Chapter 402 - Who Dares to Touch Her

MGA: Chapter 402 - Who Dares to Touch Her

“Lady Zi Ling, you are simply stooping and cutting off your great future by wishing to accompany Chu Feng. I advise you to think three times before making your move.”

But just at that time, the vice-chief of the Jie clan, “Jie Yan”, walked out from the crowd. His voice was very loud and clear, and the gaze in which he looked at Zi Ling with was also a bit unkind.

“Lady Zi Ling, Vice-chief Jie is correct. You cannot destroy yourself for a bastard brat like Chu Feng!”

At the same time, behind him, the head of the Hidden White School, the head of the Fire God School, the head of the Yuangang School, and the heads of the Free and Unrestrained Valley and the Sword God Valley walked out simultaneously, and slowly neared the high stage that Zi Ling was on.

After all, Zi Ling telling the crowd all this was the same as telling everyone in the world that she was going to chase after Chu Feng’s footsteps and become the six big powers’ enemy.

If those words were said behind their backs, then whatever. But at that very instant, Zi Ling was saying that in front of them! It was simply slapping their faces in front of the crowd and totally, she didn’t put them in her eyes. If they sat there and didn’t do anything about it, then where would their faces be?

“There is no need for any of you to advise what I, Zi Ling, wish to do, because none of you have any way of affecting me. Even more so, none of you can interfere with what I want to do.” Zi Ling’s little mouth curled and she had a very stubborn and determined appearance.

“Lady Zi Ling, this means that you have decided to make us enemies?” Jie Yan’s eyes narrowed as he indifferently asked.

“So what if I am?” Zi Ling glared her eyes. She who knew the truth already felt badly towards Jie Yan in her heart and she felt very displeased towards him.

“Since it is like this, you cannot blame us for being impolite to you.” Jie Yan was quite straightforward. His tone suddenly became cold and there was not a single trace of caring or consideration for females. He waved his big sleeve and emanated the aura of the 5th level of the Heaven realm, planning to attack Zi Ling.

“I would quite like to see who dares to attack my precious granddaughter.”

But just at that time, Zi Xuanyuan soundlessly appeared next to Zi Ling and at the same time, a burst of formless aura also started to spread out with him as the middle.

Although that aura was formless, it caused all things to be deformed. The air tore, the space twisted, and the gorgeous dancing stage underneath his feet was instantly destroyed. Countless cracks started to extend from the mountain peak under him.

Even Jie Yan and the other heads grimaced from the burst of aura and they were constantly forced back. They had no way of even fighting back.

And other than Jie Yan and the others, the young generation characters on scene rolled around as they were blown. Some people even directly fainted away from the pressure and could not rise as they laid on the ground

“Zi Xuanyuan!!”

After Zi Xuanyuan appeared, many people recognized him. After all, within the Thousand Monster Mountain that day, Zi Xuanyuan had saved many superb geniuses in the young generation so many people had deep impressions of Zi Xuanyuan and knew that he was a very outstanding senior expert.

However, they never would have thought that Zi Xuanyuan would be this strong. Even Jie Yan and the others could not get near him. That was a bit too terrifying.

With an old man like him in the Prestigious Villa fortifying its position, didn’t that mean that the Prestigious Villa very possibly surpassed the World Spirit Guild and the Jie clan, having a chance to become the number one power in the continent of the Nine Provinces?

“So you’re senior Zi Xuanyuan. We meet because of fate today, and truly, well met well met.”

“However, I’ve heard that you’re a kindhearted righteous character. I wonder why you would interfere with us. Could it be that today, you wish to assist the evildoer, and stand out for Chu Feng to oppose us?“

After Zi Xuanyuan appeared, Jie Yan instantly lost his temper. He first respectfully clasped his hands towards Zi Xuanyuan before speaking.

Because, from the might just now, Jie Yan felt an aura even more powerful than Jie Xingpeng. Which meant that Zi Xuanyuan was an expert who had strength even higher than the 6th level of the Heaven realm. A character like him wasn’t someone they could fight against.

If Zi Xuanyuan truly wanted to help Chu Feng, it was likely that they could not do anything to Chu Feng. At least, before his old ancestor came out, his Jie clan could absolutely not look into anything about Chu Feng.

“I do not have any association with Chu Feng. His life is not the slightest bit related to me, so I will not stand out for him to attack you.”

“However, my precious granddaughter is different. She is my only relative right now.”

“And if there is anyone who dares to touch her? No matter who that person is, I will not have mercy. I will definitely make him pay a painful price.” As he spoke those words, Zi Xuanyuan revealed his killing intent and with a mere glance at that gaze, one’s heart would tremble.

“Senior, please don’t misunderstand. I don’t have any malicious thoughts towards Lady Zi Ling, but I just don’t want her to step onto the wrong path so I just reminded her out of kindness.” Jie Yan hurriedly explained because he felt that if the old man wanted to kill him, he would have no way of escaping.

“Hmph. Does my granddaughter need you to remind her?”

“All in all, today, I’ll put these words here. Chu Feng’s life is completely unrelated to me.”

“But if there is anyone who dares to harm my granddaughter, I will exterminate his entire family, destroy his ancestors’ graves, and make him unable to turn his life around eternally.”

Zi Xuanyuan coldly snorted and quickly after, he suddenly waved his big sleeve and a burst of violent gale came sweeping by. After the gale dissipated, Zi Xuanyuan and Zi Ling had already disappeared and they only left a dumbfounded crowd behind who had faces filled with fear that stayed behind.

“Ling’er, are you still truly planning to follow that boy Chu Feng?” On a tall mountain several hundred miles away from the Prestigious Villa, Zi Xuanyuan stood with his hands behind his back and smiled at his cherished granddaughter.

“Grandfather, don’t you hope that I can find a reliable person? I feel like Chu Feng is such a person.” Zi Ling sweetly smiled and said.

“Reliable? That boy is reliable? It would be quite nice if he doesn’t kill you. Right now, by following him, you will live a life of being chased after by people every day. This is the so-called reliable you speak of?” Zi Xuanyuan curled his lips. Although his words were a bit unkind, his face did not have too much blame.

“He dares to sacrifice himself for me, so why can’t I sacrifice myself for him?” On Zi Ling’s face of absolute beauty, her smile became even sweeter.

“You girl, I truly can’t do anything to you. Whatever, I’ll let you experience some dangers. It will at least be better than always succeeding.”

“After all, sooner or later, you will return to your homeland. This little continent of the Nine Provinces cannot hold you in.”

“Before leaving, I’ll help you one more time and see if you can successfully make a breakthrough into the Heaven realm. If you succeed this time, I'll let you go find Chu Feng.” Zi Xuanyuan gravely said.

“Then if I can’t succeed?” After hearing those words, Zi Ling’s little face instantly tensed up.

“If you cannot succeed, then I’ll still let you go, you little girl!” Zi Xuanyuan used his finger to lightly tap Zi Ling forehead and both helplessness and dotingness was on his face.

“Heh, I knew that you would treat me the best.” Hearing those words, Zi Ling rejoiced. If she could truly step into the Heaven realm, when she arrived by Chu Feng’s side, there would be an extra layer of safety.

But if she could not step into the Heaven realm, she would also look for Chu Feng impatiently. After all, the current Chu Feng was truly located inside of tens of thousands of dangers.