Chapter 396 - Chief Jie Xingpeng

MGA: Chapter 396 - Chief Jie Xingpeng

“Chu Feng has finally successfully escaped.”

Vice-head Gao did not care about the gazes of hatred at all. What he was worried about was only Chu Feng’s safety. Seeing Chu Feng successfully escape, a relieved smile emerged onto his drained face.

Xu Zhongyu behind him as well as the many super-powerful elders from the World Spirit Guild reacted similarly. They all felt happy for Chu Feng’s safe escape.

However, compared to them, Jie Yan and the others had gloomy faces and they were endlessly dispirited. One million and fifty thousand Profound beads. It was truly not a small number, yet it was swindled away by Chu Feng just like that.

The most important thing was that, who were they? They were the most distinguished characters in the continent of the Nine Provinces, yet they let a brat who was only sixteen years old escape from their layers of encirclement. They truly had no face and they felt that they were in quite a difficult situation.


But suddenly, Jie Yan’s eyes lit up and his ears suddenly twitched. A barely detectable hint of shock appeared on his face and quickly after, he cast his gaze towards the horizon that Chu Feng escaped towards, and the corners of his mouth rose into an angle of reassurance.


At that instant, by Chu Feng’s side, bursts of violent wind constantly blew past, but Chu Feng still speedily went forward.

Even though the current him had already escaped the Prestigious Villa, he still did not dare to have any bit of carelessness. After all, in order for him to have his current strength, he consumed a super-strong Forbidden Medicine

After the Forbidden Medicine effects fade away, not only would he lose his current extreme speed and lose his current strength in cultivation, his body would even receive the rebound of the medicine’s power and he would endure intense agony.

In a situation like that, not only mention continuing running, it would be extremely difficult for Chu Feng to even walk a single step. So, before the power of the medicine fade away, Chu Feng had to hurry with his full strength to find a safe place to hide himself, and the farther that place was to the Prestigious Villa, the better.

*swish swish swish*

But suddenly, all around Chu Feng, blue-coloured gas appeared and like a swimming dragon, the blue-coloured gas kept on surging around Chu Feng’s surroundings and flew along Chu Feng.

Also, there was more and more of the gas, and at the end, the blue-coloured gas was all around Chu Feng.

“This is? Blue-colored Spirit Formation power!” Facing that change, Chu Feng was suddenly surprised because he could determine that the blue-coloured gas that gathered more and more was precisely the blue-coloured Spirit Formation power that only Blue-cloak World Spiritists had.

And just as Chu Feng detected something was off, the blue-coloured Spirit Formation power already interweaved together and formed a huge round ball, imprisoning Chu Feng within.

“Break.” Chu Feng didn’t dare to move slowly and he quickly pulled out an attacking talisman and threw it out.

However, the thing that greatly surprised Chu Feng was that his attacking talisman did not have any effects on the Spirit Formation at all. Even though extremely strong attacks could still explode, indeed, he could not move the Spirit Formation in the slightest.

*boom boom boom boom*

After failing the first time, Chu Feng continuously threw several more attacking talismans again and he also threw them in the exact same spot. Even though there were some effects after throwing several talismans at the same spot and exploding, they were still unable to shatter the Spirit Formation.

The thing that shocked Chu Feng the most was that layers and layers of Spirit Formations were condensing and at that very moment, countless layers had already been condensed and they were so tight that even wind couldn’t pass through, thoroughly imprisoning Chu Feng within.

“What person is doing this in the dark?” Chu Feng tightly frowned. He knew that even Jie Yan could not do such powerful methods, and very likely, the person who blocked his path was an extremely scary person.

“Chu Feng, you truly have huge nerves!”

And just at that time, suddenly, a fierce yell rang out next to Chu Feng’s ears. That sound was extremely deafening, as if a thunder exploded within Chu Feng’s ears. It shook Chu Feng so much that his brain hummed. He swayed and almost fell off from the azure-dragon under him.

Quickly afterwards, the blue-coloured Spirit Formation in front of Chu Feng started to wiggle and at the end, a huge door formed. From the middle of the door, a black-clothed middle-aged man stepped out.

That man’s eyebrows extended to his temple and his eyes were like swords. He had a head of jet-block long hair that scattered along his shoulders, blending with his clothes that were as black as ink. He appeared violent and unrestrained, yet incomparable dangerous.

Because, Chu Feng astonishedly discovered that the middle-aged man’s cultivation had actually reached the 6th level of the Heaven realm.

Although he was only one level stronger than Jie Yan, the strength of the two people was like the distance between the sky and the earth. Not only in terms of cultivation. That middle-aged man’s comprehension in martial cultivation and also his own talent were far above Jie Yan.

In front of that man, even if Chu Feng’s cultivation rose greatly and grasped a Elite Armament, he still felt extremely powerless, as if he was an ant facing a huge elephant. The strength of the two could not even be compared.

“You’re the chief of the Jie clan, Jie Xingpeng?” Chu Feng asked in a low voice because he felt that having that strength at his age as well as the special black-coloured clothing unique to the Jie clan meant that he was definitely the chief of the Jie clan.

“You are quite smart. I am indeed the chief of the Jie clan, Jie Xingpeng.”

“Chu Feng, you have focused your attacks on my Jie clan many times before, and now, you even dare to openly cheat away my clan’s Profound beads. Your crimes are unforgivable. Before death, what words do you have to say?” Jie Xingpeng asked. As he spoke, he stood high in the sky as if he was a god questioning a commoner.

“Ho...It is truly the chief of the Jie clan. I, Chu Feng, really do have face, and even the grand chief of the Jie clan has been moved because of me.” Chu Feng laughed loudly, then quickly after, said, “What words do I have to say? It’s you who wants me to say something right?”

“Haha, smart.”

“Speak the truth. I don’t believe that a brat like you truly came from the desolate Azure Dragon School. Even if you did come from that place, your abilities were absolutely not learnt there.”

“I want to know who your master is and who passed your current abilities down to you. You even grasp Secret Skills, and even gained the approval of a Elite Armament.” Jie Xingpeng asked. It could be seen that he already knew about Chu Feng.

“Hmph. My master? If I told you my master’s name, you would be frightened to death. But you are still not worthy enough to know his name. If you dare, touch my finger and try! He will undoubtedly avenge me and completely annihilate your Jie clan.”

Chu Feng coldly snorted. Seeing that there were no other methods and since he saw that Jie Xingpeng seemed a tiny bit afraid, he could only take the chance to scare him a bit. If he failed, he would die.

“Haha, you really think that I’m afraid of the person behind you? Your so-called master? I only want to know who is making you oppose my Jie clan.”

“You won’t speak? That’s fine. Today, I will kill you, strip you of your Secret Skill, take away your Elite Armament, then silently await the day that your so-called master searches for me for revenge. On that day, I’ll remove him as well.”

Suddenly, Jie Xingpeng’s gaze turned icy cold and layers of Heaven power exploded out from his body and surged towards Chu Feng. Quickly after, they tightly surrounded Chu Feng and started to attack into his body.

*hmm* Seeing that, Chu Feng did not dare to be slow and with a thought, a layer of faint green-coloured gas armor encircled around him. He used the Black Tortoise Armor Technique.


However, that was useless as the Heaven power was really too strong. Even if Chu Feng had the Black Tortoise Armor Technique protecting him, it was still very difficult for him to fight against it. He felt powerful pressure lingering around his body and endlessly pressing into his physical body. His body was almost going to be squeezed and crushed, and in the next second, he was going to die.

*boom* But in the moment of life and death, a boom rang out behind Chu Feng and at the same time, the Heaven power that surrounded Chu Feng had actually immediately disappeared as well. Also, an aged voice rang out behind Chu Feng.

“Young man, Chu Feng’s age is still small. How about you give an old man like me some face and spare his life?”