Chapter 389 - Return

MGA: Chapter 389 - Return

“So it’s like that? Doesn’t that mean that only the Asura Ghost Axe in my hand is the real Elite Armament?” After hearing those words, Chu Feng was elated.

“Of course! Try to control it. It will move as you wish.” Eggy said while giggling. When Chu Feng got such a Elite Armament, she also felt happy for him.

*whoosh* And Chu Feng didn’t hesitate. He grasped with one hand, and with light that shot in all directions from his hand, the Asura Ghost Axe transformed back to its previous huge state and it was grasped within Chu Feng’s hand once again.

Quickly after, with another thought from Chu Feng, the Asura Ghost Axe flashed and disappeared, returning to Chu Feng’s palm.

And after personally seeing Chu Feng control the Asura Ghost Axe in such a natural way, the expressions of everyone on scene changed and there were some unspeakable emotions.

Just at that time, Zi Ling walked two steps forward, and after that, said to the crowd,

“I believe with everyone’s experience, all of you certainly know about Elite Armaments recognizing its master. Normal people have no way of using a Elite Armament like this, and even if they had it within their hand, it would only be like scrap iron and not a single trace of power can be used.”

“Only the person it approves can display its power, and right now, the Elite Armament has already approved Chu Feng to be its master, which means that it is not a masterless object. It is Chu Feng’s, and the Elite Armament itself chose Chu Feng. Everyone, is there anything more you want to say?”

“This...” At this instant, people were speechless because they already had no way of refuting. After all, it was the same as what Zi Ling said. Right now, the Elite Armament was no longer a masterless object.

“I never would have thought that things like a Elite Armament approving its master still exist.” The vice-head of the World Spirit Guild, Gao Qizhi, sighed with a face filled with admiration. Although his face was also filled with admiration, there was no complexion of greed.

“The master of the remains is very powerful, so other than this Elite Armament, perhaps there are other treasures.” Zi Ling interrupted.

“That’s right. Lady, Chu Feng, you two didn’t seem to enter from the front just now right?” Vice-head Gao curiously asked.

“That’s right. Other than this place, there’s another hidden passageway. There are many mechanisms within the hidden passageway, and Chu Feng and I only charged through them to pass. But sadly, there were still not the slightest bit of gains and at the end, we walked to this place.” Zi Ling shook her head.

“Really? Where’s the hidden passageway?” After hearing those words, the faces of Jie Yan and the other Jie clan members changed and they started thinking.

They were all World Spiritists. Especially Jie Yan. His Spirit Formation techniques were extremely strong, and even if Zi Ling and Chu Feng got nothing from it, it did not represent they would get nothing as well after they entered.

Quickly after, Zi Ling told Jie Yan about the hidden passageway and all the experts from the World Spirit Guild and the Jie clan entered to search for a while.

After the Elite Armament recognized him as the master, there were no more people who made things difficult for Chu Feng, and he was in quite a leisure position. He wandered around in this place, but he had a goal. What he wanted to find was naturally the first thing he came to this place for. The treasure that could train his Spirit power.

Because, Chu Feng had asked Vice-head Gao whether any special treasures were found on the road, and his answer was very clear. On the road here, they did not discover anything.

That was also why they were so excited when they arrived in the last palace and discovered the large amounts of treasures under the rock stage, but then they were imprisoned in the palace.

After knowing everything, Chu Feng still felt that the treasure he wanted was still in the underground palace. So, he started to seriously search.

But the more he searched, the more uneasy he got. After almost detailedly searching the huge underground palace for several times, Chu Feng still had no gains and it was just as Vice-head Gao said. Other than the Elite Armament here, there was nothing else.

“Dammit. Why isn’t there the treasure that has the special effect for Spirit power?” At that instant, Chu Feng was tightly frowning and he was panicking a bit in his heart. If he could not find that treasure, his Spirit power would be unable to quickly develop. What would he take to save Su Rou and Su Mei?

“Don’t worry. Perhaps you’ve already found the treasure that the Monstrous Beast talked about.” Eggy suddenly spoke.

“Eggy, why so?” Chu Feng felt puzzled.

“Carefully feel the Asura Ghost Axe in your palm. Use your Spirit power to feel. Can you discover that deep in the core of the axe, there is a layer of formless energy locked away from you?” Eggy said.

Without being slow, Chu Feng hurriedly followed Eggy’s instructions. At the end, he discovered that it was truly the same as what Eggy said.

“Eggy, what is going on? Can it be that this Asura Ghost Axe is the treasure that can train Spirit power?” Chu Feng rejoiced, and it was as if he finally saw a tiny bit of light in the endless darkness.

“Indeed, real Elite Armaments will contain some other uses, and those special uses are usually unrelated with battle.”

“If I’m not mistaken, your Elite Armament can train Spirit power.”

“However, that special power needs to be pulled out by a special formation in order for it to be released.”

“This is perhaps why the rock stage was filled with formation marks.”

“When you rushed onto the rock stage, you were pressed with time and you didn’t notice these details and you only focused on pulling the Asura Ghost Axe out.”

“But I noticed it. So, from the start, I carefully recorded the formation’s formation symbols and after you leave this place, I can help you relay the formation and use it to pull out the hidden effects of the Asura Ghost Axe.”

“If this Asura Ghost Axe is truly a treasure that can train your Spirit power, then that would certainly come into effect. But if it isn’t, then I can only say that you’ve been played with, that there were no treasures that could train one’s Spirit power in this place and perhaps the Monstrous Beast only wanted to send you here to your death.” Eggy explained.

“Mm, it can only be like so.” Chu Feng nodded his head. He felt that what Eggy said was very reasonable, and currently, he could only follow Eggy’s words and try it out.

“God damn. Nothing. There is nothing here!”

“Dammit. Who spread the rumours that stated there are treasures here? Who spread the rumours that stated this place is where the remains of the martial cultivation expert are? They were simply damn rumours. They were nonsense. They were deceiving us.”

Just at that time, continuous angry yells rang out next to Chu Feng’s ears and some people even powerfully struck the indestructible underground palace.

The heads of the peak powers were doing the same as what Chu Feng was doing. They were detailedly searching the underground palace.

But it was useless as they did not get anything. That caused them to be extremely displeased. After all, in this journey, they had lost many Heaven realm experts. Powerful people such at them couldn’t be developed whenever they wanted to, so they had lost quite a bit on this journey.

“Chu Feng, this time, it was all thanks to you and Zi Ling. After returning to the Prestigious Villa, I, Qin Lei, must express my gratitude for the favour of saving my life.” Compared to others, Qin Lei seemed quite calm and it seemed that he was truly thankful for Chu Feng and Zi Ling.

After that, Qin Lei invited all of the heads to return to the Prestigious Villa as an honored guest to witness the results of the Marriage Gathering.

At first, the heads did not want to go, but after a while of thinking, they nodded their heads. So, the grand group of people left the Thousand Monster Mountain and returned to the Prestigious Villa.

However, because of the fury in their hearts, it caused them to carry out great destruction in the Thousand Monster Mountain before they left. They slaughtered no small number of Monstrous Beasts, and without the Monster Kings as their foundation, this time, the vitality of the Thousand Monster Mountain was truly injured greatly.