Chapter 407 - Gift a Huge Present

MGA: Chapter 407 - Gift a Huge Present

In the sky, within the white clouds, an azure dragon flew past.

Chu Feng rode on the azure dragon while his left hand was carrying the disciple from the Yuangang School. He was following the direction the disciple said to go and hurrying.

That disciple was completely terrified. He never would have thought that Chu Feng, a young man in the Profound realm, not only could fly in the air, his speed was even so abnormally fast. He was even quicker than some Heaven realm experts he had seen.

He could truly not see through Chu Feng. He felt that the young man had no ends to his terror, and the more it was like that, the more uneasy he got because Chu Feng’s strength caused him to feel too small, so small that he could not even take a single attack.

“Chu Feng you boy, you aren’t truly planning on taking care of Tang Yixiu and the others right? They have four people there, and since there are the number one disciples of the four powers, who are titled as outstanding geniuses of the Nine Provinces’ young generation, they will definitely have methods that normal people do not.”

“Right now, you are only in the 5th level of the Profound realm. Even if you use the power of the Divine Lightning, you are only in the 7th level of the Profound realm. It would still be fine if you fight against normal people in the heaven realm, but I’m afraid that there will be some dangers when facing against them four.” Eggy already detected Chu Feng’s intention so she hiddenly advised.

“The four powers, the Yuangang School, the Fire God School, the Hidden White Sect, and the Free and Unrestrained Valley, are currently putting up huge sums for the bounty. Sooner or later, I will go look for them to calculate some old debts.”

“Right now, since the four of them are gathered together, it is a rare chance. As for whether I can defeat them with my current cultivation, I am not too clear, but at least, I have to try right?”

“Putting aside that I can escape if I cannot defeat them, as they can absolutely not catch up to me, don’t forget that I still have a few Attacking Talisman on me. With my speed, in addition to the might of the Attacking Talismans, they will not be able to defeat me. This time, they will die, without a doubt.” Chu Feng was filled with confidence and he vowed to take their heads.

“I can truly not do anything to you. But this is fine. Since the situation is already like water and fire, appropriately letting those few powers pay some prices is something that should be done.” Eggy seemed to helplessly shake her head, but on her sweet little face, a slight smile of yearning rose.

The Qin Province was very big, and there were many strong powers in there. Many second-rate powers were even much stronger than the Azure Province’s Lingyun School, let alone the first-rate powers.

And within the many first-rate powers, there was one power that was very special. Even though most first-rate powers were very powerful, because of the existences of the Prestigious Villa and the Thick Ground Grass Prince’s Mansion, they could only have some fame within the borders of the Qin Province.

However, there was this one power which was different from the others. Not only was it famous in the Qin Province, it was similarly also very famous in other flourishing strong provinces. Also, it received strong love and respect by male experts from many places, and this power even had a very interesting name. It was “Like Drunk or Dreaming”.

The owner of Like Drunk or Dreaming was a mysterious person. No one knew who he was, and the members of the Like Drunk or Dreaming were all beautiful and extremely graceful females who had extremely high cultivation. They opened the gates, welcomed guests that came from everywhere, and they traded appropriate rewards with excellent services.

To that point, there was already a guess in many people’s hearts. The so-called Like Drunk or Dreaming was actually a place of romance. In more unpleasant terms, it was a high-level brothel, and who they welcomed were big characters from the continent of the Nine Provinces.

[TN: “Gongzi” is a title for more noble sons, and didn’t translate it because it sounds better untranslated. Also, the dialogues below use third-person in a way.][spoiler title='Slightly lewd dialogue' style='default' collapse_link='true']

“Ahhhhhh, Tang Gongzi, you’re so naughty~ Toying around with me like that...”

“I like it! I’ll toy with you however I want to toy with you. Yell. Yell loudly! Quickly speak, speak the way how I instructed you to!”

“Ahhhhhh, it feels so good~ Tang Gongzi you’re so good~ Zi Ling loves Tang Gongzi, and that Chu Feng can’t even be compared to Tang Gongzi! Ahhhhh~~~~”

“Haha, continue, continue! Yell louder!”


Within a pink-coloured palace, Tang Yixiu was performing an indecent action with a coquettish female who was completely naked. The two of their naked bodies tightly wrapped around together and they were playing around to the extreme.

“Ahh, Brother Tang is still remembering about Zi Ling and he can’t forget. But quite sadly, perhaps that Zi Ling has already went to find Chu Feng and maybe the two of them have already coiled together.”

“Hmph. That Chu Feng really has some dog crap luck. He actually made Zi Ling love him so unwaveringly. He better not let me see him again or else I will definitely castrate him and throw his ‘second bro’ to the dogs.”

Within the middle of the palace, there was an exquisite table. Bai Yunfei and Song Qingfeng were sitting on the ground cross-leggedly and they were currently toasting and drinking merrily. In their embraces, both of them hugged a beauty each that had a certain gracefulness and also not weak cultivation.

Also, surround them, there were many females who had incomplete clothing while circling around them. Some of the females poured wine for them, some clasped some food with chopsticks for them, some pinched their feet, and some massaged their backs. Their services were extremely thorough.

“Tang Yixiu, can you grow up? Zi Ling is only a young little girl. Other than her decent face, where else does she excel at? In terms of skill, where is she superior to the ladies here?”

Within the palace, there was a red-coloured big bed and thin fabric hung over the bed, concealing everything inside. Liu Xiaoyao was hugging two females with a naked body. He stuck his head out, and howled loudly at the nearby Tang Yixiu.

“Liu Gongzi, all of you talk about Zi Ling here and Zi Ling there. Is that Zi Ling truly that good for her to be unforgettable by you?” A naked female in Liu Xiaoyao’s embrace seductively asked.

“Haha, there isn’t a single good thing about that girl! She is not even comparable to you two.” Liu Xiaoyao laughed loudly, turned his body, and then pressed the two females underneath him.

*boom* But just at that time, a boom suddenly rang out from the shut palace door and at the same time, the big doors made out of special materials were actually shattered.


Quickly afterwards, several males were thrown in and all of them had pale-white faces with blood all over their bodies. They were the juniors from the same schools as Tang Yixiu and the others, and they were responsible for guarding the palace.

“Who?” The sudden change surprised the four people in the palace and all of them cast their sinister gazes towards the entrance of the palace.

“Oh? We have only not seen each other for a small period of time yet you can’t recognize me already?” Calm laughter rang out and Chu Feng had already entered the palace.

“Chu Feng?!” After seeing Chu Feng, the expressions of the four all changed and the killing intent in their eyes became even stronger. One of them coldly shouted, “Chu Feng, you truly have huge nerves. You clearly know that we are looking for you, yet you dare to send yourself to our doorstep!”

“Actually, the reason why I came to look for you is because I want to send a big present to all of you.”

“Oh? What big present?”

“Send you all to die!”