Chapter 397 - A Simple Palm

MGA: Chapter 397 - A Simple Palm

After that voice rang out, Chu Feng felt a layer of soft power covering him and then he quickly floated backwards.

After Chu Feng’s body stopped drifting and the power that covered him disappeared, Chu Feng astoundingly discovered that by his side, a familiar old man was standing there. That old man was none other than Zi Ling’s grandfather, Zi Xuanyuan.

However, the feeling that the current Zi Xuanyuan gave Chu Feng was still very strong. Even though Chu Feng right now was relying on the power of Forbidden Medicine and his cultivation increased greatly, he was still unable to see through Zi Xuanyuan’s cultivation. Also, from Zi Xuanyuan’s calm appearance, one could tell that he was not afraid of Jie Xingpeng in front of him in the slightest.

“Who are you?” Jie Xingpeng’s sword-like brows slanted inwards and he coldly asked.

“I am Chu Feng’s friend.” Zi Xuanyuan squinted his eyes and kindly replied.

“Friend? I’m asking for your name.” Jie Xingpeng coldly snorted.

“Oh, the name. My name is Zi Xuanyuan.” Zi Xuanyuan ashamedly smiled.

“You’re Zi Xuanyuan?” Hearing that name, Jie Xingpeng’s expression changed and a hint of shock emerged into his eyes.

“Hmm? Young man, could it be that you’ve heard of my name?” Zi Xuanyuan smiled and asked.

“Ho… Many years ago, the overlord of this Qin Province was the Thick Ground Grass Prince’s Mansion. The foundation of the mansion was very thick and it had already titled itself as overlord of the Qin Province for three hundred years of time, suppressing all other forces in the Qin Province. Within the borders of the Qin Province, there was not a single power that could fight against the Thick Ground Grass Prince’s Mansion.”

“However, the silent and unknown Prestigious Villa suddenly rose in power a dozen or so years ago and defeated the Thick Ground Grass Prince’s mansion and became the overlord of the Qin Province. All of that was related to one old man.”

“This old man came to the Prestigious Villa to be a guest elder. It seems very simple, but in reality, it caused the Prestigious Villa to have world-flipping change. In a short few years of time, it expanded every day up until it surpassed the Thick Ground Grass Prince’s Mansion and became the overlord of the Prestigious Villa.”

“And this old man who was like a legend… Isn’t it you, Zi Xuanyuan?” As Jie Xingpeng spoke, his eyes were tightly staring at Zi Xuanyuan and his gaze was very strange.

“Hahaha, I never would have thought that I would be that famous. However, outsiders don’t understand these things well so it seems like your Jie clan hiddenly investigated quite a few things.” Zi Xuanyuan laughed, then after, said a bit reminiscently,

“I do indeed have some relations with the previous head of the Prestigious Villa. We were old friends, and I was entrusted by him to stay in the Prestigious Villa as a guest elder and to take care of the Prestigious Villa.”

“At first, the Thick Ground Grass Prince’s Mansion was too tyrannical. Seeing that the Prestigious Villa had the momentum to rise greatly in power, it dealt with the Prestigious Villa many times. It played tricks hiddenly, and bullied in the open. That caused the people from the Prestigious Villa to be very fearful and it was quite chaotic.”

“I really could not continue looking so I went into the Thick Ground Grass Prince’s Mansion to chat a few words to the mansion lord. But I never would have thought that he would actually take the initiative to send a letter to the Jiang Dynasty, saying that his Thick Ground Grass Prince’s Mansion was inferior to the Prestigious Villa and implored them to hand the Qin Province over to the Prestigious Villa for handling.”

“Although that result was not something I expected, it must be said that the lord of the Thick Ground Grass Prince’s mansion really gave me face.”

“Today, I want to bring Chu Feng away. I sincerely ask for you, Chief Jie, to forgive Chu Feng. I wonder if you can also give me some face?”

Zi Xuanyuan’s face had a light smile and his words seemed to be gentle, but in reality, he had hidden motives. He was exhibiting his own strength and wanted to let Jie Xingpeng know the difficulty of the situation and retreat.

“Since even you, Senior Zi Xuanyuan, has spoken, I will naturally give you this face. Today, I will forgive Chu Feng but in the future, if we meet again, I cannot guarantee that I won’t attack him.” Jie Xingpeng said.

“Then I thank you, Chief Jie.” There were thanks on the surface, but in actuality, Zi Xuanyuan did not express any gratitude.

“Haha, Senior Xuanyuan, you’re truly too polite. But Senior Xuanyuan, since you’re able to use your own strength to invoke fear in the Thick Ground Grass Prince’s Mansion, I’m sure that your strength must not be ordinary.”

“I don’t have any other intentions, but I do enjoy endlessly challenging the extreme to search for even higher realms in martial cultivation. So, I would like to exchange some blows with you, Senior Xuanyuan. I wonder if you can grant me face?”

Jie Xingpeng was very cunning. Although he promised Zi Xuanyuan he would forgive Chu Feng, actually, he did not truly plan to forgive Chu Feng.

In the name of exchanging blows, he wanted to fight Zi Xuanyuan. If he could not defeat him, then it would be fine. But if Zi Xuanyuan was unable to defeat him, it was likely that Zi Xuanyuan and Chu Feng would die by his hands today.

“Haha, that’s fine. I have also heard that the Jie clan is the clan which has been continued for a long time.”

“Today, since I have met with the chief of such a clan, it can be counted as fate. So, let me experience the strength of the Jie clan’s chief!”

Suddenly, Zi Xuanyuan’s robe fluttered and quickly after, he disappeared where he was like a ghost. When he reappeared, he was already in front of Jie Xingpeng.

Then, Zi Xuanyuan attacked. There were no showy martial skills, there were no dazzling bodily methods; there was no horrifying might, there was no lightning-like speed. He slowly threw out a palm, and with gentle power, without hurrying or rushing, pushed it towards Jie Xingpeng.


However, Zi Xuanyuan’s palm that was full of loopholes, and even lacking threat, caused Jie Xingpeng’s face to suddenly change and a touch of fear even emerged into his eyes.

He loudly yelled, used a high-level Mysterious Technique and revolved his entire body’s Heaven power. His left hand was clenched into a fist and hugged around his waist and his right hand was spread open and thrown in front of chest. He threw his palm out similarly, and pushed towards Zi Xuanyuan’s palm.

Although they were both striking with palms, the might of the two people were completely different. As Jie Xingpeng struck with his palm, Chu Feng could clearly see that the space around him twisted and trembled. Boundless Heaven power surged out and entered into his body. The palm’s might did not allow for any underestimation and even a towering mountain peak would be shattered by his palm.


However, just as Jie Xingpeng’s palm of such fierceness was going to get near Zi Xuanyuan’s palm, it had suddenly started to decrease in speed and at the end, it only lightly stuck onto Zi Xuanyuan’s palm.

There was no boom as imagined, and there was no explosion as imagined. The palms of the two had actually lightly combined together just like that.


However, the collision that seemed to be gentle wasn’t as peaceful as it was on the surface. Almost in the instant that the two people’s palms touched, Jie Xingpeng suddenly walked one step back and the strong power had actually caused cracks to appear in the air from him stepping.

Quickly after, extremely powerful might exploded out of his body and the Heaven power around him started to surge into his body even fiercerly. In the air, one could clearly see the formless Heaven power stirring the air and like a vortex, entered Jie Xingpeng’s body.

Jie Xingpeng was currently using special methods to condense Heaven power. He truly used everything he had, and used his full power.

But even so, Jie Xingpeng was still unable to move Zi Xuanyuan. Rather, as he gnashed his teeth, he walked one step back once again.