Chapter 404 - Bald Big Man Telling a Story

MGA: Chapter 404 - Bald Big Man Telling a Story

“Whatever, I won’t think about it. Not to mention some mobs, even if the heads of the six big powers appear, they may not be able to catch me.”

Chu Feng curled his lips. With the methods he currently grasp, other than characters like Jie Xingpeng, the others could truly not do anything to him even if they appeared. Afterwards, he no longer thought about it and he loudly yelled, “Waiter! Bring me whatever good wine and meat you have!”

“Ah, coming!” The tavern's waiter didn’t dare to be slow and very quickly, a table of dishes were brought to Chu Feng.

In a place like that, there were very few who had recipes for exquisite food and most of them were simple vegetables, big chunks of meat, big bowls of wine… But they were really delicious. To Chu Feng who had a stomach rumbling with hunger, those dishes were the most suitable.

“Waiter, bring your damn best wine and dishes over here. Today, I invite my two sworn brothers to a meal.”

As Chu Feng was stuffing himself with food, three big guys with well-built bodies walked in. The upper bodies of the three big guys were bare and on their healthy muscles, there were dragons and phoenixes. With a glance, one could tell that they weren’t any kind people. They seemed more like bandits in the mountain, or robbers in the forest.

So, after those three people appeared, the waiter’s face instantly greened. Many customers also revealed gazes of fear and didn’t dare to look more at them, deeply afraid that the three of them would look for trouble.

And the three people were indeed very domineering. Clearly, there were only three people, yet they chose the big table that could hold over twenty people in the tavern and sat down there. By doing so, it would cause many customers behind them to lose a place suitable for eating.

Chu Feng raised his head and looked at the three. Their ages seemed to be just over thirty years old and their cultivations were around the peak of the Origin realm. Facing people like them, other customers were afraid, but Chu Feng did not put them in his eyes in the slightest. So, he didn’t pay attention to them and he only ate, caring about himself.

“Ahh, big bro, third bro, have you heard of it? The Marriage Gathering held in the Prestigious Villa has finally finished.”

“I’ve heard of it. This time, the Marriage Gathering was very successful. The Prestigious Villa’s excellent disciples has successfully set up marriages with the number one disciple of the World Spirit Guild, Xu Zhongyu, as well as the future chief of the Jie clan, Jie Qingming.” A big man with a darker skin colour howled with his special loud voice, completely ignoring the feelings of others.

“I too have heard of it. The World Spirit Guild and the Jie clan have been said to be the strongest powers in the continent of the Nine Provinces. They even have the Jiang Dynasty supporting their backs.”

“Being able to successfully set up marriages with those two powers, the Prestigious Villa’s future position in the continent of the Nine Provinces will be unshakeable. Very likely, they will become the strongest power other than the World Spirit Guild and Jie clan.” The other big man also added.

“How can the news you two said be counted as new news?” The bald big man sitting in the middle disdainfully looked at the two people.

“Big bro, could it be that you’ve heard of some news that we don’t know about?” Seeing that, the two others hurriedly asked.

“Hmph. Of course! My family’s boy had participated in this Marriage Gathering! The news he knows is the most truthful and the most explosive.” The bald big man patted his chest and said. When he mentioned his nephew, his face was filled with pride.

“Oh? Big bro, quickly tell us! What kind of explosive news are there?” Hearing those words, the two other big men started to get excited.

At the same time, the dozens of people within the tavern all heard the conversions of the three people and they couldn’t help but cast their gazes towards the big man. An appearance of curiosity and “washing ears to listen attentively” also emerged. After all, the Marriage Gathering was the most focused thing right now in the Qin Province. It was something that many people liked to discuss when they had time.

Facing that situation, the bald big man got even more proud. He just straightforwardly slammed the table and stood up with a bang. He said, “Today, I’ll tell all of you something that is unknown about the Marriage Gathering.”

“You should all know who that person is right?” The bald big man first pointed his finger at Chu Feng’s wanted poster.

“Of course we know. That brat is called Chu Feng, and he is also one of the participators of this Marriage Gathering.”

“However, because he was too treacherous and sinister, using the trust that the elders of the several big powers gave him, he hiddenly poisoned the elders, causing them to die.”

“Exactly because of that, he successfully stole away the Elite Armament that was discovered within the ancient remains that the big powers found. I’ve heard that the Elite Armament even had quite an impressive name. I think it was called Asura Ghost Axe.” The dark big man said first.

“What you’ve said may not be the truth. From what my nephew said, Chu Feng isn’t a sinister person like that. Rather, oppositely, he even saved their lives.” The bald big man said.

“Is it true or not? Chu Feng is only in the 3rd level of the Profound realm, and your nephew is in the 6th level of the Profound realm right? That Chu Feng was able to save your nephew’s life?” The two big men expressed doubt.

“Hmph. This is where Chu Feng is impressive. My nephew has always been arrogant and conceited, but when he mentioned Chu Feng, his face was filled with idolization.”

“He said to me that even though Chu Feng had the cultivation of the 3rd level of the Profound realm, even those in the 9th level of the Profound realm weren’t able to defeat him. His battle power was extremely strong and his talent was the greatest of all the people he had seen.”

“On that day, they went into the Thousand Monster Mountain for an event and they were caught by a Monster King of the Thousand Monster Mountain. They were imprisoned within the palace, and even though an exceptional expert came to save them from the Prestigious Villa, they were still within danger.”

“Because, as long as that exceptional expert exchanged blows with the Monster King of the Thousand Monster Mountain, the entire labyrinth would have collapsed and they would all be buried within.”

“When everything was hung by a thread and when it was a matter of life and death, it was Chu Feng who led them and escaped the labyrinth. If it wasn’t for Chu Feng who led the way and if they were one step slower in escaping, it was likely that they would have died from the collapse of the labyrinth.” The bald big man said.

“That Chu Feng was truly that impressive? Isn’t he only a sixteen year-old young man?”

The bald big man’s words cause people to half believe and half doubt after hearing, but they were extremely engrossed by it. All of them put down the bowls and chopsticks in their hands and some even just went close to the big man’s side and seriously listened.

“Every word is true. I heard my nephew say that the future chief of the Jie clan, Jie Qingming, challenged Chu Feng because of some conflicts in words with him. For fairness, Jie Qingming intentionally suppressed his cultivation to the 3rd level of the Profound realm to fight with Chu Feng.”

“Take a guess. What were the results of the fight?” The bald big man intentionally kept them in suspense and asked the crowd.

“Is there even a need to guess? Of course Jie Qingming won.”

“Yeah! Jie Qingming is named as the strongest person in the young generation of the continent of the Nine Provinces! Also, he even has a Elite Armament on him so how would it be possible for Chu Feng to defeat him?”

“That’s right that’s right. Jie Qingming is a person who can destroy the sky and the earth with a raise of his hand or foot!” Without even thinking, the crowd gave their answers and within their eyes, Jie Qingming was simply like a legend.

“Ha! All of you heard rumours and not truths. Jie Qingming’s that strong? Have any of you personally seen it before?” The big man was furious. He slammed the table and angrily roared.