Chapter 411 - Blood-Coloured Forbidden Medicine

MGA: Chapter 411 - Blood-Coloured Forbidden Medicine


After speaking, light flashed in Chu Feng’s palm and a black-coloured huge axe that was two meters long appeared.

After the Asura Ghost Axe appeared, Chu Feng’s entire atmosphere was completely different. He was covered by layers of black-coloured gas and it was as if he combined into one with the Asura Ghost Axe.

“The Asura Ghost Axe! That’s the Elite Armament on the wanted posters which was discovered by the six big powers in the ancient remains?” Seeing the Asura Ghost Axe, everyone on scene were astonished.

Especially Tang Yixiu and the others. They tightly furrowed their brows and fearful looks flashed into their eyes because from the Asura Ghost Axe, they felt the aura of fatality. They firmly believed that the axe was even scarier than Chu Feng’s White Tiger Slaughtering Technique. If they were cut themselves, they would definitely not have much luck and they would undoubtedly die.

“My brothers, the methods that this brat Chu Feng grasp are really too strange. His Asura Ghost Axe cannot be underestimated. We cannot be careless anymore. We need to take out the hidden trump card Vice-chief Jie gave us or else we will very possibly die here today.”

Suddenly, Liu Xiaoyao sent mental messages to the three others. As he spoke, he flipped his palm and a blood-coloured medicinal pellet appeared. Looking at its special shape, it was a Forbidden Medicine.

That Forbidden Medicine was different from others. It was actually wiggling, and as it wiggled, it even kept on making horrifying yells, as if it was something alive.

And after taking out the Forbidden Medicine, Liu Xiaoyao unhesitantly swallowed it. At that instant, his aura suddenly rose speedily and from the 1st level of the Heaven realm, he stepped into the 2nd level of the Heaven realm.

“God damn. We are actually forced by this brat to this state and need to use this taboo medicine.” Song Qingfeng and the others looked at the Forbidden Medicine on their hands. They couldn’t help but gulp, and there was some fear on their faces.

However, even though they were more unwilling to, in that situation, they also didn’t hesitate and one after the other, they all took the Forbidden Medicine.

After the Forbidden Medicine entered them, like Liu Xiaoyao, their auras extremely quickly rose and very soon, they climbed into the 2nd level of the Heaven realm. Also, blood-coloured gas was like wiggling little snakes as they coiled around their bodies and swirled. Even their hair started to vibrate and their clothes started to flutter.

“Everyone look! What did they just eat? Was it Forbidden Medicine? What kind of Forbidden Medicine is able to cause even their strength, which is in the Heaven realm, to greatly increase?”

The observers who personally saw everything all yelled out in surprise and they felt it was hard to believe. Because, even though Forbidden Medicine was strong, there was a limit and it was best for Profound realm experts to use them.

And even though Heaven realm experts could get some effects, it would absolutely not cause their cultivation to rise greatly, to even break through a level. Right now, Liu Xiaoyao’s and the others’ auras violently rose, and that was clearly not normal.

“Forbidden Medicine like those should only be able to be created by a Purple-cloak World Spiritist and right now, your continent of the Nine Provinces shouldn’t have any Purple-cloak World Spiritists. Even if there is, only the Jiang Dynasty would have one.”

“So, the Forbidden Medicine the four of them consumed can be counted as priceless treasures. It seems like they are truly going to stake it all against you.” Eggy said.

“Hmph. The 2nd level of the Heaven realm? That’s fine. If they are too weak, I won’t have any feeling of accomplishment.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, then quickly after, he suddenly waved his big axe. With a swish, a half-moon-shaped black-coloured blade of light flew out and fiercely rushed towards Liu Xiaoyao and the others.


The speed of the black-coloured blade of light was very quick, but Liu Xiaoyao and the others who had Elite Armaments and the cultivation of the 2nd level of the Heaven realm successfully dodged.

*boom* The blade of light missed and it exploded towards a distant palace. Instantly, a berserk ripple spread and the buildings on the road were all destroyed by the black-coloured blade of light.

“I heard that his Elite Armament is able to recognize its master. It seems like its might is indeed quite a bit stronger than Murong Yu’s Divine Wood Sword.”

“Brothers! Right now, there is no retreat. We need to throw everything we have towards this little bastard and let him know the power of us four brothers!” Liu Xiaoyao explosively yelled and immediately after, his body flashed and he became a blur of blood-red and flew first towards Chu Feng.

“You’ve come at just the right time.”

Chu Feng continuously waved the axe in his hand and the black-coloured crescent-moon blades of light filled the air and flew. But it could do nothing towards Liu Xiaoyao who had used the Forbidden Medicine. Not only did his strength rise, even his speed multiplied and Chu Feng’s black-coloured blades of light had actually all been dodged by him. Very soon, he arrived in front of Chu Feng.

In that situation, even Chu Feng’s face couldn’t help but change and he hurriedly urged the azure dragon under him to move quicker and dodged to the side.

“Dammit. It is clearly only two levels of cultivation difference from that day when I escaped the Prestigious Villa, yet there’s a huge difference of the Asura Ghost Axe’s might in my hand. It seems like even if this thing recognizes me as the master and becomes one with me, there is an inseparable relationship between my cultivation and wanting to use its full power.”

At that very instant, although there was no need to doubt the power of the Asura Ghost Axe, he could do nothing about its speed slowing. Facing Liu Xiaoyao who used Forbidden medicine and also had a Elite Armament, Chu Feng’s Asura Ghost Axe could truly not do anything to him.

“Chu Feng, the might of your Asura Ghost Axe is strong enough, but sadly, it isn’t useful when used by your hands. It is still best to give it to us so we can take care of it for you.” At the same time, Song Qingfeng and the two others also surrounded Chu Feng and attacked.

Seeing that, azure light flashed under his feet and he hurriedly dodged.

When they were in the 1st level of the Heaven realm, they were already able to cause Chu Feng’s Black Tortoise Armor Technique to crack.

Right now, they had stepped into the 2nd level of the Heaven realm so definitely, they were able to break open Chu Feng’s Black Tortoise Armor Technique and perhaps even kill him. In times like these, forcefully fighting against them would simply be idiotic actions.

But luckily, Chu Feng grasped the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens, the profound martial skill that infinitely neared a rank 9 martial skill. So, he had an absolute advantage in terms of speed. Even if he was not able to defeat them head-on, no one could be compared to his speed of escape.

Also, the truth was like that as well. No matter how much quicker Liu Xiaoyao and the others got, they were still unable to match Chu Feng. Even Jie Yan, who was in the 5th level of the Heaven realm, would be unable to catch Chu Feng, let alone them.

“Chu Feng, are you a monkey? You only know how to escape? Don’t you grasp a Secret Skill? Don’t you have a Elite Armament? Aren’t you going to send us to our deaths? Try and fight us head-on!” Song Qingfeng and the others loudly insulted.

“Four bastards. Can’t defeat me so you take Forbidden Medicine. Don’t you have any shame? People in the 1st level of the Heaven realm can’t defeat me, who’s in the 7th level of the Profound realm? Do you have any face?”

As Chu Feng ran, he insulted back. It was called being relaxed. It was called being at ease. Chu Feng could use the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens to move quickly for several days and nights and he would be completely fine. It was simply Chu Feng’s most convenient and quickest transportation tool.

If he used the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens to circle around Liu Xiaoyao and the others, he could certainly exhaust them to death. After all, not everyone had endless Profound power in their dantians like Chu Feng to infinitely support his martial skill

But Liu Xiaoyao and the others couldn’t do it. They used Forbidden Medicine, and only because of that were they able to chase after Chu Feng. If the power of the Forbidden Medicine disappeared and the power of the rebound came, not to mention exchanging blows with Chu Feng, it was likely that they couldn’t even stand stably. They would be like fishes on a cutting board, and they would be able to do nothing but let Chu Feng butcher them.