Chapter 412 - Despicable and Shameless

MGA: Chapter 412 - Despicable and Shameless

“God damn, this brat is doing this intentionally. He is waiting for us to exhaust the power of our Forbidden Medicine then attack us after that.”

“We cannot continue letting him burn us up like this or we will die! Quickly run! We need to leave this place!” Finally, Liu Xiaoyao was the first to respond to that as he hiddenly sent mental messages to the three others.

“God, this damn bastard. He is this despicable.” And after hearing Liu Xiaoyao’s mental message, Song Qingfeng and the others also came to a realization so without speaking more, they turned around and escaped into the distance.

“Want to escape? Hmph! Can you?” Seeing that, Chu Feng coldly snorted and while riding on the azure dragon, he chased after the four people.

“Why are they running? Is it possible that the four geniuses cannot defeat Chu Feng even after taking Forbidden Medicine?”

When they saw that scene, everyone who was observing were greatly confused.

But sadly, not a person on scene was in the Heaven realm so they could only watch as they saw Chu Feng and the others leave. They had no way of chasing, so it caused many people to sigh and shake their heads, expressing misfortune.

“God damn, don’t follow us!”

At that very instant, Liu Xiaoyao and the others had already flew away from Like Drunk or Dreaming but it was in vain as Chu Feng kept on closely following them. No matter how they turned directions, they could not get rid of Chu Feng because when comparing speed, Chu Feng was originally quicker than them, so how could they escape from him?

“Haha, you bastards, don’t run! See how your grandfather here will take care of you!” Chu Feng loudly laughed and as he swayed by the four people’s sides, he insulted them and even shamelessly pulled faces and made despicable finger gestures.

“Chu Feng, you better not get into my hands or else I will definitely make you wish to live yet can’t, and wish to die yet can’t!” Song Qingfeng and the others gnashed their teeth in anger caused by Chu Feng because they knew what intentions he had by following them. Clearly, he wanted to wait until their medicinal powers faded, and then attack them when they received the rebounds.

In a situation like that, the four also threw attacks at Chu Feng while still moving, but they were all useless and they could not catch Chu Feng.

Chu Feng had also thought of using the might of the Asura Ghost Axe as well as his absolute speed to attack them while they were caught off guard to directly kill them like that.

However, it was useless as even though the speed of the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens was fast, he could not control it as well as the Imperial Sky Technique. It was fine if he was escaping or chasing, but fighting close quarters was clearly not as easy. So, it was very difficult to use the Elite Armament to attack, and at the end, he concluded with failure.

Like that, Chu Feng and Liu Xiaoyao and the others acted like so: For a while, you chase me, I run; for a while, I chase you, you run. Like so, they repeated that over and over again for a full hour.

Finally, Liu Xiaoyao bit his teeth, then sent mental messages to the other three, “It won’t do if this continues and the four of us will die from this Chu Feng. Split up and escape. At least that way, three people can continue living.”

After speaking, Liu Xiaoyao turned, and he took off first to escape towards another direction. Bai Yunfei and Tang Yixiu also quickly followed and escaped towards other directions.

“Crap.” And because the others’ speed was too quick, when Song Qingfeng responded to the situation, the three had already left for quite some distance.

Then when Song Qingfeng turned his head around, he helplessly discovered that Chu Feng was still following himself. That caused him to be incomparably furious. He almost went mad as he roared,

“God damn, they’ve already ran away! Why aren’t you chasing after them? Why do you have to keep on following me?”

“Because, you bastard, you were the one who cursed the fiercest. Don’t worry. Today, your grandfather I will kill you first. One day, your three other bastard brothers will follow you down.” Chu Feng laughed and said, but within his eyes, looks of killing intent surged.

“Damn. If you have the guts, don’t escape and fight me head-on!” Song Qingfeng angrily howled.

“Nonono. You’re the grandson, I’m the grandfather. Fighting you would be bullying you!” Chu Feng shook his head.

“God damn! If you can, stand still and don’t run!” Song Qingfeng insanely threw attacks at Chu Feng as he was in mid-air.

“Comecomecome! Good grandson, come chase your grandfather! Chase your grandfather’s overwhelming back! Quickly chase and come!” As Chu Feng rode on the azure dragon and flew in the air, he patted his buttocks, angering Song Qingfeng.

“Dammit. Stop following me. God damn, stop following me!” Song Qingfeng no longer chased after Chu Feng. He switched direction, and escaped with extreme speed. But it was useless as Chu Feng very quickly caught up and he could not get rid of him.

“Bastard grandson, be obedient! Your grandfather is afraid that you will meet bad people so I’m here to protect you!” Chu Feng smiled and said.

“Go die! In my entire life, it is the first time that I, Song Qingfeng, have seen a person as shameless as you! No, you’re not a person. You are a shameless little animal!”

“That’s right. Continue cursing. Curse louder! See how your grandfather will take care of you.”

“Chu Feng, damn your ancestor!!”

“Very well, I’ll remember that. I’ll give you a lesson in place of your ancestor.”


Finally, after a while of talking, Song Qingfeng’s medicinal power faded away and the power of the rebound started to consume his physical body. Very quickly, he was unable to hold on and he fell from the air.

“Chu Feng, I...I beg you...Kill me. Kill me! I beg you! Ahh~~~~~~~””

After landing on the ground, Song Qingfeng started to fully suffer from the torment of the Forbidden Medicine’s rebound. With a mere blink, he became a thin and weak as a match. Both of his eyes collapsed inwards and he looked the same as an alive corpse. It was terrifying.

Looking at his appearance, he was clearly enduring torture that was even more painful than Chu Feng’s that day. Song Qingfeng could not bear such torture, and he had actually begged Chu Feng to kill him.

“Eggy, what’s happening? Why am I feeling his life force in his body disappearing right now?” Looking at Song Qingfeng with that appearance, Chu Feng felt that he had no need to attack because the torment of the rebound clearly caused more pain for Song Qingfeng than him attacking.

“The stronger the power the Forbidden Medicine brings, the price paid will be heavier as well. This is the consequence for touching upon forbidden power. Perhaps without you doing anything, he will be tortured to death by his Forbidden Medicine because his willpower is too weak.” Eggy explained.

“Forbidden power? I wonder how that Yan Ruyu is doing now?” After hearing the word “forbidden”, Chu Feng couldn’t help but think back at Yan Ruyu. After all, what that girl cultivated was a Forbidden Mysterious Technique. At first, even her outer appearance changed and that power was comparable to Divine Bodies.

“Chu Feng, I’m begging you. Kill me. Kill me!” Just at that time, Song Qingfeng pleaded towards Chu Feng again. His tone became extremely petty, and his pleading came from his heart.

And seeing Song Qingfeng whose face turned deathly-white, his appearance no longer seemed human, and his heart only wished to die because of the torment of the Forbidden Medicine, rare kindness rose from Chu Feng’s heart. He walked to Song Qingfeng’s front and said in a low voice, “Since it is like so, I’ll grant you that wish. Remember, be a good person in your next life.” After speaking, Chu Feng put his hand on Song Qingfeng’s head.


At that instant, Song Qingfeng made another heart-tearing and lung-splitting scream because Chu Feng was currently absorbing Song Qingfeng’s Source energy. He was stripping away his life.

Finally, Song Qingfeng stopped screaming and at the same time, his heart stopped beating, and he thoroughly died.

“How about it? Eggy, has your cultivation been raised?” Chu Feng impatiently asked after helping Eggy absorb Song Qingfeng’s Source energy.

Because he was in a rush when escaping from the Prestigious Villa that day, after killing the two Jie clan Heaven realm experts, Chu Feng did not pick up their corpses to absorb their Source energies.

Because of that, Eggy quite often complained to Chu Feng. Even though Chu Feng knew that Eggy wasn’t truly blaming himself and she was mostly joking. Chu Feng still felt sorry. This time, it counted as making up for Eggy.