Chapter 406 - He's Actually Chu Feng

MGA: Chapter 406 - He's Actually Chu Feng

“I’m truly god damn angry. The school head clearly told Tang Yixiu to be responsible for establishing the sub-school in the Qin Province, yet the result is him seeking pleasure for the entire day and he gave everything to us.” One of the disciples said, expressing the unfairness.

“Ahh, don’t complain. Who told us to have an inferior position than him and to have an inferior cultivation than him? Besides, Tang Yixiu isn’t the only one like this. The three others from the Fire God School, Hidden White Sect, and Free and Unrestrained Valley are the same.”

“They said that they are remaining in the Qin Province to establish a sub-school so Chu Feng could be caught more easily, but in reality, the four of them gather together, searching for enjoyment and not caring about anything.”

“It has to be said that no matter how much more arrogant the young school head of the Sword God Valley, Murong Yu, is, at least he is working properly. Despite being young, right now, he is indeed diligently creating the sub-valley of the Sword God Valley in the Qin Province. Who knows how many times stronger he is than our number one disciple.”

Although another disciple said “don’t complain” on the surface, in reality, within his tone, it was similarly filled with grudges.

“Whatever, let’s not mention these unhappy things. Come, let’s drink!”

“Come drink come drink. After finishing this meal, we still need to continue hurrying. If we can’t finish this sub-school within one month, we will definitely be punished by Tang Yixiu.” The disciples of the Yuangang School raised their cups together and drank merrily.

“Oi, I’m god damn talking to you! You brat, can’t you hear me?” At the same time, the bald big man facing Chu Feng was also angry.

Because, he told Chu Feng to leave this table, yet he had actually ignored him. That caused him to feel that he had no face and made things difficult for him.

However, because the Yuangang School disciples were there, he also didn’t dare to yell loudly. He put his mouth close in front of Chu Feng’s body, suppressed his voice, and fiercely threatened, “God damn, if you feign to be deaf and mute, do you believe that I will cut your ears off, and cut your tongue off?”

“Seeing that you just spoke some truth, today, I’ll spare your life.” Chu Feng smiled and said.

“What? You brat, you dare to threaten me? So shamelessly say that you will spare my life? You are truly looking to die!!” Hearing Chu Feng’s words, the bald big man gnashed his teeth in anger and he could no longer enduring his current fury. He extended his hand and wanted to grab Chu Feng’s clothes.

*whoosh* But suddenly, Chu Feng’s body flashed and without the bald big man even clearly seeing what happened, Chu Feng had already disappeared.

When Chu Feng reappeared, he was actually standing on top of the table of the Yuangang School disciples. He asked, “Who can tell me where Tang Yixiu is right now?”

“Who are you?”

Seeing that, the expressions of the Yuangang School disciples changed and they couldn’t help backing away one step. They cautiously inspected Chu Feng because his speed was really too fast. They didn’t even feel it before, so they determined that Chu Feng was a martial cultivation expert.

“What? Is it possible that even you don’t recognize me?” Chu Feng lightly smiled, and as he spoke, he extended his right hand and gradually took off the grass-weaved conical hat, revealing his elegant face.

And that appearance was exactly the same as the one on the wanted poster!!

“Yo.. You’re Chu Feng?!” After seeing Chu Feng, the faces of the Yuangang School disciples who originally had nervous expressions instantly became even more wonderful.

“What? He’s Chu Feng?!!”

At the same time, the others in the tavern also noticed that situation. After detailed comparisons, they discovered that the one currently standing on the table was truly Chu Feng. That terrified the people in the tavern.

Many people were so terrified that they directly went under the tables and they were deeply afraid that they would be pulled down by the fight between Chu Feng and the Yuangang School disciples. The ones closer to the entrance directly broke through the doors and escaped.

But at that very instant, the one who had the most wonderful expression was still the bald big man. At that instant, he was lifelessly sitting where he was and his entire body was unstoppably trembling. The chopsticks in his hand fell and his originally already ugly face became even more incomparably ugly, showing obvious endless fear.

Because, just now, he insulted Chu Feng. He had actually threatened Chu Feng. That caused him, who believed that Chu Feng was very strong, to feel all of his hopes turn into ashes, and felt that he was very likely dead.

“Catch him! Catch him, then we can take the large reward! Even if we are the disciples of the Yuangang School, we can still obtain the rewards!” Suddenly, someone explosively yelled and one Yuangang School disciple took the lead to attack Chu Feng.

*bang* However, Chu Feng struck out with a single palm and that person’s body exploded. He didn’t even get to cry out before becoming a pool of blood, splattering at the surrounding walls and spilling onto the ground at his feet.

*bang bang bang bang bang bang...* Quickly after, Chu Feng threw out several more palms and with a blink, seventeen people turned into pools of blood and died horribly.

“Young hero please spare my life, young hero please spare my life!” At that instant, the face of the Yuangang Disciple who prepared to attack yet didn’t turned as white as paper and his eyes were filled with fear.

Unhesitantly, he knelt onto the ground and endlessly knocked his head onto the ground while admitting his wrongs. Because, personally seeing the seniors that were just now standing around him alive instantly be turned into pools of blood by Chu Feng, he could truly not control the fearful emotion in his heart.

At that moment, he could feel how terrifying Chu Feng was. How was the young man who was only sixteen years old the trash that Tang Yixiu said he was? He was simply a little devil who was strong to the extreme and killed without blinking.

“I’ll ask one more time. Can you tell me where Tang Yixiu is right now?” Chu Feng slowly walked on the table, and only after arriving at the end of the table did he crouch down and question the Yuangang School disciple endlessly knocking his head on the ground.

“I...I know! I know where Tang Yixiu is. But… If I tell you, can you spare my life?” That disciple was quite smart. He did not directly refuse to answer Chu Feng’s question, but he also didn’t directly tell Chu Feng where Tang Yixiu was.

“As long as you can show me the road, I will spare your life, and I will also reward you.” Chu Feng’s eyes slightly squinted and revealed a dazzling smile that lacked any evil.

But in the perspective of that disciple, no matter how he looked at it, he seemed more like a terrifying devil who was lightly smiling at him while embracing malicious intents.

However, he had no choice. Even if he knew that Chu Feng would possibly not spare him, he could only chose to lead the road for Chu Feng.

Because, he would at least have a chance to continue living. So, he stood up and said to Chu Feng,

“I am willing to lead the way. I don’t need any reward, and I only hope that you can spare my life.”

“I’m begging you, please don’t kill me. In my home, I still have a family of old and young. All of them need to rely on me to live. If I die, they will starve to death as well. Besides, I am only a tiny disciple. The school setting up wanted posters is unrelated to me in the slightest.”

“Don’t worry. I said I wouldn’t kill you, so I will not kill you.” Chu Feng grabbed that disciple’s shoulders, then quickly after, a burst of gale swept in. Chu Feng and that disciple had already instantly disappeared from the tavern.

After Chu Feng left, the tavern was silent. People were trembling from fright under the tables and no one dared to move.

After a long while, when there were still no movements, the two big men that hid under the table carefully climbed out.

However, after they saw the scene in the current tavern, all of them couldn’t help but gulp and their legs almost went limp, almost fainting away from fear.

Because, within the tavern at that instant, blood was everywhere. Not only on the ground. There was even blood on the walls and on the ceiling. That scene was indeed a bit horrifying.

“Big bro, big bro! Are you alright?” And when the two of them discovered that the bald big man was still lifelessly sitting on the chair, they were immediately shocked and they hurriedly ran to the bald big man’s side.

The current him had a lifeless face and the expression when he first saw Chu Feng still remained on his face. His eyes didn’t even blink, and only after a long while did his lips gradually shut and he opened his mouth to say, “He...he...he is indeed the same as what my nephew said. Very strong.”

*poof* After speaking, the bald big man’s body tilted, his legs went limp, and he had actually laid on the table, and didn’t move.

When the two other big men checked what happened him for a while, their faces greatly changed because they astonishedly discovered that the big man had actually died. He was scared to death.