Chapter 388 - King of Elite Armaments

MGA: Chapter 388 - King of Elite Armaments

“What Chu Feng has said is reasonable. If he didn’t come out, we would have all died today. How would we even have the chance to continue speaking here?”

[TN: “Chu Feng” in these dialogues should be more accurately translated as “Friend Chu Feng”, but I left it out because it would sound too awkward/repetitive.]

“Yet everyone still has their minds on Chu Feng’s Elite Armament. I do really suspect that everyone is repaying kindness with hatred.”

Just at that time, the vice-head of the World Spirit Guild, “Gao Qizhi” also stood out and he kindly smiled towards Chu Feng, seeming to hiddenly indicate to Chu Feng that his World Spirit Guild would stand behind Chu Feng as support.

“Vice-head Gao, things cannot be said like that. If you’re saying that we, by having our minds on this Elite Armament, is repaying kindness with hatred, then wouldn’t you, by protecting Chu Feng, be embezzling the Elite Armament? After all, everyone knows that Chu Feng is part of your World Spirit Guild.”

Suddenly, an old man spoke. His face was filled with smiles, yet they seemed strangely sinister. His gaze was always on Chu Feng’s Asura Ghost Axe and it was not willing to shift even the slightest bit, and that person was the vice-chief of the Jie clan, Jie Yan.

“You...” After hearing Jie Yan’s words, Vice-head Gao tightly frowned and his face was not pleasant. Because of his identity, it was truly not good to defend Chu Feng in a situation like that. Even if his words were fair, people would feel that he had a selfish heart.

“Yes, Chu Feng did indeed save us, and all of us admit this. We are also very grateful in our hearts, and we will absolutely express our gratitude.”

“However, this Asura Ghost Axe is a masterless object. It isn’t too reasonable for it to belong to him just because he pulled it out? Also, everyone here all risked their lives for this Elite Armament and there were even people who were sacrificed for it.”

“Besides, with his strength, would be he able to keep the Elite Armament?”

“With the Elite Armament by his side, it won’t bring any good fortune to him and it will only bring murderous disasters.” Jie Yan continued saying.

“That’s right. Vice-chief Jie is very correct. Chu Feng has saved us, so naturally, we need to express our gratitude. My Yuangang School is willing to give ten thousand Profound beads to thank this friend for the favor of saving our lives.” The head of the Yuangang School hurriedly said.

“My Fire God School is also willing to give ten thousand Profound beads.”

“My Hidden White Sect is willing as well.”

“The Free and Unrestrained Valley is the same as everyone.”

“My Sword God Valley will also use ten thousand Profound beads to express our gratitude towards Chu Feng for the favour of saving our lives.” At the same time, the overlords of the other powers also all expressed their attitude but in reality, they were pushing Chu Feng towards a pit of fire.

“Chu Feng, my Jie clan is willing to give twenty thousand Profound beads to express our gratitude for the favor of saving all of our lives.”

“However, you cannot take this Asura Ghost Axe away. It belongs to everyone here.” Jie Yan smiled and said.

“Hmph. From what all of you mean, you want to take the several tens of thousands of Profound beads to buy my Elite Armament?”

“Vice-chief. If someone offered several tens of thousands of Profound beads to buy your Jie clan’s Armor of Thorns, would you sell it?” Chu Feng coldly snorted and he was extremely displeased. He never would have thought that those people would be so shameless. He saved them out of kindness, yet they were still thinking about his own Asura Ghost Axe.

“My friend, the words cannot be spoken like that. This Asura Ghost Axe was originally a masterless object, so when did it become yours?” Jie Yan, the vice-chief, smiled more and more sinisterly and he was simply a typical old fox.

“Yeah. My friend, you can’t say that because you hold it right now in your hand, therefore it’s yours, right?”

“I also feel that it’s reasonable. This Asura Ghost Axe was originally a masterless object, and it can be said that it belongs to everyone here. Friend, you cannot monopolize it!” Seeing that, the crowd echoed one after the other.

*hmm* However, just at that time, the Asura Ghost Axe in Chu Feng’s hand flashed and it started to quickly shrink in Chu Feng’s hand. The two-meter long huge axe had actually become rows of brilliance and disappeared within the hand that Chu Feng tightly clenched into a fist.

“What’s this? Where did the Elite Armament go?” Seeing that scene, the faces of the masters of the Yuangang School and the Fire God School changed greatly and they incomparably panicked. Their eyes were roundly widened and they started look everywhere, wanting to find where the axe went.

Because, the Elite Armament attracted them too greatly. Every single person wanted to get it. After all, the powers that had a Elite Armament would be one level higher than the other powers in terms of position.

For example, the Sword God Valley. It was originally a small power, and only because it got the God Wood Sword did it have its current position. Its position was even rapidly rising.

“Wait. Everyone, don’t panic.”

Just at that time, the vice-chief seemed abnormally calm. He tightly stared at Chu Feng’s clenched hand and said, “Chu Feng, can you open your palm and let us take a look?”

After hearing those words, everyone condensed their gazes onto Chu Feng’s hand, and in that situation, it was not good to conceal it, so he could only gradually open his palm.

“Heavens! This...”

And after Chu Feng completely opened his palm and when people clearly saw Chu Feng’s palm, other than the vice-chief of the Jie clan and the vice-head of the World Spirit Guild, the expressions of almost everyone on scene changed greatly and their faces were filled with shock.

Because at that very instant, in Chu Feng’s palm, there was a picture. That picture was none other than the Asura Ghost Axe that just disappeared.

The Asura Ghost Axe was imprinted on Chu Feng’s palm. Although it was only a picture, it was vivid and lifelike. When one looked, it seemed extremely three-dimensional and it was simply as if someone took a shrunk Asura Ghost Axe and hung it on Chu Feng’s palm.

“It recognized its master! It’s a Elite Armament that can recognize its master!”

At that instant, people ceaselessly yelled in shock. On their faces, there was admiration, and there was also envy. Even the gaze of the vice-chief of the Jie clan, Jie Yan, became complicated and no one knew what he was planning.

“Eggy, what is happening? Why did the Elite Armament enter my palm?” In reality, even though Chu Feng felt the Elite Armament enter his palm, he did not understand what was happening.

“Idiot. This means you’ve gotten the approval of the Elite Armament and you’ve been recognized as its master! It can be one with you, and other than you, no one else can use it.” Eggy explained.

“Something like this can actually happen? This means that Jie Qingming’s Armor of Thorns and Murong Yu’s Divine Wood Sword haven’t approved of them?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course not. Do you think that all Elite Armaments can do a recognition? The Elite Armaments that can are kings of Elite Armaments and they are the best within Elite Armaments. No matter if it’s in terms of power or quality, they are incomparable by other Elite Armaments.”

“Which also means that in front of your Asura Ghost Axe, no matter if it’s Jie Qingming’s Armor of Thorns or Murong Yu’s Divine Wood Sword, they are no longer good things. They cannot even be discussed with your Asura Ghost Axe, and only Elite Armaments that can recognize their masters are real Elite Armaments. Those which cannot are broken defectives.” Eggy explained.