanted poster, but an assassination poster.

“It’s the Hundred-faced Old Man! The Hundred-faced Old Man titled as the number one assassin in the continent of the Nine Provinces! He has finally come out for Chu Feng?”

“This is quite bad for Chu Feng. I heard that this Hundred-faced Old Man is extremely powerful. Not a single person he wishes to kill can return alive.” They astonishedly said.

“Of course! The wanted posters of the six big powers aren’t much, but as long as the Hundred-faced Old Man’s assassination poster comes out, Chu Feng is not far from death. I believe that very quickly, news of Chu Feng being killed by the Hundred-faced Old Man will come.” The tall male confidently said.

“Hundred-faced Old Man?” After hearing people’s discussion, Chu Feng only lightly smiled and didn’t put it in his heart.

Other than Jie Xingpeng, within the five remaining powers, almost no one could cause Chu Feng to feel fear because no one was able to catch him. Even if they were the heads of the five big powers, it was useless, let alone the Hundred-faced Old Man who had an occupation of an assassin.

“Shooshooshoo! Damn beggar, scram! Don’t affect our tavern’s business.”

“Milord, can you be charitable and spare a tiny bit of food for me? I haven’t eaten in three days!”

At the entrance of the tavern, some explosive yells rang out. The waiter was pointing at an old beggar who had broken ulcers all over his body and loudly yelling to chasing him away. But that old beggar was knocking his head on the ground and painfully begging.

With Spirit power, Chu Feng detailedly observed the old beggar. From up to down, his body did not have a single trace of martial cultivation aura. He was a normal person who had never cultivated before. Also, he seemed to have truly been hungry for many days. His stomach was empty, and if that went on, it was likely he would starve to death.