Chapter 387 - Recognize Me As Master

MGA: Chapter 387 - Recognize Me As Master

“What? No one has been able to pull this Asura Ghost Axe in several hundred years?”

After hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart trembled and quickly after, bursts of uneasiness surged out. For several hundred years, there was not a single person who could pull it out. Could he pull a Elite Armament such as that out?

Right now, there were no roads of retreat. If he had no way of pulling out that Elite Armament, not to mention to be unable to save the people from the eight-sided powers, even he himself would die here and Zi Ling would also suffer.

“Chu Feng, hand your body to me.” In the moment of life and death, Eggy’s sweet voice suddenly rang out from the bottom of Chu Feng’s heart.

And at that instant, without delay, Chu Feng hurriedly gave the control over his own body to Eggy.

Because he felt that since the Asura Ghost Axe had the name of “Asura”, it was very possible for it to have some sort of special relationship with Eggy.


In the instant Chu Feng gave his body over to Eggy, a boom exploded from Chu Feng’s body and layers of ripples spread, coming from his own body. Waves of violent wind went in all directions and even the air twisted from that.

A large area of black-coloured gas lingered around the current Chu Feng and he emitted bursts of cries. The cries seemed like the howls of ghosts, and they also seemed like the howls of wild beasts. They were extremely horrifying.

“This brat, what’s happening?!” Seeing the current Chu Feng, the two Monster Kings were also terrified and their faces lost all colour. Their ugly big mouths were opened so widely that they were round.

Because in such a close distance, they could clearly feel that Chu Feng’s body was emanating a special aura at that very instant. That aura was indescribable, and in short, it was extremely powerful and it could even make one feel afraid.

And the most important thing was that the aura being emanated by Chu Feng’s body was exactly the same as the feeling the Asura Ghost Axe gave. The two of them were as if they were one.

“This feeling… He has finally used that special power?” At the same time, Zi Ling who was speedily running also noticed that change and she couldn’t help but cast her gaze towards Chu Feng.

In reality, everyone noticed Chu Feng’s change. The two Monster Kings who chased after Zi Ling also couldn’t help but stop their steps and they cast their gaze towards Chu Feng on the high stage.

Even the expressions of Qin Lei and the others who were imprisoned in the formation changed. Especially the World Spiritists from the World Spirit Guild and the Jie clan. Their faces even turned into incomparable shock and they hiddenly said, “This aura is from the Spirit World, but which Spirit World has such powerful aura?”

“You… Who exactly are you?” The two Monster Kings said with extremely astonished tones when they saw Chu Feng in front of them.

And at that instant, Chu Feng whose body was already occupied by Eggy coldly smiled and said, “I am the master who this Asura Ghost Axe will approve of.”

After speaking, one of Chu Feng’s palm suddenly tightly clenched and after that, powerfully pulled outwards. With a boom, the rock stage hanging in the air had actually instantly shattered and became rolling dust that permeated throughout the palace, and the Asura Ghost Axe was already grasped within Chu Feng’s hand.

“Haha, I actually got this Elite Armament!”

“Eggy, I love you to death!”

After pulling the Asura Ghost Axe out, Eggy returned the control over his body back to Chu Feng and the current Chu Feng was able to clearly feel the Asura Ghost Axe in his hand.

The big axe was grasped within his hand. It was very, very heavy. If it was thrown, it could even crush a palace and make it cave in. If it was thrown from the air to the ground, it could certainly cause a huge pit to form, but when Chu Feng tightly held it, it felt just right. If felt like only that weight was appropriate for him.

The most important part was that within the Asura Ghost Axe, he was able to feel extremely strong power. As for how strong that power was, it was extremely similar to Eggy’s power, yet there were differences.

The most important part was that at that very instant, the power of the Asura Ghost Axe was held within Chu Feng’s hand. If Chu Feng could completely grasp that power in the future, he could even fight against Heaven realm experts. Even if he could not defeat them, he could still handle them.

“This brat… He...he...he actually pulled the Asura Ghost Axe out! Could it be...”

At that very moment, the faces of the four Monster Kings were filled with shock and their expression changed many times. Within their blood-red eyes, there was unexpectedly some fear.

“Run!” Suddenly, the four of them leaped forward and they had actually turned around to escape, and they ran.

“Quickly chase! We cannot let these four monsters escape!”

And at the same time, underneath Chu Feng, dozens of overwhelmingly strong auras exploded out and they chased towards the four Monster Kings.

However, very quickly, those people returned without achievements as they ran back. All of them cast their gazes of incomparable admiration towards the Asura Ghost Axe in Chu Feng’s hand.

Some of them couldn’t even help gulping and from that, it could be seen how much they longed to get Chu Feng’s Asura Ghost Axe.

“What are all of you doing? Chu Feng got this Asura Ghost Axe, so it should belong to him.” Seeing that, Zi Ling hurriedly stood next to Chu Feng and fiercely pointed at the crowd.

“Lady, the words cannot be spoken like that. This Asura Ghost Axe was originally a masterless object, and it can’t be his because it is in this young man’s hand right now right?”

“Yeah! Look. For this Elite Armament, my Yuangang School has lost two Heaven realm experts and the losses are really too big.” The head of the Yuangang School also had his face filled with grievance.

“Your Yuangang School has only lost two Heaven realm experts. My Hidden White Sect has lost three Heaven realm experts! They are seniors in my Hidden White Sect who had done many meritorious deeds and outstanding battle achievements.” The head of the Hidden White Sect also added.

“My Free and Unrestrained Valley is also the same. Three Heaven realm seniors died just like that. This is simply a huge blow to my Free and Unrestrained Valley.” The head of the Free and Unrestrained Valley also shook his head.

Seeing that, Chu Feng looked downwards and he discovered that down there, there were indeed a dozen or so pools of blood and other than the two powers, the World Spirit Guild and the Jie clan, the remaining powers more or less lost a few Heaven realm experts and some were injured as well.

“To the death of many seniors, I, Chu Feng, feel pity.”

“But let me say some harsher words. Even if they died for the Asura Ghost Axe, what the hell does it have to do with me?”

“Was it I who caused them to enter the formation? Was it I who caused them to die?”

“If it wasn’t to save all of you, why did I risk such huge dangers to come out? If it wasn’t for me who risked my life to save all of you, would any of you still be standing here, alive?”

“What? As the grand overlords of provinces, right now, you want to repay kindness with hatred and take away my Asura Ghost Axe?” Chu Feng coldly swept his gaze over the crowd and his words were extremely sharp. As he spoke, the crowd’s faces were extremely ugly and they were all speechless.