Chapter 399 - United Wanted Poster

MGA: Chapter 399 - United Wanted Poster

With the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens, Chu Feng flew at full speed. However, after flying for merely four hours, the power of the Forbidden Medicine started to quickly fade and the feeling of the rebound started to surge forth.

In that situation, Chu Feng also didn’t dare to continue hurrying and in the nearest place, he chose a not very big mountain range and hid inside.

The so-called “The most dangerous place is the safest place”. There were indeed certain truths in that phrase.

The mountain range that was unordinary was absolutely not the best area to hide, but exactly because of that, perhaps it would always be neglected by the people who search. So, Chu Feng felt that this was rather a good place for hiding.

*boom boom boom*

After entering the mountain range, Chu Feng grasped the Asura Ghost Axe and wildly swung. Forcefully, on a rock mountain, he dug out a mountain cave.

After digging the mountain cave, he first laid many Detection Spirit Formations outside the cave, then after that, laid Concealment Spirit Formations in the entrance of the cave, letting others to be unable to discover that place. Only after doing all that did he relievedly hide inside.


Very quickly, the power of the Forbidden Medicine’s rebound started to increase. Even after consuming the healing pellet that Vice-head Gao gave Chu Feng, the pain was still extremely difficult for Chu Feng to endure.

It was as though countless ants drilled into Chu Feng’s body, and from veins, skin, and even organs, they tore and bit Chu Feng all over his body. Unendurable strange itchiness and incomparable pain.

But very quickly, the excruciating agony disappeared and closely after, what engulfed him was scorching hotness, as if Chu Feng fell into a stove. He was enduring the torture of a fiery ocean, and it was also as if there was a stove burning Chu Feng’s body from the inside.

As he was tormented by such horrifying heat, Chu Feng already ripped his clothing to shreds and he was already bare naked while he rolled around within the cave. But even so, he was unable to endure the feeling of the heat.

Finally, the hot feeling faded, yet what Chu Feng did not expect was that the Forbidden Medicine’s torturing still continued and this time, it was bone-piercing coldness. So cold that Chu Feng shivered and it was unbearable. It was as though he got transferred into a cave of ice.

With that, occasionally, Chu Feng sweat with large droplets, and occasionally, his entire body quivered. Occasionally, he clenched his heart and scratched his lungs, and occasionally, he beat his chest and stamped his feet. He was tortured to death and back.

When it started, Chu Feng could even loudly yell to release his own pain, but afterwards, Chu Feng didn’t even have the strength to yell and he could only powerlessly limp on the ground, and would occasionally twitch.

It had to be said that the rebound of this Forbidden Medicine was truly tormenting. It wouldn’t cause people to faint away from pain. It would keep them clear and awake, to experience that pain with their entire body and heart.

That was the price. To ask for power that did not belong to oneself meant that they had to pay the appropriate price for that. That was what Forbidden Medicine were.

The current Chu Feng was paying that price, and in his entire life, it was the most unendurable physical pain that he had ever felt before.

But Chu Feng did not regret it because he lived, and he even gained a million and fifty thousand Profound beads because of that.

Those Profound beads would greatly increase Chu Feng’s cultivation and the distance to the 7th level of the Profound realm would be one step closer. That also meant he was one step closer in saving the sisters Su Rou and Su Mei. So, Chu Feng felt that everything was very worth it. Even if the price of the rebound was even more painful, even longer, it would still be worth it.

It had to be said that Zi Xuanyuan’s deterrence had an effect. Jie Xingpeng truly left and he wasn’t hiddenly following Chu Feng. So, temporarily, Chu Feng was safe.

However, as Chu Feng was getting filled with the pain of the Forbidden Medicine’s rebound within the mountain cave and receiving wave after wave of torment, the powers that had each lost a hundred and fifty thousand Profound beads did not willingly take the unspoken grievance and they made their moves.

The Yuangang School, Fire God School, Hidden White Sect, Free and Unrestrained Valley, Sword God Valley, and Jie clan, the six peak powers, offered heavy rewards and sent out wanted posters everywhere in the continent of the Nine Provinces and joined up to put out wanted posters for Chu Feng.

As for the reason they put out the wanted posters, it was very absurd as well. They had actually said that Chu Feng took away the Elite Armament, Asura Ghost Axe, they, the powers, discovered within an ancient remains. Also, because of that, poisoned the experts of their powers and caused them to have heavy losses.

They even said that Chu Feng was a plague. Even though he was very young, he had to be removed or else there would be endless disasters in the future.

Facing such absurd statements, the World Spirit Guild did not stand out to say anything. After all, they had already helped Chu Feng before by helping him to successfully escape.

And also exactly because of that, the Yuangang School and the other powers felt hatred in their hearts towards the World Spirit Guild and some even wanted to attack the World Spirit Guild. In times like those, the World Spirit Guild could really no longer interfere with the matters between Chu Feng and other powers, or else that would be equal to burning themselves.

As for the Prestigious Villa, they had unexpectedly not put out wanted posters and they silently accepted the hundred and fifty thousand Profound beads that Chu Feng swindled away. As for why it was like that, doubtlessly, there was more or less some relation with Zi Xuanyuan.

It must be said that immediately after the wanted posters came out, commotions started to boil. After all, in the Marriage Gathering, Chu Feng already made his name in one go and many people had lots of good impressions of Chu Feng and felt that he was an outstanding genius.

But they never would have thought that Chu Feng was a person like that. That caused many people’s rising good impressions of Chu Feng to be instantly destroyed.

Especially with the exaggerations of the six big powers, titles of being despicable, shameless, evil, sinister, were all fastened onto Chu Feng and countless people felt disgusted towards him.

On that day, ten days had already passed since Chu Feng escaped from the Prestigious Villa. Everyone who was still participating in the Marriage Gathering regathered on the summit of the mountain peak.

It was for no other reason but only because Zi Ling, who had isolated herself for a long time, came out today, and also today, she was going to announce whom the person she loved was.

“I truly wonder who Lady Zi Ling likes.”

“It should be Jie Qingming right? If it’s not Jie Qingming, then it’s Xu Zhongyu. After all, those two are the most excellent within those who are in this Marriage Gathering, and only they are worthy for Lady Zi Ling.”

“How is that possible? Haven’t Jie Qingming and Xu Zhongyu already set a marriage with disciples of the Prestigious Villa?”

“They have already set the marriage with Zi Ling’s seniors from the same villa, so how can such an intelligent and clever lady like Zi Ling choose those two?”

“That may not be so. Marriages can be set, and they can similarly be destroyed. Besides, Lady Zi Ling had secluded herself before the marriages were set, and the one whom she loves was already living in her heart.”

“I believe that she is a lady who loves strongly. If she truly loves a person, even if that person has already set a marriage, she will still announce who the person she loves is and she wouldn’t switch because of that.”

At that instant, on the summit of the mountain peak, people formed mountains and oceans. People had many guesses regarding the person who Zi Ling liked and many people felt that the possibility of that person being Jie Qingming and Xu Zhongyu was the biggest. But some people also felt that it was impossible, and on that topic, people even started to argue.

“Hmph. Jie Qingming, Jie Qingming. Other than Jie Qingming, it’s Xu Zhongyu. Other than those two, is there no one else in the young generation of the Nine Provinces?”

Within the crowd of people, Tang Yixiu furiously spat out and the faces of Bai Yunfei, Liu Xiaoyao, and Song Qingfeng, who were by his side, were also similarly displeased.

To them who also got the invitation letters, they were really bitter because everyone only concentrated their focuses on the bodies of Jie Qingming and Xu Zhongyu.