Chapter 403 - 5th Level of the Profound Realm

MGA: Chapter 403 - 5th Level of the Profound Realm

The curtains of the Marriage Gathering fell just like that, yet people were greatly amazed and it surpassed almost everyone’s expectations.

Because the Marriage Gathering gathered the peak geniuses from all places in the continent of the Nine Provinces, after it ended, the matter about Zi Ling announcing her love for Chu Feng was unavoidably spread.

However, Chu Feng who was hiding within the mountain cave did not know any of those things.

After a full few days of rebound torment, the power of the Forbidden Medicine’s rebound finally started to fade away and after Chu Feng’s body gradually recovered, he didn’t leave the mountain cave. He took out the million and fifty thousand Profound beads and started his journey of refinement.

Although the present Chu Feng had no way of getting the tiniest bit of news from the outside world, he could also guess that the seven powers wouldn’t easily forgive him and the would certainly do whatever they could to search for him, and even set up wanted posters for him.

And at a time like this, Chu Feng could not rely on anyone and he could only raise his cultivation. However, even if he had a million and fifty thousand Profound beads on him, Chu Feng did not know what state he could raise himself to.

After all, the Divine Lightning in his dantian were too savage. Every time he successfully broke through, the resources required next time to break through would multiply by many times. This point was really a bit unbearable for Chu Feng.

“Dammit. All of you can eat too much! Are you even letting me live?!”

“A good one million and fifty thousand Profound beads. One million and fifty thousand! It only let me break through two levels of cultivation! I couldn’t even reach the 6th level of the Profound realm. What can I take to feed you in the future now?”

At that instant, within the mountain cave that Chu Feng was in, bursts of howling resounded because after two full days of refinement, Chu Feng finally finished refining the million and fifty thousand Profound beads.

But the result caused Chu Feng to not be able to accept it. Although he knew that he couldn’t hope the million and fifty thousand Profound beads would allow him to “leap a thousand miles at once” and directly step into the 7th level of the Heaven realm, in which it was the realm he could become a Blue-cloak World Spiritist, he thought that he could at least enter the 6th level of the Profound realm. But the reality was not as how Chu Feng imagined it to be. Although large amounts of Profound power were still accumulated inside Chu Feng’s dantian currently, and the distance to the 6th level of the Profound realm was just a tiny bit, it was something that Chu Feng found hard to accept.

“Chu Feng, for all things, if there are advantages, there are disadvantages. Although breaking through a single level of cultivation requires a huge price, and that price is getting heavier and heavier, you still got a benefit that you should get. Think carefully. Within the current continent of the Nine Provinces, who is able to defeat you while being the same age as you?”

“You have already been invincible from those of the same age, and right now, you have a Elite Armament on you. Even if, on the surface, you have the cultivation of the 5th level of the Profound realm, your true battle power can already be compared to the Heaven realm. Even if you cannot defeat the Heaven realm, they would still be unable to do anything to you right?”

“But for normal people, if they are in the Profound realm, it would be impossible for them to fight against experts in the Heaven realm. This is your advantage. This is where you are strong in, so there is nothing really worth complaining about.”

“As for resources, you don’t need to worry about that either. This world is huge! The continent of the Nine Provinces is but a small tip of the iceberg. The so-called ‘there are skies beyond this sky’. All of this truly exists.”

“So, no matter how much more enormous cultivating resources you require, there are places where you get them. In this world, Profound beads and Heaven beads aren’t the only things that can raise your cultivation. There are also many strange objects in between the heaven and the earth that has effects of raising cultivation.”

“Even the blood and flesh of some special Monstrous Beasts can raise cultivation, and the effect can even be better. And the thing that I want to remind you about is that you have ways of getting them.” Eggy reminded.

“Don’t worry Eggy. I haven’t been discouraged nor have I been depressed. I just wanted to vent some of my annoyances. After all, it was a million and fifty thousand Profound beads.” Chu Feng chuckled. He knew that Eggy was worried about himself and was afraid that he would be dispirited from having have too much burdens and pressure, which would cause him to lose confidence for the future.

“Ahh, I’ve been in isolation for so long and I haven’t eaten a good meal in many days. I’m hungry! I want go out to find some things to eat and also inquire about the situation outside while I’m at it. Perhaps that girl Zi Ling is searching for me. I’ll wait until that girl finds me, then I’ll leave this Qin Province.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he found a set of commoner-like clothing and quickly after, took out a ragged conical hat and put it on his head. Only after concealing his own appearance did he leave the mountain cave and he headed towards a place where there were human residences.

Chu Feng walked on air and his speed was extremely fast. Before flying for long, he saw a relay station under the clouds.

[TN: “Relay station” is a place for travellers where they provide horse exchanges, food, living places, etc.]

Although that station was created in the desolate plains, as the location of traffic was rather good and there were also many people coming back and forth, it was the best place to obtain food and news.

So, Chu Feng intentionally circled around and landed in an area where there were no people before walking towards the relay station.

After entering, Chu Feng directly walked into the tavern, found an empty table, and sat down there. However, when he raised his head to look, his gaze couldn’t help but flash because he discovered that on the wall of the tavern, there was a wanted poster posted there, and looking at the painting on the wanted poster, it was none other, than him.

“Apprehend Chu Feng alive and hand over the Asura Ghost Axe. One million Profound beads will be rewarded.”

“Kill Chu Feng and hand over the Asura Ghost Axe. Nine hundred thousand Profound beads will be rewarded.”

“If Chu Feng cannot be killed but valid clues of Chu Feng’s hiding location are provided, ten thousand Profound beads will be rewarded.”

“After providing clues and Chu Feng gets caught with those, a hundred thousand Profound beads will be rewarded.”

“Rewards can be obtained from the Jie clan, Yuangang School, Fire God School, Hidden White Sect, Free and Unrestrained Valley, and Sword God Valley?”

After seeing the content on the wanted poster, Chu Feng sneered and hiddenly said to himself, “There’s quite some reward. It seems like these powers still have a lot of treasures! The million and fifty thousand Profound beads I swindled wasn’t really much.”

“It’s only a million Profound beads. Not to mention suspecting that your Asura Ghost Axe has treasures within, even if there aren’t treasures, your Asura Ghost Axe is worth far more than a million Profound beads right? After all, normal Elite Armaments here are already priceless treasures, let alone your Elite Armament that can recognize a master.” Eggy said.

“That’s true. But to be honest, even I am moved with this reward.” Chu Feng knew that a reward like that would definitely make many people’s hearts move. After all, on the wanted poster, it said that Chu Feng only had the cultivation of the 3rd level of the Profound realm.

The 3rd level of the Profound realm. In the continent of the Nine Provinces, that wasn’t even anything. There was an uncountable number of people who were stronger than him in cultivation, so Chu Feng felt that many people would search for his whereabouts for that reward. Currently, he was truly forced into a dead end by the six big powers.