Chapter 394 - Might of the Asura Ghost Axe

MGA: Chapter 394 - Might of the Asura Ghost Axe

Chu Feng’s plan was very simple…

When he discovered that Jie Yan and the others were already determined, and no matter what the price, had to take away his Asura Ghost Axe, Chu Feng decided to make a plan against their plan.

He lied about making a trade with Jie Yan and the others. In reality, he had never intended to make a trade. He wanted to use their desires of wanting his Elite Armament to trick a million Profound beads from them and use them to increase his own cultivation.

After getting the Profound beads, not to mention cutting off his own arm, he wouldn’t even leave the Elite Armament behind. He would unhesitantly leave. The Forbidden Medicine and Attacking Talisman he wanted from Vice-head Gao was prepared exactly for that.

Although his preparations were quite sufficient, it could not be denied that there were still huge risks within his plan. It could be said to be a situation where he could only succeed and not fail. If he failed, what Chu Feng was going to face was death, and no one would be able to save him.

On that morning, Chu Feng woke up early and he put the horrifying Forbidden Medicine into his mouth. He sat within the palace’s hall and silently awaited the arrival of Jie Yan and the others.

The World Spirit Guild’s Vice-head Gao, Xu Zhongyu, Gu Bo, and the others had already arrived at an early time within the hall, that was decided to be the trading location back then, and stood behind Chu Feng.


Finally, the shut door to the palace suddenly opened and seven bodies speedily flew in. They were none other than Jie Yan, Qin Lei, and the others.

*bang* After entering, Jie Yan did not waste any time with words and he directly threw the seven Cosmos Sacks in front of Chu Feng, then said, “A million Profound beads, not one less. There are even fifty thousand extra gifted to you for free.”

“Carefully examine it. After confirming that there isn’t any error, hand your Asura Ghost Axe over then cut off your right hand.”

As he spoke, Jie Yan did not move, but Qin Lei and the others behind him went into a circular formation and from all directions, surrounded Chu Feng. It could be seen that they were also afraid that Chu Feng would “take the money but not do the deed” by turning around and escaping.

After all, within the underground palace in the Thousand Monster Mountain that day, they had also seen the bodily martial skill Chu Feng displayed. They had no choice but to prepare against that speed.

And Chu Feng did not restrain himself. With the wave of his big sleeve, he sucked the seven Cosmos Sacks into his palm. Quickly after, he used his Spirit power to check and he discovered that indeed, there were one million and fifty thousand Profound beads. Not one less, and it was genuine.

At that instant, Chu Feng’s heart was in ecstasy. One million and fifty thousand Profound beads! It was absolutely a huge number, and it enabled his cultivation to rise greatly.

After putting the Profound beads away, Chu Feng slowly stood up and released the Asura Ghost Axe from his palm out. He swept his gaze towards the seven people and said,

“Everyone, of course I keep my promise, but who should I had this Asura Ghost Axe over to?”


After seeing the Asura Ghost Axe in Chu Feng’s hand, the gazes of the seven people all lit up and some people couldn’t even help gulping because the Elite Armament was not a normal Elite Armament. It was a Elite Armament that could recognize its master, and any person would want to possess a Elite Armament that could do that.

“I need to bring this Elite Armament back to my clan and let my chief personally lay a formation. He will study this in order to open it.” Just at that time, Jie Yan dully spoke.

The crowd did not object Jie Yan’s words. It could be seen that before, they had already discussed who the Asura Ghost Axe was going to be given to for handling.

“That’s fine. Elder Jie Yan, catch!” Chu Feng lightly smiled, then immediately afterwards he waved his big sleeve and threw the Asura Ghost Axe over. But the angle in which Chu Feng threw it was very strange. It was a typical high toss.

At that instant, everyone’s gazes couldn’t help being attracted by the Asura Ghost Axe and also at that instant, Chu Feng had already swallowed the Forbidden Medicine in his mouth and it was quickly being refined.

Coincidently, the lighting in Chu Feng’s blood also rapidly surged and when lightning patterns emerged into Chu Feng’s eyes, his aura also invisibly rose quickly.

4th level, 5th level, 6th level, 7th level, 8th level, 9th level. It was exactly the same as Chu Feng’s predictions, and Chu Feng’s cultivation rose into the 9th level.

At that instant, Chu Feng could clearly feel how scary the power in his body was. The power was so strong that it almost surpassed the range of what his physical body could endure, and it was as if it would explode out of his body.


Suddenly, Chu Feng leaped and became a row of light as he flew. He did not escape towards the palace door. He went straight up the palace and flew away.

“Crap, he wants to escape!”

At that very instant, everyone’s gazes were on the Asura Ghost Axe and there was no one who paid attention to Chu Feng. When they discovered that something was off, Chu Feng already flew away and with lightning-like speed, he blew open the ceiling of the palace and flew upwards.

“Grab the Asura Ghost Axe first!” Seeing that, Jie Yan’s face changed and he waved his big sleeve. A wave of boundless suction power appeared and he grasped Chu Feng’s Asura Ghost Axe into his hand.

Almost in the instant that the Asura Ghost Axe entered his hand, Jie Yan finished laying a Spirit Formation and covered the Asrra Ghost Axe within. He wanted to cut off Chu Feng’s control over the Asura Ghost Axe.

*hmm* However, just as the Spirit Formation finished enveloping it, the Asura Ghost Axe in his hand became a strand of light and disappeared.

“Haha, idiot old guy. Do you truly think you can cut off the connection between me and my Asura Ghost Axe? This axe is already one with me. It is born as I wish, and destroyed as I wish. Other than me, no one else can control it.”

Just at that moment, Chu Feng’s unrestrained mad laughter that was filled with ridicule rang out from the sky above.

Raising their heads to look, people discovered that Chu Feng already jabbed through the palace and made a huge hole. Presently, he was flying into mid-air and his hand was still grasped on the Asura Ghost Axe.

“Kill him and don’t leave him alive!” At that instant, Jie Yan was incomparably furious. He never would have thought that he who had already made good preparations beforehand would still be played around by Chu Feng.

“This little swindler dares to make a fool of us like this?! Today, he is bringing the disaster upon himself and he cannot escape it. So, we cannot be blamed for ignoring the lifesaving favour that day to take his life.”

At the same time, the other six heads were gnashing their teeth in anger because of Chu Feng. Their complexions changed greatly and one after another, they flew and chased after Chu Feng.

However, why would Chu Feng just stand where he was to wait for them? Even though the current Chu Feng had extremely powerful strength and could fight against those in the Heaven realm, when facing seven experts in the 5th level of the Heaven realm and also an experienced Blue-cloak World Spiritist, he did not dare to be careless. So, his goal was very clear. It was to escape.


However, before Chu Feng flew away for too far, the air in front of him started to wiggle and change. A boundless blue-coloured Spirit formation appeared and sealed the sky at that location and blocked Chu Feng’s path.

It was a Spirit Formation and it was obviously laid by someone beforehand. As long as one saw that Chu Feng broke the agreement, someone would open the Spirit Formation and the goal was to prevent Chu Feng from escaping.

“Chu Feng, where are you going to escape now?”

Indeed, just as the Spirit Formation opened up, two bodies flew up from below. They were two elders from the Jie clan, and both of them had the cultivation of the 1st level of the Heaven realm.

“Good timing.”

“I’ll take this chance to use you two to test the might of my Asura Ghost Axe.” However, why would the current Chu Feng be afraid of them? He suddenly waved the Asura Ghost Axe in his hand and a crescent-shaped blade of light explosively shot out.

The blade of light was a dozen or so meters long and it was black-coloured, yet it emitted faint lustre. As it came surging forth, it brought howls like wolves and ghosts and even cracks appeared in the spaces where it passed.


At that instant, the faces of the two elders from the Jie clan changed greatly and they hidden cursed because within the black-coloured crescent-shaped blade of light, they felt the aura of fatality.

But the time was late and the blade of light flew through them, and with a poof, the two experts in the 1st level of the Heaven realm were chopped in half and even their consciousnesses were destroyed. Their lives was completely lost.