Chapter 413 - Enemy or Friend

MGA: Chapter 413 - Enemy or Friend

“Not bad. I broke through a level so there’s only one level between you and me. Right now, I’m in the 4th level of the Profound realm! Heh~~~” Eggy sweetly smiled, and her smile was very satisfied.

But Chu Feng knew that the girl did that intentionally. She was afraid that Chu Feng had burdens in his heart, so she pretended to be so content.

Chu Feng was very uncomfortable in his heart. Even though he did not know how powerful Eggy was at first, he could imagine how extremely impatient an extremely powerful person might feel when they wanted to recover their original strength after losing their power.

“I’ll wait for a bit more in the Qin Province. If Zi Ling still doesn’t come and find me, I’ll leave this place and find some Evil Tombs. With that, not only can my own cultivation rise, Eggy, yours can become stronger as well.” Suddenly, Chu Feng spoke.

“Things like Evil Tombs can only be met by chance and not found. However, some places will definitely have some.” Eggy giggled and said.

“What places?” Chu Feng quickly asked.

“Most of the ancestors of some peak powers, powers that have been existing for a lot time, are existences with powerful and deep cultivations. As the later generation, they are very respectful toward those ancestors. So, they would usually generously bury them and they would also send experts to guard them.”

“Not only are the remains in tombs such as those complete, many people even put large amounts of treasures to accompany the burial because it is a way to cherish the dead. It is a type of respect to the dead.”

“And I feel that other than Emperor Tombs in the continent of the Nine Provinces, the largest tomb should be the Jiang Dynasty’s tomb.”

“But the Jiang Dynasty is unfathomably deep and you also have no grievances nor hatred with them, so if you anger them with your current cultivation, it would simply be looking for your own path of death. Thus, I don’t recommend that.”

“Besides, tombs like those are mostly used by the later generation to respect their ancestors. They are completely different from the Evil Tombs and remains in the wild.”

“If you go open the ancestor tombs of others for no reason, it is the same as digging up their ancestor’s grave. Doing that is never too virtuous and I believe with your character, you may not be willing to do these kinds of things.”

“However, some powers can be exceptions.” Eggy giggled and said, but she didn’t make things completely clear.

“What you mean are the Fire God School, Yuangang School, Sword God Valley, Hidden White Sect, Free and Unrestrained Valley, and the Jie clan, which are currently listing me as wanted?” But how intelligent was Chu Feng? He had already understood the intentions that Eggy indicated.

“For now, leave the Jie clan. Putting aside that they have an old monster who is training in seclusion, you can’t even defeat that Jie Xingpeng.”

“But you can try out the Fire God School, Yuangang School, Sword God Valley, Hidden White Sect, and Free and Unrestrained Valley.” Eggy said.

“Fine. After a bit more time, if Zi Ling still doesn’t come to find me, I’ll leave this place to visit the ancient tombs of the Fire God School, Yuangang School, Sword God Valley, and Hidden White Sect.”

“Hmph. Since they join up to list me as wanted, want to take away my Elite Armament, and want me dead, I’ll go kill their young generation and dig their ancestors’ tombs.” Chu Feng made a firm decision. After a few more days, if Zi Ling still didn’t come to find himself, he would take revenge on the powers that listed him as wanted in the entire continent of the Nine Provinces.

Afterwards, Chu Feng cleanly looted Song Qingfeng’s Cosmos Sack and he discovered that the number one disciple of the Fire God School truly had quite some inventory on him.

He actually had 37500 Profound beads on him. Even when the head of the Fire God School came out, he would not have possibly brought so many Profound beads on him.

Certainly, the reason why Song Qingfeng brought so many Profound beads was for playing around unrestrainedly. After all, in a land of romance such as Like Drunk or Dreaming, it was not something normal people could afford to spend

Especially when the females Song Qingfeng and the others looked for were even the ones with extremely high cultivation. From what he heard, in that place, females with comparatively higher cultivation were more expensive. Perhaps only people like Song Qingfeng and the others could find females with that level of cultivation.

However, to the current Chu Feng, the 37500 Profound beads were not really anything. Even if he was just a tiny bit away from the 6th level of the Profound realm, the 37500 Profound beads were not enough for Chu Feng to break through. So, Chu Feng did not refine them. He stored them, just in case he needed them.

Other than the 37500 Profound beads, there were even ten low-quality Heaven medicine. Those Heaven medicine were a lot more valuable and their medicinal power was stronger as well. After all, what was contained within them was Heaven power, which was far above Profound power. However, because they were too few of them and they wouldn’t have much use, Chu Feng similarly didn’t refine them and he also stored them.

Other than the Heaven medicine, there were also some scrap items. To Chu Feng, those things were all not too useful. But it had to be said that the two bracelets on Song Qingfeng’s wrist were indeed treasures.

Chu Feng took them off to study them for a while. He felt that they were very possibly Elite Armament replicas that the Jie clan created according to the Armor of Thorns.

Although their might was very strong, they were clearly inferior to real Elite Armaments. Also, they required at least the Heaven realm in order for their uses to be displayed. If it was the Profound realm, there was no way of using them.

But even so, it still counted as a treasure. To the Heaven realm, those things had great uses so Chu Feng felt that even if he himself could not use it, the two bracelets would certainly be able to be sold for quite a nice price.

After finding no small number of good things on Song Qingfeng’s body, Chu Feng turned around and searched for a while.

He went over mountains, trekked through water, and wanted to find Bai Yunfei, Liu Xiaoyao, and Tang Yixiu.

After all, the three of them also used Forbidden Medicine and right now, they should be receiving the rebound. If Chu Feng found them, the three of them would also doubtlessly die and the treasures on their bodies would also belong to Chu Feng.

But it was useless, as Chu Feng could not find any traces of them. It was as if they disappeared, so at the end, he could only give up.

Later on, Chu Feng hung Song Qingfeng’s corpse onto a large tree. Also, on the tree, he engraved four big words. It was: “Killed by Chu Feng.”

Chu Feng wanted to let the world know, wanted to let everyone know, that he killed the number one disciple of the Fire God School, Song Qingfeng. It was the price for the Fire God School listing him as wanted.

Indeed, in less than a few days after Chu Feng killed Song Qingfeng, his corpse was discovered by someone and that news also quickly spread. It first shocked the Qin Province, then quickly after, the nearby several provinces also knew about it.

However, there was one thing that caused Chu Feng to feel uneasy, and it was unknown whether it was a good thing or bad thing. It was that on that day, he clearly only killed Song Qingfeng and hung his corpse on that big tree.

But later on, he heard that it was not only Song Qingfeng. Li Xiaoyao, Bai Yunfei, and Tang Yixiu, the four people that were chased by Chu Feng and escaped all died, and also, all of them were hung on that big tree and they all died because of Source energy absorption.

So, the rumours went like so. Chu Feng who was currently listed as wanted by six big powers went to Like Drunk or Dreaming and fought the four geniuses Tang Yixiu, Bai Yunfei, Liu Xiaoyao, and Song Qingfeng. The four geniuses were unable to defeat him, so they used special Forbidden Medicine, yet they were still unable to defeat him.

As they were helpless, the four geniuses could only escape Like Drunk or Dreaming, but ultimately, they were unable to escape from Chu Feng’s demonic hands and all of them died miserably.

When that news spread, it was undoubtedly explosive. It was undoubtedly shocking. It undoubted stunned the Nine Provinces.

After all, the ones who died were the number one disciples of four big powers. They were named as peak geniuses in the young generation! Geniuses like them were all killed by a young man called Chu Feng. So, how strong was Chu Feng? How scary? That caused many people to guess vaguely and it became the most common topic in people’s spare times.

Some people felt that Chu Feng was too impressive and was an outstanding genius. Some people also felt that Chu Feng was too terrifying. A person like that had to be removed, or else if they developed in the future, they would certainly become a bloodthirsty devil, very possibly causing all livings things in the continent of the Nine Provinces to turn into dust.

But no matter how people guessed outside, Chu Feng knew that on that day, he only killed Song Qingfeng. The three others were absolutely not killed by him.

So, he was guessing. Who killed the three others, and was that person an enemy or a friend?