Chapter 409 - Manmade Elite Armament

MGA: Chapter 409 - Manmade Elite Armament

“That’s not right! Look, the person who’s fighting Song Qingfeng seems to be a young man!” Suddenly, someone discovered that Song Qingfeng’s attacking target was a tender young man, and looking at his appearance, he even seemed a bit familiar, as if he was seen before.

“Tha...That young man… Heavens! Isn’t he the felon who’s on the wanted list by the current six powers, Chu Feng?”

“My gods! It really is Chu Feng! Why has he ran over to this place?”

However, when people recognized that the person fighting Song Qingfeng was Chu Feng, all of them were dumbfounded and they were greatly shocked.

Who was Chu Feng? Perhaps before the Marriage Gathering, no one knew, but after the Marriage Gathering, most likely many people in the continent of the Nine Provinces already knew who Chu Feng was.

After all, a person who was able to be wanted by the six big powers would not be a simple character, let alone a young man only sixteen years old. So of course, it was specially attracting.

“Wasn’t it said that Chu Feng stole away the Elite Armament discovered in the ancient remains which was discovered by the great powers? Why hasn’t he used it yet?” Seeing Chu Feng continuously dodging from the attacking might of Song Qingfeng’s flames that rose to the sky, and didn’t return any attacks, some people expressed doubt.

“Oi, that’s not the important part right? The important part is that Chu Feng’s aura is the 7th level of the Profound realm. It’s completely different from the cultivation stated on the wanted poster!” Someone astonishedly yelled.

“The 7th level of the Profound realm? Even if he’s in the 7th level of the Profound realm, he shouldn’t able to fight back against a Heaven realm expert right? Right now, that Chu Feng is fighting against Song Qingfeng, who’s in the 1st level of the Heaven realm!”

”Heavens! Could this mean that Chu Feng is also a monster? He is actually able to rely the cultivation of the 7th level of the Profound realm to exchange blows with Song Qingfeng, who’s in the 1st level of the Heaven realm?”

“That’s right. I heard from a person who participated in the Marriage Gathering say that Chu Feng truly is a monster. He had once fought with Jie Qingming and almost defeated him!”

“Is it true or not? He’s that strong?”

“Damn! This means that the million Profound beads stated on the wanted poster isn’t as easy to earn as one would imagine!”

But when people discovered that Chu Feng wasn’t suppressed by Song Qingfeng when he fought with him, all of them were so shocked they couldn’t take care of themselves.

“Song Qingfeng, your Fire God School’s martial skill is only this? I’ll let you experience the abilities of me, Chu Feng!”

Chu Feng had never used his full power. He was only using the bodily martial skill, the Imperial Sky Technique, to revolve around Song Qingfeng and he kept on dodging and defending. But currently, Chu Feng’s heart changed and he was going to attack.

Because, seeing that there were more and more observers, he wanted to let those people see how he was going to kill off the four so-called geniuses.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s footsteps changed and he no longer backed away. He no longer evaded to the side. He stepped forward, and he pressed towards Song Qingfeng who was at front.

“One brat. What abilities do you have? If you don’t mind, show them! Don’t think that I, Song Qingfeng, will be afraid of you.”

Song Qingfeng coldly snorted and with a thought, the Heaven power that encircled him started to change and it spun around his body. With a blink, it had actually became lumps of flames and at the end, it was condensed into a long flame snake and it headed towards Chu Feng who heading towards it.

“This attack is useless to me.”

Chu Feng did not retreat. Instead, he increased his forwarding speed and thought at the same time, causing the ultimate Secret Skill, the Black Tortoise Armor Technique, to be used.


The fire snake attacked head-on and it opened it big mouth and swallowed Chu Feng. He entered the fierce flames, but how could it be possible for Chu Feng, who had the protection of the Black Tortoise Armor Technique, to be injured by flames like those?

He stepped greatly forward and ran within the flames. Very quickly, he arrived in front of Song Qingfeng and quickly after, Chu Feng threw a punch out. The fist that was covered with faint green-coloured armor dispersed the flames surrounding Song Qingfeng and fiercely slammed into Song Qingfeng’s body.


However, Chu Feng’s fist clearly stuck Song Qingfeng’s body, yet he felt a gentle power dissolving his fist’s power. The fist that could have originally directly caused Song Qingfeng to be heavily injured had actually only forced him a few steps back.

“This is?”

Looking carefully, Chu Feng’s pupils suddenly changed because he astonishedly discovered that around Song Qingfeng’s body, a layer of radiant armor appeared. It was that thing which stopped Chu Feng’s attack.

However, that faintly radiant armor was clearly not a martial skill. It seemed more of a body of energy that got automatically released from a special treasure.

“It’s those two bracelets huh?” Chu Feng’s Spirit power quickly observed, and he discovered that the special radiant armor came from a bracelet on Song Qingfeng’s left hand.

That bracelet was red-coloured and “defense” was written on it. On Song Qingfeng’s right hand, there was similarly a bracelet like that, and that bracelet had “attack” on it.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* Just at that time, three bodies flew over and stood by Song Qingfeng’s side. It was Bai Yunfei, Tang Yixiu, and Liu Xiaoyao.

“Song bro, this brat is very strange. You alone will not be able to defeat him. It’s still best for us four brothers to join hands to take care of him.” Liu Xiaoyao said.

“No need. He is but a brat in the 7th level of the Profound realm. I, by myself, can take care of him. Just now, I was only careless so he got some small advantages.” Song Qingfeng stubbornly refused.

“Just leave it. If it wasn’t for the manmade Elite Armament that the Jie clan gifted you, you would have taken quite a bit from that boy’s fist just now.”

“But on that topic, it seems like the gifts that the Jie clan gave to our school heads are quite useful. They are even better than what I imagined.” Tang Yixiu first looked at Song Qingfeng, then looked at his wrist.

At that instant, Chu Feng discovered that on their hands, all of them had two special red-coloured bracelets and hearing the words that Tang Yixiu said just now, Chu Feng roughly understood that the special bracelets should be the gifts given by the Jie clan in order to rope their several powers closer to it.

“Song bro, Liu bro is very correct. This brat is very strange and you cannot tangle with him. Or else, if he runs away later, that wouldn’t be good to deal with.”

“Let’s finish this off quickly and take this chance to test the might of the manmade Elite Armament. Didn’t Vice-chief Jie say that these bracelets are extremely magical, and something about attacking and defense as one, comparable to real Elite Armaments?”

“We haven’t had any chance to try it, so why not use this Chu Feng and test out its might? How about it?” Bai Yunfei also said.

“Sure, let’s quickly take care of this brat and not waste time speaking nonsense to him.”

Song Qingfeng attacked first. This time, the bracelet with the word “attack” on it had actually changed. A layer of red-coloured gas surrounded his body and his aura instantly rose. No matter if it was speed or power, it was several times stronger than before.