Chapter 417 - Battle of Wits

MGA: Chapter 417 - Battle of Wits

“Killing intent like this isn’t formed by the accumulation of one or two days. Only after killing countless experts can one have such killing intent. So this is the most powerful one within assassins?”

At that instant, even Chu Feng tightly frowned because he could feel that the killing intent of the Hundred-faced Old Man was no joke. That old man truly had strength that could kill him.

“Since it is like so, I’ll grant you your wish. I’ll let you experience the power of my Asura Ghost Axe.”

Chu Feng coldly smiled, then light flashed in his right hand. The Asura Ghost Axe was grasped within his palm. At the same time, he waved his axe and a black-coloured blade of light appeared and rushed towards the Hundred-faced Old Man.

The tavern wasn’t really big and at such a distance, with such boundless attacking might, the Hundred-faced Old Man almost didn’t have any place to dodge. However, he did not panic. Without fear, and with a thought, a layer of blue-coloured Spirit Formation surged out of his brain and appeared in front of him.


An explosion rang out and a burst of ripple spread. The Spirit Formation the Hundred-faced Old Man condensed out and had actually blocked Chu Feng’s black-coloured blade of light.

But at the same time the Hundred-faced Old Man blocked Chu Feng’s attack, he had already spun around, and while holding an Attacking Talisman, he broke through the Hundred-faced Old Man’s Spirit Formation, became a line of light, and flew out of the tavern.

The Hundred-faced Old Man was not simple. With Chu Feng’s current strength, it was very difficult to gain advantages if he exchanged blows with him. Before having absolute assurance, it would be wise for him to escape first. So, from the start, he had never planned to truly fight with the Hundred-faced Old Man. He had planned to escape.

“Crap. He laid Spirit Formations beforehand.”

However, just as he flew out of the tavern, Chu Feng stopped in the air because he astonishedly discovered that outside of the tavern, there were even more Spirit Formations. The Hundred-faced Old Man had actually laid Spirit Formations in advance.

Also, there were many Spirit Formations. There were absolutely not only one or two. There were at least a dozen or so and it sealed the city, binding Chu Feng within it.

“What a cunning brat. However, how could I, who have seen your terrifying speed before, have no precautions before coming over to you and attacking?” Just at that time, the laughter of the Hundred-faced Old Man rang out again.

“You’ve seen me before?” Chu Feng tightly furrowed his brows. He felt like the Hundred-faced Old Man seemed to understand him quite clearly.

“Haha, without hiding anything, I am the master of Like Drunk or Dreaming. On that day, when you fought Song Qingfeng and the others, I was on the side watching. I already know your methods clearly in my heart.”

“You grasp two peerless Secret Skills. One is faint green-coloured armor that can protect your body, the other is a white-coloured tiger’s claw that contains slaughtering power. However, your strength is too weak and you are still unable to use the true power of these peerless Secret Skills. Right now, what your strongest thing is should be speed, as you grasp an azure-coloured bodily martial skill that looks like a dragon.”

“That martial skill is extremely quick. I have never seen such a profound bodily martial skill, so I believe that it has surpassed rank 8 and is a rank 9 martial skill.”

“However, although that martial skill is fast, it is only suitable for chasing and escaping. It cannot be used freely as it cannot change agilely in battle.” The Hundred-faced Old Man indifferently said. Indeed, he understood Chu Feng’s things extremely clearly.

“Haha, you do quite thoroughly understand my abilities, but since you know that I can run very quickly, do you think you can catch me in this sealed space?” Chu Feng lightly smiled and said.

“What you’re saying is that my speed of laying Spirit Formation isn’t as fast as you running?” The Hundred-faced Old Man smiled and asked.

“Try and you will know.”


Chu Feng explosively yelled and the azure dragon under him had already flew and became a line of light as he started to speedily run in the sky.

And at the same time, the Hundred-faced Old Man also willed and laid Spirit Formations as he wished to and wanted to envelop Chu Feng. But he could do nothing as the speed of him laying Spirit Formations was truly not as fast as Chu Feng’s running.

“You are fast enough, but if I shrink the Spirit Formation that is sealing you, no matter how much faster you run, where can you go?”

The Hundred-faced Old Man was not agitated. He no longer chased after Chu Feng. He landed on the ground, and started to change the Spirit Formation he laid beforehand.

Indeed, after he changed it, the Spirit Formation that originally sealed that area had actually started to quickly shrink. That caused Chu Feng to gradually become a bird in a cage because in that land, he no longer had space to freely fly.

“Haha, run! Keep on running! Let me see how you will still run!” Seeing Chu Feng who was forced to fly lower and lower and closer and closer because of his Spirit Formation, the Hundred-faced Old Man laughed loudly.

“Dammit, dammit!” In that situation, Chu Feng started to endlessly wave his Asura Ghost Axe to strike the Spirit Formation that became smaller and smaller as he tried to escape the bindings of the Spirit Formation because if that went on, he would have no place to escape and he would easily be killed by the Hundred-faced Old Man.

But it was useless. The Hundred-faced Old Man was truly not simple. Not only was his battle power very strong, even the Spirit Formation he laid was abnormally firm and Chu Feng was unable to use the Asura Ghost Axe to break it apart.

“Give up. In order to prevent you from escaping, I have refined no small number of Spirit Formation Rocks for these Spirit Formations. Their degree of firmness definitely surpasses your imagination.”

As the Hundred-faced Old Man spoke, he stopped changing the Spirit Formation and rose into the air.

Because of the distance of space, he could already freely attack. With such distance, no matter how much quicker Chu Feng’s speed was, he would be within his range of attack.


As he spoke, the Hundred-faced Old Man grabbed. From his palm, countless Spirit Formation chains explosively shot out and the Spirit Formation chains interweaved and at the end, had actually became a big Spirit Formation hand that was as sinister as a snake, and it aimed to grab Chu Feng.

“Dammit.” Seeing that, Chu Feng hurried steered his azure dragon to evade because the Spirit Formation hand’s might did not allow for any underestimation. If he got caught, he would very possibly be forcibly crushed to death.

“Haha, run! Continue running! Let me see how long you can run for.” Seeing that, the Hundred-faced Old Man laughed and he also extended his other hand. Another big hand formed by Spirit Formation chains flew out and also aimed to grab Chu Feng. It was like a game of cat and mouse, and he was even smiling so intensely.


In the very small space, even if Chu Feng’s speed was quicker, he would certainly receive restrictions. In a situation like that, the Hundred-faced Old Man’s two Spirit Formation hands forced their way closer and closer, and very soon, they were going to catch up to Chu Feng.


But just as the Spirit Formation hands were going to grab onto him, a strange angle rose from the corners of Chu Feng’s mouth.

Quickly after, Chu Feng’s right hand’s Asura Ghost Axe was grasped once again and the azure dragon under him turned, and unexpectedly, it flew towards the direction of the Hundred-faced Old Man. Its speed of turning was extremely fast, as if it wasn’t restricted by anything.

With such a distance, Chu Feng’s speed was simply comparable to the speed of light. Almost with a blink, he arrived in front of the Hundred-faced Old Man.

At that instant, the face of the Hundred-faced Old Man changed greatly. However, he was also not someone who was feeble. He, who was a Blue-cloak world Spiritist, noticed Chu Feng’s intentions almost immediately when Chu Feng turned.

So, his footsteps changed and baguas appeared when he stepped. He became a blur of light, and with clever angles, he escaped outwards.

He did that because he had seriously studied Chu Feng’s Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens. He knew that despite the martial skill had very quick speed, it had a weakness. It was unable to agilely change directions, and even more so, he was unable to freely turn. As long as the direction he escaped towards was tricky enough, Chu Feng should not even think of getting near him.


But just as the Hundred-faced Old Man evaded Chu Feng’s attack, he had actually followed him as he also changed directions along with him, as if he was a shadow. How did the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens even have a weakness? Clearly, it had already been thoroughly grasped by Chu Feng and became one of his moves in battle.

With the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens, almost with a blink, Chu Feng caught up to the Hundred-faced Old Man. Also, the Asura Ghost Axe was in his hand, and with wind-tearing sounds and its unique horrifying pressure, it unrestrainedly chopped towards the body of the Hundred-faced Old Man.