Chapter 405 - Disciple of the Yuangang School

MGA: Chapter 405 - Disciple of the Yuangang School

“What? That Chu Feng is actually that strong? If even Elite Armaments can’t stop him, isn’t he so strong that he breaks common sense?” After hearing those words, everyone couldn’t help but inhale a breath of cool air.

“Besides, back then when Chu Feng escaped the Prestigious Villa, my nephew was in the villa.”

“He personally saw, within the Prestigious Villa, that Chu Feng was sealed in by thirteen blue-coloured Spirit Formations. Have any of you even seen a blue-coloured Spirit Formation?” The bald big man continue saying.

“Of course not. But I heard that blue-coloured Spirit Formations can only be laid by Blue-cloak World Spiritists. World Spiritists in that level can do anything. They can create anything. There are only things that we can’t think of, and nothing that they cannot do. They are simply like gods.”

“I’ve also heard about Blue-cloak World Spiritists. They are truly like legends. But from what I know, in the continent of the Nine Provinces, it seems like characters like them only appear within the World Spirit Guild and Jie clan right? Is it possible that even the Prestigious Villa has some?” Some person asked.

“That’s right. Blue-cloak World Spiritists do defy common sense quite a bit, but the blue-coloured Spirit Formations that day weren’t laid by a normal Blue-cloak World Spiritist. I heard my nephew say that the blue-coloured Spirit Formation rose from the ground and sealed the sky. It was very majestic. Can you imagine blue-coloured Spirit Formations like those?” The big man continued speaking.

“Heavens! Spirit Formations that seal the sky? What kind of stunning sight would that be?” After hearing those words, everyone breathed in deeply then afterwards, they were all dumbfounded, seeming to imagine what the Spirit Formations that sealed the sky looked like.

“Whatever, it’s better for you not to think. Even if your brains are destroying from thinking, you could not imagine what sight it would be. But I can tell you that the thirteen Spirit Formations, which were so strong, were all destroyed by Chu Feng.”

“Also, there were Heaven realm experts who went up to stop Chu Feng, but with an axe, they were cut into two by him.” The bald big man smugly said. He could even draw the sounds and expressions of the people there, and he described so precisely that it was as if he personally saw them.

“Heaven realm experts were chopped to death by Chu Feng’s axe? Could it be that the axe was the Elite Armament, the Asura Ghost Axe?” People’s mouths were widely opened and their jaws dropped from shock.

“It should be doubtlessly the Asura Ghost Axe. But even if it is a Elite Armament, its might is always limited. What did it mean for Chu Feng to be able to kill Heaven realm experts and cut open blue-coloured Spirit Formations while grasping a Elite Armament? It meant that Chu Feng was powerful enough and he is a real genius. An exceptional person within geniuses.” The bald big man’s face was filled with idolization as he spoke.

“If… If what you said was true, then it means that Chu Feng didn’t poison the elders from the several big powers and hiddenly steal the Asura Ghost Axe.”

“It was that he openly took away the Asura Ghost Axe, and the elders from the several big powers joined hands to block him yet they were all unsuccessful and some even got killed, then he even broke open the thirteen Spirit Formations that sealed the sky?” The crowd asked together.

“Of course. All of that was personally seen by my nephew and it is absolutely true.” The bald big man said.

“Whatever. How would that be possible? If everything you said was true, then Chu Feng has already become a god. Why is there a need to hide?” However, no one took the big man’s words as true and they all scattered, returned to their own tables, and continued eating and drinking.

“Hmph. A group of ignorant things. It is truly wasting words by saying all of this to you.”

Seeing that, the bald big man was a bit angry. He spoke for so long with spit flying everywhere, yet at the end, no one believed him. That truly made a fire in his stomach. So, he cast his gaze towards his two brothers and asked, “Second bro, third bro, do you two believe me?”

“Heh, Big bro, don’t blame me for striking your confidence, but what you said was too unreliable. Chu Feng is but a sixteen year old child. How is it possible for him to be that powerful?” The dark big man chuckled and said.

“Yeah. Big bro, you must have been tricked by your nephew.” The other one also chuckled, and seeming to be afraid that the bald big man would be angry, as he spoke, he even poured wine for him.

“Whatever. The truth is always hard to accept. Only an intelligent person like me can determine the right and wrong.”

Seeing that his brothers didn’t believe him as well, the bald big man first drank a bowl of wine, then after that, sighed deeply and he had an appearance of a lonely intelligent person. It could be seen that he had actually believed everything his nephew said, and believed that Chu Feng was really as strong as how his nephew said he was.

“Milords, this way please, this way please.”

But just at that time, the expression of an old man that seemed to be the manager suddenly became unsettled as he walked in with a face filled with apologetic smiles. If one observed carefully, they would discover that his body was actually trembling, seeming to be terrified by something.

And behind him, there were eighteen males. Most of the eighteen males seemed to be middle-aged, but there were also some young men. All of their auras were unordinary and they were all experts in the Profound realm.

“They are all disciples of the Yuangang School” Chu Feng raised his conical hat and revealed a pair of fierce eyes. From their clothing, he recognized the origin of those people.

“You three, scram!” After walking into the tavern, one disciple from the Yuangang School pointed at the three big people at the biggest table and furiously howled.

Seeing that, the three did not dare to be the slightest bit slow. As they bowed and smiled apologetically to the disciples of the Yuangang School, they chuckled and gave their seats to them.

At that instant, many people were terrified. Even though they did not recognize the identities of the eighteen people, they felt that they were extremely dangerous. So, some customers secretly stood up and wanted to sneak away.

“All of you sit down!” However, just at that time, the Yuangang School disciple that seemed to be the leader loudly yelled.

His yell frightened many people. The people who left their seats hurriedly returned and even the waiter and the manager found an empty seat and sat down.

“We are core disciples of the Yuangang School. Today, we coincidentally pass by this place so we will take a small rest here. No need to be afraid everyone. Those who should eat, eat, and those who should drink, drink. But none of you can leave because I enjoy liveliness when eating. The more people there are, the better. If any of you dare to break my mood, don’t blame me for not holding myself back.” The disciple of the Yuangang School said.

And after hearing those words, almost everyone didn’t dare to speak as they fearfully lowered their heads and ate.

On that topic, there was quite a coincidence. Because the tavern was slightly full at that moment and there were extremely few number of seats, as the three big men panicked, they had actually sat at Chu Feng’s table.

“Oi, go over to their table and stick with them. Don’t bother us three brothers when we eat.” The bald big man first pointed at Chu Feng, then quickly after, pointed at the four-man table behind Chu Feng in which there were already three who were seated there.

Chu Feng ignored him. He moved his ear to the side and was listening because he discovered that the Yuangang School disciples were currently talking about some things in low voices. The people beside could not hear the sounds they made, but Chu Feng was able to hear all of them into his ears.