Chapter 393 - Insane Young Person

MGA: Chapter 393 - Insane Young Person

After setting the conditions with Chu Feng, Jie Yan and the others started to send the news over to their own powers with special methods. With the fastest speeds, they sent people over to obtain Profound beads back to the Prestigious Villa.

Just in case, they even used some backup plans to guarantee that they could collect a million and fifty thousand Profound beads to Chu Feng within ten days.

And as Jie Yan and the others were so utterly busy, Chu Feng was in quite a leisure position. If he wasn’t drinking wine and talking about joyful things with Xu Zhongyu, Gu Bo, and the others in the same generation from the World Spirit Guild, he would be playing chess and chatting.

There were even some female disciples from the Prestigious Villa, who did know what the situation was, drinking wine merrily along with them and playing so unrestrainedly. They were truly comfortable and at ease.

That caused the people who were hiddenly watching Chu Feng, and were in rough conditions such as eating in the wind and sleeping outside, to curse Chu Feng non-stop. However, they could only curse a bit in their hearts.

After a few days like that passed, the most important moment of the Marriage Gathering finally arrived. All the people who participated in the Marriage Gathering from the beginning gathered once again on the summit of the mountain peak.

Also, even characters such as the school heads, who were always hidden in the darkness, showed themselves grandly at that instant, and it caused people to sigh in admiration and to cheer.

The people who did not know the truth even truly thought that the Prestigious Villa had face and invited all the characters from the many overlord-level powers here to support the scene.

And according to the rules set for the Marriage Gathering before, the beauties who joined the Marriage Gathering started to state the person whom they loved in front of the crowd. As long as that person agreed, the marriage would be a success.

It had to be said that Chu Feng truly had quite good affinity for females, and he had actually became, other than Jie Qingming and Xu Zhongyu, the most popular person there. Within the hundred females, there were seven females who expressed their love towards Chu Feng and said that they were willing to marry Chu Feng and hoped that he could take them away.

In a situation like that, it caused Chu Feng to feel astonished, and it caused the bystanders to feel admiration. It also caused Tang Yixiu, Bai Yunfei, Song Qingfeng, Liu Xiaoyao, and the others with extraordinary lives to grind their teeth in anger.

Because no matter what, they never would have thought that in the section of comparing charm, they would lose to Chu Feng, the brat whom they looked down upon.

However, the thing that people never would have thought of the most was to the seven beautiful females’ expression of love, Chu Feng had actually rejected all of them and did not agree to be together with any one of them. That result caused many people on scene to yell in shock and it caused quite an uproar.

But compared to Chu Feng, there was a person who was even more ridiculous, and it was the little beauty who received the most attention in this Marriage Gathering, Zi Ling.

Zi Ling who was viewed as a saint by countless number of people; Zi Ling who countless of people looked forward to had purely not appeared, and with the reason of cultivating in seclusion, she refused to appear in the Marriage Gathering.

Also, she also got someone to announce a piece of news. It was that she already had a male whom she liked; however, as for who that male was, she wanted to personally tell everyone after she got out.

Facing that situation, even the Prestigious Villa expressed helplessness. After all, Zi Ling’s status was special and it was very difficult for them to request or order her.

But in order to express an apology, the Prestigious Villa was quite sincere and they urged all the people who participated in the Marriage Gathering to stay for a few more days and only leave after Zi Ling got out and announced the one she loved.

It had to be said that Zi Ling’s popularity was quite prosperous. Almost 90% of the males chose to stay behind as they wanted to personally hear the person whom Zi Ling loved and they also wanted to get an extra glance at the exceptional little beauty.

Of course, there were also many people who were making super, peerless, huge, beautiful dreams and hoped that they themself was the person whom Zi Ling loved and that Zi Ling would become their wife.

A few more days after that, there was only one day to the agreed day set back then. From rumours, Jie Yan’s and the others’ preparations had almost finished and a million and fifty thousand Profound beads was basically gathered sufficiently.

And also on that day, the vice-head of the World Spirit Guild, Gao Qizhi, who agreed to some of Chu Feng’s requests came to Chu Feng’s residence.

“My friend Chu Feng, these are the things you need. They were personally made for you in these days when I cultivated in seclusion.” Gao Qizhi gave a Cosmos Sack to Chu Feng.

After Chu Feng examined it, he discovered that within the Cosmos Sack, there were two medicinal pellets and also twenty-three special attacking talismans.

The Forbidden Medicine was extremely overbearing and it was the most terrifying Forbidden Medicine that Chu Feng had seen before. If Chu Feng took that Forbidden Medicine, his cultivation could continuously leap four levels up and he would step into the 7th level of the Profound realm.

With that, in addition to the lightning within his blood, Chu Feng’s cultivation would be able to reach the 9th level of the Profound realm. Even he knew how horrifying he would be if he was in the 9th level of the Profound realm while grasping a Elite Armament.

And other than the extremely overbearing Forbidden Medicine, there was also a healing medicine because when the rebound effects of the Forbidden Medicine came surging over, the healing medicine would more or less have some effects of easing the pain of the rebound.

As for the twenty-three attacking talismans, they were even more impressive. The might contained within them was extremely terrifying. Not only could they easily break blue-coloured Spirit Formations, if a Heaven realm expert were to be struck head-on by the attacking talisman, it was likely that they would have more bad luck than good, and they could even disappear completely.

Even normal Blue-cloak World Spiritists couldn’t create such attacking talismans. Only peak experts with extremely abundant experience, extremely profound strength, and the ability to use the power of Spirit Formations extremely cleverly could create them.

“Vice-head Gao, sorry for the troubles. I, Chu Feng, have engraved this favour in my heart and in the future, I will certainly repay you.”

Chu Feng looked at Vice-head Gao in detail and he discovered that the old man, within the short few days, actually aged quite a bit. Both of his eyes sank inwards and they were lifeless. His face was also pale-white without blood, and it was as if he was suffering from a heavy illness.

Without even thinking, Chu Feng knew the reason why Vice-head Gao became so haggard. Doubtlessly, it was because he exhausted a lot of his spirit and even used up his life in order to make those things for Chu Feng. It could be said that he paid an extremely large price.

“My friend Chu Feng, please don’t say that. I am the vice-head of the World Spirit Guild, yet I cannot protect you. I feel ashamed in my heart!” Vice-head Gao helplessly sighed and his face was filled with shame.

“Vice-head, the World Spirit Guild is truly a very good force of power. Although I have only been in the World Spirit Guild for a very short amount of time, many people from the World Spirit Guild have gave me a very close feeling.”

“You, for example. You were originally unrelated to be, but you’ve done so much for me only because I’m a member of the World Spirit Guild. I, Chu Feng, truly express my gratitude from my heart. So, please do not feel ashamed.”

“Because, the one who should feel ashamed is me, Chu Feng. I know what kind of person I am the most. I am a person who doesn’t think of the consequences when doing things, is extremely rash, and loves to get into trouble. No one can clean after me because he would never finish.”

“However, since I, Chu Feng, have the ability to get into trouble, I also have the ability to get out of trouble. I can similarly live quite well by relying on myself.”

“So, don’t worry. Tomorrow, I will certainly safely leave this place. They cannot keep me here and they will pay the price for their greed.” Chu Feng vowed sincerely, and as he spoke those words, he was filled with confidence.

And seeing Chu Feng who was acting like that, Vice-head Gao relaxedly smiled and said “I must say that you are the most insane young person I have never seen, but at the same time, you are also the young man whom I admire the most.”