Chapter 400 - Zi Ling Appears

MGA: Chapter 400 - Zi Ling Appears

“That’s right. The young generation of Nine Provinces is definitely not limited to only Xu Zhongyu and Jie Qingming.”

“And the one who Lady Zi Ling loves will also definitely not be those two. It will be me… Murong Yu!”

Suddenly, a figure carrying the Divine Wood Sword behind his back walked into their lines of sight. That person was the young valley head of the Sword God Valley, Murong Yu.

“Hmph. I’ve seem shameless people, but I haven’t seen a person as shameless as you.” After hearing Murong Yu’s words, Song Qingfeng and the others coldly snorted. They who had deep pasts with Murong Yu were naturally very displeased towards him and they would not endure Murong Yu as he bragged in broad daylight.

“What? Do you feel itchy and lack a beating?” Murong Yu disdainfully swept his gaze over the four people and he was incomparable domineering.

“You are only relying on your Elite Armament. If you don’t have a Elite Armament, you may not be able to defeat me.” Tang Yixiu howled bitterly.

“Truly ignorant. Having Elite Armaments is also having skill. What? I have a Elite Armament yet I’m not allowed to use it? If you can, get one as well! If you don’t have that capability, don’t tell others that they cannot use it.” Murong Yu disdainfully said.

“Rubbish. Did you get that Divine Wood Sword yourself? You only relied on the fact that you have a good grandfather.” Bai Yunfei cursed.

“Having a good grandfather means that I’ve done plenty of good things in my past life, so that’s why I have this luck in this life.”

“There is no need for all of you to admire or envy. Don’t do any more evil things in this life and do more kind things. Perhaps you can even be cast into a good fetus in your next life.” But looking at your current moralities and behaviors, I’m afraid that your next lives will be horrible.” Murong Yu mocked, hiddenly indicating that the four of them wouldn’t have a chance in this life and could only hope for the next.

“Yeah, on the topic of luck, your grandfather truly has some dog crap luck. Not only did he not die after being struck down a cliff, he even picked up a Elite Armament. But sadly, he was heavily injured from falling and less than two years after picking up the Elite Armament, his legs went limp, and he died. He died! Hahaha...“ Liu Xiaoyao also coldly mocked.

“Liu Xiaoyao, you are truly looking to die!” And after hearing those words, Murong Yu’s face suddenly turned cold. He pulled out the Divine Wood Sword behind his back and the boundless pressure swept towards Liu Xiaoyao.


However, before letting the pressure touch Liu Xiaoyao, a layer of ripple came exploding over and after the ripple dissipated, people astonishedly discovered that a middle-aged man holding a foldable fan soundlessly appeared in front of Liu Xiaoyao and that person was the head of the Free and Unrestrained Valley.

“Valley Head Murong, manage your own son. Right now, we are united. Where is the propriety by harming each other like this?”

After the head of the Free and Unrestrained Valley blocked that attack, he did not make things difficult for Murong Yu and he only angrily yelled at a figure walking behind Murong Yu. That person was the father of Murong Yu, the head of the Sword God Valley.

“Yu’er, my Sword God Valley right now is in an alliance with the Yuangang School, the Fire God School, the Hidden White Sect, and the Free and Unrestrained Valley. In the future, you must not be so disorderly and cause troubles to the other seniors. Or else, I will take your Divine Wood Sword back.” The eyebrows of the head of the Sword God Valley slanted inwards and he coldly reprimanded.

“I won’t dare anymore.” Murong Yu was obviously very afraid of his father. Especially after hearing that he was going to retake his Divine Wood Sword, he hurriedly admitted his wrongs in fright.

Seeing that scene, it also caused the faces of Tang Yixiu, Song Qingfeng, and the others to shine more brightly as they sneered on the side.

“All of you also pay attention. In terms of age, you are even a bit older than Murong Yu. As the senior, can’t you yield a bit to the junior?” However, just at that time, the head of the Free and Unrestrained Valley yelled at the four.

The Free and Unrestrained Valley’s relationship with the other powers was always very good, so the head of the Free and Unrestrained Valley was also equal to being their elder. Thus, Tang Yixiu and the others lowered their heads silently when facing the valley head’s yells and didn’t dare to talk back.

“I never would have thought that the God Sword Valley who had always disliked the Yuangang School, Fire God School, Hidden White Sect, and Free and Unrestrained Valley would surrender in front of benefits.” Within the crowd, when Xu Zhongyu saw that scene, he couldn’t help but lightly frown and his gaze glittered because to his World Spirit Guild, that was not a good situation.

“Ahh, it’s all because of the Jie clan playing tricks behind their backs. If this continues, I’m afraid that sooner or later, my World Spirit Guild and the Jie clan will have a great battle.” An elder from the World Spirit Guild said in a low voice.

“No matter. We only need to endure one more year. One year later, it will be the time when they pay the price.” The gaze of Vice-head Gao became cold.

And after hearing those words, Xu Zhongyu and the others who received the mental message were all taken aback. Especially Gu Bo. He even hiddenly said, “One year later, the old ancestor will come out? I truly want to see his glory!”

“But Chu Feng, can you endure past this one year?” As long as he thought of Chu Feng who was wanted by the peak six powers in the current Nine Provinces, Gu Bo was extremely worried.

“Look! Lady Zi Ling is coming.” Just at that time, a shout suddenly rang out within the crowd and quickly after, everyone’s gazes couldn’t help but sweep towards the distant horizon.

At that instant, almost everyone’s hearts couldn’t avoid quickening because over the horizon, an exquisite sedan chair, which was being carried by four Heaven realm experts, gradually approached.

The people on scene were no stranger to the special appearance style. It was the unique appearance of Zi Ling. As the foster daughter of Qin Lei, the head of the Prestigious Villa, Zi Ling’s position in the Prestigious Villa could be said to be extremely high.

Also, some people who had inside information also understood that Zi Ling also had an outstanding grandfather. The strength of that grandfather was perhaps no weaker than Qin Lei, maybe even more powerful than him.

So, everyone on scene, as long as it was a male, wanted to be the one who could set up a marriage with Zi Ling, and they wanted to capture the young female’s heart.

Finally, the sedan chair slowly descended and following the gradual opening of the sedan chair’s doors, Zi Ling also walked out and appeared within everyone’s line of sight.

Zi Ling today was indeed very pretty. Clear and shiny big eyes, eyelashes that were long and curled up… Eyes like those were very clean, and they were even more attracting that those fox-like eyes.

There wasn’t even a need to talk about Zi Ling’s face. Extremely perfect oval face, small nose, pink cherry-like lips, snow-white and sparkling skin, and when adorned with the purple-coloured skirt that was different from the crowd, it really bewitched innumerable people.

“Waa, she’s too pretty! Such a female should only be able to appear in dreams, but I never would have thought that I could even see her in reality!”

“I, in this very instant, am like arriving in the realm of dreams. If one has a beauty like Lady Zi Ling accompanying them in their life, what other wants would they even need?”

“Ahh, but I wonder who actually has such good luck and can gain the heart of Lady Zi Ling.”

“No matter who is it, to be able to marry a beauty like Lady Zi Ling must be from the luck cultivated from their former life and the ‘green smoke rising from ancestral tombs’.”

[TN: From baidu: A “feng shui” saying. Green smoke somewhat means green gas, and green gas is a “lucky gas”. It is a sign of very good luck.]

After Zi Ling appeared, many yells rang out and everyone was attracted by that young female’s beautiful appearance. Everyone looked forward to the person Zi Ling had in her heart.