Chapter 408 - Battling Song Qingfeng

MGA: Chapter 408 - Battling Song Qingfeng

“Hahaha, I haven’t heard wrong right? Send us to die?”

“You? You, a little cultivator in the 3rd level of the Profound realm, dares to speak those words to us?”

After hearing those words, Song Qingfeng, Tang Yixiu, and the others madly laughed as if they heard the funniest joke in the world.

Even the females next to them laughed loudly. Their cultivations were also in the Profound realm, and they were basically above the 3rd level of the Profound realm. In their hearts, they similarly looked down at Chu Feng

“Chu Feng, watch this. Without even me attacking you, the beauty in my embrace can easily kill you.” Song Qingfeng pointed at the female he was hugging, then said to that female,

“Beauty, go kill this brat and nine hundred thousand Profound beads will be yours.”

“Song Gongzi, is that true?” After hearing those words, that female’s eyes flashed and she was clearly moved.

It was because she had the cultivation of the 4th level of the Profound realm, and she had heard that Chu Feng was only in the 3rd level of the Profound realm. So, if she truly attacked, she would really be completely sure that she could kill Chu Feng.

“Of course it’s true.” Song Qingfeng nodded his head.

“Song Gongzi, we want it as well!”

“Me too! I want it too!” After hearing those words, almost all the females on scene were moved. Nine hundred thousand Profound beads. That number was too attracting, and not a single person could fight against it.

That number was already not a small one in front of a peak power, let alone female prostitutes like them.

“Haha, of course of course! The nine hundred thousand Profound beads will be given to whoever is able to kill him!” Song Qingfeng laughed and said.

At that instant, all of the females stood up and slowly walked towards Chu Feng. Their bodies were naked, and they were alluringly walking. Charming smiles were even on their mouths as giggling sounds came from them.

However, at that moment, in their bones, dense bloodlust permeated throughout. Although those females normally chatted and laughed, when they attacked, they were female demons who were cruel and ruthless. Female devils who didn’t blink when they killed.

“Scram.” However, before the group of females neared, Chu Feng’s sword-like brows slanted inwards and he suddenly explosively yelled. A thunder-like voice resonated within the palace.

At the same time, formless killing intent also spread from Chu Feng’s body and the group of females were blown back.


Chu Feng’s killing intent was extremely horrifying and the females who had originally planned to kill Chu Feng were terrified and they constantly yelled out in fear. Hurriedly, they leaped with their alluring bodies and hid behind Tang Yixiu and the others.

“Song Gongzi, how is he in the 3rd level of the Profound realm? He is clearly in the 5th level of the Profound realm!”

“Not only that, the aura he gave off just now was very scary. I… I have never felt such an aura before. It was as if it wasn’t an aura that humans should have. It seemed… it seemed more like a bloodthirsty devil.”

With a single word of “scram” from Chu Feng, he caused the group of females who revealed killing intents before to tremble in fear and they lost all their temperament.

“Hmph. A group of useless things. He is but in the 5th level of the Profound realm, yet all of you get scared to this state?” Song Qingfeng waved his arm and pushed all the females who stuck onto him to the side, then after that, looked at Chu Feng and said,

“Chu Feng, it’s time for new and old debts to be cleared. Speak, how do you want to die today? No matter what, I, Song Qingfeng, can grant you that wish.”

“You want to kill me? Do you have the capabilities?” Chu Feng disdainfully looked at Song Qingfeng and that gaze showed that he didn’t put him in his eyes at all.

“What an arrogant brat. If I don’t show some of my colours to you today, I’m not called Song Qingfeng.” Song Qingfeng was furious. He emanated his boundless Heaven power and instantly, it engulfed the entire palace. The aura of the 1st level of the Heaven realm exploded out with unstoppable might, and the entire palace trembled because of that.


After exploding his own aura out, Song Qingfeng did not directly attack. He stood with both of his hands behind his back and stood where he was. With a thought, the Heaven power surrounding him was able to be used by him and it became boundless pressure as it swept towards Chu Feng.

*rumble rumble rumble* The formless pressure was like a violent storm that could shock the heavens. Layer after layer, they came pressing straight towards him. The power should indeed not be underestimated. At least, with Chu Feng’s current cultivation, it was impossible for him to defend against it. It had to be said that Song Qingfeng’s strength was even a bit stronger than the two Jie clan elders in the 1st level of the Heaven realm.

But Chu Feng who had prior preparations was not afraid. Lightning surged within his pupils and the aura within his body, as well as his own body, started to change enormously. With a mere instant, Chu Feng’s aura immediately rose and directly went from the 5th level of the Profound realm to the 7th level of the Profound realm.

“Break!” After his cultivation was raised, Chu Feng first explosively yelled, then quickly after, abruptly threw out a punch.

That punch didn’t have too much heaven-shocking might, but it was controlled perfectly and it contained extremely strong power. With a boom, it dispelled Song Qingfeng’s Heaven power pressure and even Song Qingfeng’s body swayed. He couldn’t help but back two steps and he almost fell onto the ground.

“How is this brat so strong?”

At that instant, not to mention Song Qingfeng, even Tang Yixiu, Bai Yunfei, and Liu Xiaoyao watching the liveliness on the side tightly frowned and a hint of shock emerged into their eyes.

Putting aside Chu Feng’s instant rise in cultivation, even if Chu Feng was in the 7th level of the Profound realm, according to reason, he shouldn’t be able to break Song Qingfeng’s attacking might. After all, Song Qingfeng was in the Heaven realm. How could those in the Profound realm fight against those in the Heaven realm?

“You have a bit of skill, but let me see if you can still take this next one.” Song Qingfeng was truly angry because his attack was broken by Chu Feng, the brat he looked down at. It caused him to feel that he had no face and he was incomparably furious.

“Anger of the Fire God!”

This time, he no longer restrained himself and he used a rank 7 martial skill as an attack. When that martial skill appeared, the entire world shook from its might and even the palace made by special materials could not bear it.

With the violent tremble, countless cracks started to speedily spread and at the end, with a boom, the palace was shattered by Song Qingfeng’s martial skill’s might.


Within the palace, even the Profound realm females were unable to fight against the might and they were forcibly pushed back and they flew through the air. The ones with light injuries spat out blood, but the ones with heavy injuries had died on scene.

“What is happening?”

“Heavens! There’s people attacking in Like Drunk or Dreaming? Who has such big nerves? Don’t they know that the master of this Like Drunk or Dreaming is the mysterious expert?”

“It’s Song Qingfeng! It’s the number one disciple of the Fire God School, Song Qingfeng!”

“And also Bai Yunfei, Tang Yixiu, and Liu Xiaoyao! These are the peak geniuses in the Nine Provinces’ young generation, people who has already stepped into the Heaven realm at such a young age!”

“No wonder. No wonder they dare to attack others here. With their statuses and strengths, even if they break the rules, I’m sure that no one would dare to do anything to them.”

The ones able to look for pleasure in Like Drunk or Dreaming were all big characters of the martial cultivation world. Every single one had exceptional strength, so after hearing that boom, they hurriedly stopped their pleasure seeking and ran out to see what was happening.