Chapter 395 - Breaking Formations

MGA: Chapter 395 - Breaking Formations

“Haha, the might of this axe is indeed powerful! With it in my hand and with my current cultivation, those under the 3rd level of the Heaven realm will all be unable to defeat me.” At that very instant, Chu Feng stood straight in the horizon and he was incomparably elated.

The chop just now was him only trying out its damage and he didn’t use his full power yet. If he used his full power, the bodies of the two people would certainly be shattered and their bones crushed. Perhaps before the blade of light even reached them, they would be smashed into two piles of meat paste.

“Let me see if you can cut this Spirit Formation apart.”

Being joyful was being joyful, so the current Chu Feng didn’t dare to be slow in any way. He flew forward, and waved the axe in his hand again.

This time, the black-coloured blade of light was even several meters wider than before and its power was also several times more powerful. The space wiggled and twisted, and even the air was cut into two. The spiritual energy, Origin power, and Profound power in the air were unable to hold the majesty back and they dispersed.

*boom* Finally, the black-coloured blade of light collided into the blue-coloured Spirit Formation and the berserk energy instantly became berserk vortexes of ripples and swept through the air.

“Look, what’s happening?”

The sudden scene cause people to be astonished. Within the Prestigious Villa, many people who did not know the truth were attracted by the deafening noise and they raised their hand to look towards the horizon.

“Tha...That seems to be Chu Feng! What is he doing?”

“What...What’s the thing in his hand?”

Although the distance was very far, some sharp-eyed people immediately recognized Chu Feng. But compared to Chu Feng himself, the Asura Ghost Axe in his hand clearly attracted more attention.

Even though, at that very instant, they were unable to feel the power of the Asura Ghost Axe, the overbearing appearance of the Asura Ghost Axe couldn’t help but attract their attention as long as they looked at the distance. They would even be shocked, and felt that it was not a simple Elite Armament.

“Jie Yan is indeed very impressive. The Spirit Formation he laid is still not something that I can break with my own power.”

Although the ripples were still spreading out, with Chu Feng’s sharp Spirit power, he still detected that his axe was unable to break apart the Spirit Formation. Which meant that Jie Yan’s methods were indeed very strong.

Chu Feng firmly believed that if the Spirit Formation was laid by Zi Ling, his axe could absolutely be able to easily break it apart, yet currently, Chu Feng had no way of breaking the Spirit Formation Jie Yan laid.

That indicated a problem. Even though they were both Blue-cloak World Spiritists, there was still strong and weak in terms of Spirit Formation strength. The strong and weak had an inseparable relationship with the martial cultivation strength of the World Spiritist.

“Chu Feng, I’ve already laid an inescapable net here. You no longer have any road to escape.” Just at that time, a thunder-like voice rang out behind Chu Feng. Jie Yan and the others had caught up.

“An inescapable net? Today, I’ll break through your inescapable net.” Chu Feng coldly snorted, then lightly slid past his Cosmos Sack with his left hand and an Attacking Talisman appeared in his hand.

“Go.” He lightly flicked his finger and the Attacking Talisman explosively shot out. Quickly after, with a boom, the blue-coloured Spirit Formation exploded open and a large hole appeared

Seeing that, Chu Feng loudly laughed, then urged the azure-dragon underneath him to fly past and go through the hole in the Spirit Formation.

“God damn. That damn old guy in the World Spirit Guild. He did indeed hiddenly help this brat.” At that instant, with a single glance, Jie Yan could see that the Attacking Talisman Chu Feng used was something that ordinary people were unable to create.

Such an Attacking Talisman, in the entire continent of the Nine Provinces right now, perhaps only people from three powers could create it. It would be the Jiang Dynasty, the Jie clan, and also the World Spirit Guild.

The first two would naturally not help Chu Feng, so without thinking, Jie Yan knew who helped Chu Feng. Undoubtedly, it was his archenemy, Gao Qizhi.

“Hmph. But I would quite like to see how many Attacking Talismans you have. Open all Spirit Formations! Let me see how many he can break through.” However, Jie Yan was unafraid as he knew that he had something to rely on. Even if it was Gao Qizhi who created Attacking Talismans like those, he needed to exhaust an extremely large amount of spirit.

Before, Gao Qizhi would not create the talismans for no reason at all, so even if he created them, it should be as preparation for Chu Feng’s escape. Meaning that he created them within these ten days.

Within ten days, even if Gao Qizhi never-endingly created talismans, he at most made a few more. Or else, it would damage his life expectancy and it would even affect his future cultivation attainments.

Although several Attacking Talisman could break open several Spirit Formations, in these ten days, Jie Yan was not lying around in leisure. With the palace that Chu Feng lived in as the center, he laid thirteen Spirit Formations that sealed this land. So, he felt that even if Chu Feng had Attacking Talismans, he would still have no road of escape

*hmm hmm hmm*

Indeed, After Jie Yan angrily yelled, the Jie clan experts who were already located within the Spirit Formation started to activate the Spirit Formations that were laid beforehand.

Twelve blue-coloured Spirit Formations charged straight into the sky and opened. It sealed the sky and it was exceptionally grand. So much that the observing crowd in the Prestigious Villa were dumbfounded and they continuously yelled in shock.

*boom boom boom*

But quickly after, Chu Feng broke open all the Spirit Formations that were separated in the sky and flew past all of them. The mouths and eyes of the people who watched were all askew and their faces were filled with astonishment.

“How is this possible? How can he possess so many Attacking Talismans?”

Seeing that Chu Feng was unstoppable on the road and had actually broke open all thirteen Spirit Formations that he laid, Jie Yan’s former calmness was no more and replacing it was a face filled with shock.

The most important part was that Chu Feng’s speed was too quick. In a situation where there were no obstacles, even Jie Yan could not catch up to him. They just saw Chu Feng riding a little azure dragon, and with bursts of laughter, disappeared into the horizon like a strand of smoke.

“Dammit. Truly damn it! That brat actually escaped.”

“God damn, it was a million and fifty thousand Profound beads. A million and fifty thousand!”

Seeing Chu Feng escape, the head of the Yuangang School, the head of the Fire God School and the others grinded their teeth in anger and the fists that were clenched in their sleeves crackled.

“Jie Yan, didn’t you say you made preparations for everything and that Chu Feng would absolutely not able to run away? What is this damn situation right now?” With circumstances such as those, some people switched their fury over to Jie Yan.

Normally, they would absolutely not dare to speak to Jie Yan like that. But the current times were not like the past. Their losses were really too big and they were no longer able to control their fury.

“Hmph. My preparations were originally completely perfect and not to mention Chu Feng, none of you should even think of breaking open the Spirit Formations I laid.”

“However, I could do nothing about someone hiddenly helping. What am I able to do if they grant Chu Feng special Attacking Talismans.” As he spoke, Jie Yan cast his gaze towards the palace that Chu Feng lived in before. On top of the palace, there were a few figures standing straight in the air, and they were the people from the World Spirit Guild.

“Damned World Spirit Guild. They are truly a hindrance.”

“God damn, they are really relying on power to bully others. My Fire God School isn’t finished with his World Spirit Guild.”

“Hmph. I’ll let them be so conceited. One day, I will make them pay the price for today’s actions.”

After hearing Jie Yan’s words, Qin lei and the others cast their bloodlust gazes towards the bodies of Vice-head Gao and the others. After today’s matter, they no longer had any good impressions towards the World Spirit Guild.