Chapter 386 - Asura Ghost Axe

MGA: Chapter 386 - Asura Ghost Axe

“Putting aside that not everyone can recognize that I have a Divine Body, my power can be concealed.”

Zi Ling lightly smiled, then the purple-coloured gas retracted. After that, her footsteps lightly tapped on the ground and with a swish, Zi Ling already flew out of the transparent Spirit Formation with quick speed. That terrifying speed was not much different from Chu Feng’s when he used the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens.

“Father, I’m coming to save you!” After Zi Ling rushed into the palace, she loudly yelled towards the sky. Her voice was loud and clear, and it was simply like thunder as it resonated throughout the entire palace.

[TN: “Father” should actually be “Foster Father”, but that doesn’t sound too well so I shortened it to “father”.]

“This… Where did this girl pop out from?” The sudden scene frightened the four Monster Kings because they discovered that Zi Ling had actually jumped out of the wall. They understood the walls extremely clearly. They were strange things that could not be destroyed, yet how could someone pass through such a wall?

“Zi Ling, don’t come over! This formation isn’t something that you can resist against. Quickly escape!” And after seeing Zi Ling, Qin Lei’s face greatly changed and he hurriedly yelled loudly. From that, it could be seen that he still cared quite a bit about Zi Ling.

“Father, don’t be afraid. I still have the treasure that my grandfather gave me. It can break all the formations in the world and kill all living things or Monstrous Beasts. In front of my treasure, this formation isn’t even worth mentioning.” Zi Ling sweetly smiled, then took out a treasure, which shot radiance in all directions, from her Cosmos Sack.

The treasure was grasped within Zi Ling’s hand and one could not see what it was too clearly. However, the dark green-coloured radiance that it gave off was extremely dazzling and it almost enveloped everything within a hundred meters.

Zi Ling raised it highly and it seemed incomparably holy. Without even looking back, she flew towards Qin Lei and the other. With her appearance that was filled with confidence, it was as if the object in her hand could truly save Qin Lei and the others.

“Crap. Quickly go catch that girl!”

Seeing that scene, the four Monster Kings’ blood-red eyes were instantly roundly widened and they moved at the same time, flying towards Zi Ling. Simultaneously, they emanated their powerful auras and they wanted to envelop Zi Ling and suppress her movements.

But it was useless. Although their pressure was strong, they had no way of suppressing the current Zi Ling. She who used the power of her Divine Body did indeed have an atmosphere that normal people did not. Normal pressure could not suppress her.

“Hmph. Four old monsters. If you dare to approach again, don’t blame me for using this treasure to kill all of you.” Zi Ling turned and she ran towards another side of the palace.

“Damn girl. I will swallow you alive!” The four Monster Kings were completely manipulated by Zi Ling, but from four sides, they flanked Zi Ling.

“This Zi Ling girl truly does have some tricks. I should be the next to appear.”

Seeing Zi Ling successfully lead the four Monster Kings away, Chu Feng was extremely happy and with a thought, the azure-coloured little dragon appeared under him and following that, with the flash of light, Chu Feng flew up and rushed straight towards the rock stage.

“Dammit, there’s another!” However, just as Chu Feng entered the palace, the four Monster Kings felt Chu Feng’s aura and two of them darted towards Chu Feng.

“Four old monsters! Today, I will take care of you! Die!” Seeing that, Zi Ling thought cleverly and quickly after, she threw the treasure in her hand, which was shooting light in all directions, with lightning speed towards the middle of the four Monster Kings.

“Careful!” When Zi Ling yelled like that, it caused the hearts of the four Monster Kings to tremble and after that, the four of them, simultaneously, threw attacks at the object which shone radiance everywhere.

However, before their attacks even arrived on their target, the object could not take the pressure that their attacks gave off and it was crushed into pieces. It became green-coloured glowing objects that filled the air and floated down.

“This wasn’t even any treasure?” At that instant, the four Monster Kings came to a realization because within the green-coloured glowing object, they could not feel a single trace of threat. How was that even a treasure that could kill all living things? It was simply a garbage item.

“Four idiots! The thing that scared all of you was only an ordinary Night Shining Pearl!” Seeing the special shocked expressions appear on the faces of the four Monster Kings, Zi Ling was so amused that she laughed until she was joyful and she was swaying back and forth.

“Damn girl. I will torture you until you die!” After knowing that they were fooled with, two of the Monster Kings flew towards the high stage, while two pounced towards Zi Ling again.

“Chu Feng, the rest is up to you!” Zi Ling loudly yelled at the direction of the stage then she leaped with her alluring body, became a row of light, and flew away. As she run, she loudly yelled, “Come! Come chase me! If you catch me, you get a prize!”

At the same time, Chu Feng arrived on the high stage and the current Chu Feng was incomparably excited in his heart because he discovered that special symbols filled the top of the high stage and the symbols formed a formation. It was extremely beautiful.

However, at that very instant, the thing that attracted Chu Feng’s gaze the most was not the formation which had bright symbols lingering around them, but the object in the middle of the formation.

In that place, there was a big axe stuck in there. The axe was two meters long and the material was originally pure black colour. However, when light shot past it, one would be able to discover that on the black-coloured axe, blood-red-colour radiance emerged as if the black colour was not simple black colour, but the accumulation of limitless blood.

The shape of the axe was also exceptionally overbearing. On the front side, it was a typical big axe head and it was incomparably sharp. It could chop through any object. Even if it was a huge elephant, the axe could still easily chop off its head.

The side of the axe was like a half-moon-shaped hook. It seemed like a big blade that had the same effects as the axe, but it seemed more like a hook that could dig out a human’s internal organs.

That big axe was simply a slaughtering weapon, and Chu Feng also attentively discovered that in the middle of the big axe, there were even three big words written there. “Asura Ghost Axe”.

“What a nice Asura Ghost Axe. You are mine.” Chu Feng arrived in front of the axe, extended his hand, and grabbed. He tightly grasped onto the Asura Ghost Axe, but just as Chu Feng put strength to raise his hand wanted to pull the Asura Ghost Axe out of the formation, his face couldn’t help but change.

Because Chu Feng astonishedly discovered that he was unable to pull the Asura Ghost Axe away, and it was as if the axe was one with the rock stage and there was no way of moving it.

“Hahaha, ignorant brat! Do you really think you can pull this Asura Ghost Axe out?”

But just at that time, bursts of mocking laughter rang out behind Chu Feng, and when he turned his head around to look, the Venomous Snake King was already currently standing behind Chu Feng and gradually nearing him. At the same time, the pressure it emanated had already sealed the escape behind him.


At the same time, the Scorpion King rushed over to the other side of the rock stage and sealed off Chu Feng’s retreat in front of him. As it walked towards Chu Feng, it said to him,

“This Asura Ghost Axe has been stuck in the rock stage for several hundreds of years. Even my master and the Monster King that year were unable to pull it out. Do you think that you can pull it out and become its master?”

“Truly foolish! Truly laughable! Hahaha...”