Chapter 398 - Entrusted By Zi Ling

MGA: Chapter 398 - Entrusted By Zi Ling

“Senior Xuanyuan, I concede!!” Finally, Jie Xingpeng loudly yelled.

And also as Jie Xingpeng yelled that out, Zi Xuanyuan retracted his palm and indifferently smiled. He had that relaxed expression from start to finish, as if he didn’t even use any strength at all.

But looking back at Jie Xingpeng, the chief of the Jie Clan, the expert in the 6th level of the Heaven realm, his face was pale-white and large droplets of sweat fell. He breathed roughly with large breaths and even the hand that he fought against Zi Xuanyuan with was slightly trembling. It was as if his power was going to be drained away.

“Senior Zi Xuanyuan, you are indeed exceptional. I sincerely accept my inferiority and I shall say my farewells today here.”

Jie Xingpeng’s face was very unsightly as he bowed to Zi Xuanyuan. Then, after he meaningfully looked deeply at Chu Feng, he waved his big sleeve and dispelled the surrounding Spirit Formation and without even turning his head back, he flew towards the distance.

“Waa, Elder Xuanyuan, I never would have thought that you were this powerful! Even Jie Xingpeng isn’t able to defeat you.” After Jie Xingpeng left, Chu Feng’s mouth was widely opened as he carefully looked at Zi Xuanyuan and his gaze was filled with little stars of adoration.

“Hmph. He is but a young person, yet he even wants to fight against me. Just now, if I used just a tiny bit more strength, he would have definitely been patted into meat paste by me.” Zi Xuanyuan coldly snorted and his face was filled with smug.

“Elder Xuanyuan, since you could have easily killed him, why didn’t you kill him just now?” After hearing those words, Chu Feng’s widened mouth couldn’t help but widen even more.

“Cultivators don’t easily appear.”

“I never easily take another person’s life, even if it is the Black Toad King that had thought of harming my precious granddaughter. I still carried a benevolent heart and let it and its son go.” Zi Xuanyuan smiled and said.

“What? Aren’t you letting it back to its base and causing endless future troubles?” Chu Feng’s face was filled with amazement and he had no way of understanding Zi Xuanyuan’s actions.

“Who? The Black Toad King? Even if it cultivates for another hundred years, it will not be able to defeat me. Besides, its nature isn’t bad and by sparing its life, it is intensely grateful so why would it possibly take revenge on me?” Zi Xuanyuan shook his head.

“I’m not talking about the Black Toad King. I’m talking about Jie Xingpeng! After all, the Jie clan’s force of power is enormously large and it even has a Elite Armament. They shouldn’t be underestimated” Chu Feng worriedly said.

“Ho… The Jie clan? Other than that old guy who has been in seclusion for over a hundred years, who else in his Jie clan can defeat me? Besides, even if that old guy comes out, he may not be able to gain advantages from my hands.”

“On the continent of the Nine Provinces, other than the current dynasty’s old ancestor in the Jiang Dynasty, who am I afraid of?” Zi Xuanyuan flung his sleeve and his face was filled with disdain.

“The old guy in seclusion in over a hundred years? Could it be… Could it be the exceptional genius that year?” Chu Feng was many times more shocked.

“Other than him, who else can it be? The Jie clan and the World Spirit Guild fearlessly sits stably on the throne of the number one powers as they know they have support behind them.”

“How can it not be because of those two old things who fortifies their position? Others don’t know that they are painstakingly cultivating in seclusion, but I know.” Zi Xuanyuan curled his lips and said.

“This… Over a hundred years, yet they are actually still living in this world? Elder Xuanyuan, then what should the cultivation of those two be right now?”

Chu Feng curiously asked closely because his relationship with the Jie clan was already like water and fire.

In the present, one Jie Xingpeng was already strong enough, yet there was an extra old monster who had lived for over a hundred years, and had also swept through the continent before. Chu Feng felt that it wasn’t a good thing.

“They should be… Mm, wait. You brat, you want to take this chance to inquire about my cultivation?” Zi Xuanyuan contemptibly looked at Chu Feng.

“Eh, nono. I truly don’t have any intentions like that. I’m just curious.” Chu Feng hurriedly shook his head and his head was like a pellet drum. Although the Jie clan person was indeed an old monster, Zi Xuanyuan’s strength was also similarly like a monster, and Chu Feng could not afford to offend him.

“You boy, your nerves truly cover the sky and you dare to do anything.”

“Don’t worry. It was only an exception today. After today, no matter what dangers you meet, I will no longer come out to help you. Even if you get skinned, your tendons pulled, and you beaten to death alive in front of me, I will still put my hands in my sleeves and only watch.”

*poof* After hearing those words, Chu Feng almost spit out some of his heart’s blood because there was simply no one like Zi Xuanyuan who dejected others in such a way.

“Okay, quickly leave. I believe that Jie Xingpeng won’t follow you anymore.” Zi Xuanyuan didn’t even care what expression Chu Feng had and he waved his hand towards Chu Feng.

“No matter what, I, Chu Feng, am grateful towards you for saving my life. If there is ever a chance, I will definitely repay you.” Chu Feng respectfully clasped his hands and bowed to Zi Xuanyuan.

He did not blame him even though he said he would not save him in the future. After all, Zi Xuanyuan was unrelated to him and he didn’t have any reason to save him. Today, saving him once was already because he had good luck, so Chu Feng should be extremely thankful for this favor and engrave it in his heart.

“Okay, quickly leave. Or else, if Jie Yan, Qin Lei, and the others catch up, even I won’t help you.”

“That’s right. Hang this on your body and within one month, don’t leave the Qin Province.” Suddenly, Zi Xuanyuan seemed to have thought of something and he took out a triangular blue talisman from his pocket and handed it over to Chu Feng.

“Positional Talisman?” Chu Feng’s pupils shrunk. As a World Spiritist, naturally, Chu Feng recognized that thing. It was a type of Positional Talisman, and as long as Chu Feng put that on his body, it would be a lot easier for the owner of the Positional Talisman to find Chu Feng.

Of course, although the Positional Talisman could determine the position of the person, there were still limitations of distance. The blue-coloured Positional Talisman was of an extremely high-level type. Even if it was a normal Blue-cloak World Spiritist, they would not be able to produce it. Only people like Vice-head Gao could, but they would still need to use quite a bit of power.

“No need to look at it. It’s not that I want to find you, but that girl told me to hand this over to you. Today, the reason why I came out to save you was also because she entrusted me on this.” Seeing Chu Feng’s face being filled with strangeness, Zi Xuanyuan shot him a glance.

“It’s Zi Ling huh?”

After hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart warmed. Ever since returning to the Prestigious Villa, Zi Ling isolated herself and cultivated. She would not see anyone, and Chu Feng even thought that she forgot about the kindness and betrayed righteousness, and forgot about him saving her life that day. He thought that she turned her face to the other side and feigned ignorance. He didn’t expect that the girl was still thinking about himself.

“Okay, I’ll take my leave here. Take care.” As Zi Xuanyuan spoke, he stood up with both of his hands behind his back, floated up, and with a blink, he disappeared. That speed was indeed not something Chu Feng could catch up with.

And Chu Feng also didn’t dare to be slow. Currently, no short amount of time had been wasted and the medicinal power of the Forbidden Medicine could not keep up too much longer. Chu Feng had to quickly find a place to safely dodge the danger.

So, Chu Feng urged the azure dragon under him and with a flash, headed towards a direction that was different to Jie Xingpeng’s and flew. Obviously, he did not want to meet with him again.

Chu Feng’s speed was very quick. So quick that those in the 5th level of the Heaven realm could not catch up with him. Almost instantly, he disappeared into the horizon. Short after Chu Feng left, within some clouds, Zi Xuanyuan appeared. He smiled, and said, “Although this boy doesn’t have a kind heart and has extremely heavy killing intents, he is quite worthy of my granddaughter.”