Chapter 379 - You Cannot Save Him

MGA: Chapter 379 - You Cannot Save Him

“Idiot. Who said that World Spirits can’t be separated from the bodies of their masters? If they can’t be separated from their masters’ bodies, then how will World Spirits help their masters? Where would their value be?” Eggy fiercely disdained Chu Feng.

“Then according to what you’ve said, World Spirits can be separated from the bodies of the masters, and with their own awareness, enter our world?” Chu Feng got more and more happy. He truly, really hoped that Eggy could accompany him with a physical body.

“It can be done within a reasonable range, and size of this range depends on the strength of the master.”

“Of course, if you want a World Spirit to leave the Spiritual World, enter your world, and do things with their own awareness, you need to create a gate that links to your Spiritual World and this gate is called the World Spirit Gate.”

“Naturally, if you want to open the World Spirit Gate, you need to at least grasp the power of blue-coloured Spirit Formations, which also means that you must reach the strength of Blue-cloak World Spiritists.” Eggy explained.

“Then doesn’t that mean in the future, as long as become a Blue-cloak World Spiritist, you can be separated from my Spiritual World and live together with me?”

At that instant, Chu Feng was elated because he knew that Eggy didn’t like staying in his Spiritual World. After all, how could such a cheerful and lively little girl like Eggy like being alone? She should like liveliness quite a bit.

And after hearing those words, Eggy’s heart warmed because she understood, in her heart, Chu Feng’s intentions. So, she sweetly smiled and said, “Yeah, for my freedom, you need to keep it up!”

*hmm* And just at that time, Zi Ling’s Fairy Spirit Formation already finished being laid and it gave off dazzling golden-coloured radiance. The strange thing was that as it was enveloped by the golden-coloured radiance, a gate had actually slowly appeared from the perfect and undamaged wall and it also slowly opened. Zi Ling succeeded.

“Girl, not bad!” Seeing that, Chu Feng laughed and said.

“Less speaking, quickly follow.” With a thought, Zi Ling reopened a World Spirit Gate and her World Spirit also went back to Zi Ling’s Spiritual World on her own.

After that, Zi Ling speedily walked towards the insides of the wall door and Chu Feng also hurriedly followed.


Just as Chu Feng and Zi Ling entered, the gate behind them shut and at that instant, Chu Feng discovered that the passageway was a lot more exquisite than the cave outside.

The walls everywhere there were made by special rocks. On them, beautiful patterns were carved and an indescribable atmosphere appeared. The most important part was that on the wall, Chu Feng felt special Spirit Formation powers, and those powers emanated the auras of Asura.

“The master who created this was also a World Spiritist who was connected with an Asura World Spirit.” Eggy said.

“Is it that Monstrous Beast trapped in the Asura Ghost Tower?” Chu Feng asked.

“I’m not sure about that.” Eggy shook her head.

Following the passageway and going forward, their line of sight became more and more broad, and Chu Feng and Zi Ling also discovered some mechanisms. However, those mechanisms were all nullified just now, and without even thinking, they knew that Jiang Wushang did it.

In a situation like that, Chu Feng and Zi Ling couldn’t help but quicken their steps because they were afraid that Jiang Wushang would find the treasures first and if that happened, they were going to lose quite a bit.

“Quickly follow.” Suddenly, Zi Ling’s eyes flashed as if she felt something. She started to use a bodily martial skill and ran with extreme speed in the passageway.

Without delay, Chu Feng also used the Imperial Wind Technique and quickly followed.

With such speed, Chu Feng and Zi Ling quickly arrived at the end, and a palace dazzling in gold and jade appeared in front of them.

That place was truly dazzling in gold and jade because everything there was made out of gold. It emanated the radiance of gold.

Also, in the middle of the palace, there was a huge area of treasures. All sorts of strange treasures, all sorts of Origin beads and Profound medicines, were piled up into a small mountain.

Within the little mountain that was caused by piling treasures, there were even several extremely ancient books. They were also placed in the middle, and obviously, they were not Mysterious Techniques. They were martial skills.

“Haha, they are finally found by me!” After seeing those, Zi Ling rejoiced and her beautiful body leaped. As her skirt fluttered, she already flew quickly towards the palace.

“Wait!” But at that instant, Chu Feng hurriedly yelled to stop her because he astonishedly discovered that in that palace, he didn’t see any traces of Jiang Wushang yet that place was clearly the end.

*hmm* Indeed, just as Zi Ling stepped into the palace, the palace had actually twisted and the scene in front of their eyes started to quickly change. It shrunk into a lump and started to wrap around Zi Ling.

“Chu Feng, save me!” At that very instant, Zi Ling originally wanted to evade it but her efforts were in vain as the twisting scene already wrapped around her, causing her to lose her ability to escape.

“What a powerful Illusionary Formation.” After that place completely disappeared, the real scene appeared in front of Chu Feng’s eyes.

Currently, in front of Chu Feng, how was that even any “palace dazzling in gold and jade”? It was a quagmire condensed with a dominatingly strong Spirit Formation, and within the quagmire, Zi Ling was quickly sinking and no matter how she struggled, she could not escape her surroundings.

“It’s you?”

At the same time, a familiar voice also rang out. It was Jiang Wushang. At that instant, Jiang Wushang was also sank into the quagmire and over half of his body already sank in. After seeing Chu Feng and Zi Ling, his face was filled with shock.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* The current Chu Feng didn’t dare to be slow and he hurried laid a Spirit Formation. Quickly after, he sat cross-leggedly, overlaid his palms, then abruptly yelled explosively, “Break!”


After speaking those words, within the Spirit Formation that had floating light lingering, two rows of light shot out.

After that light enveloped Zi Ling and Jiang Wushang, countless symbols, like bugs, started to drill into the quagmire. With that, the sinking speed of Zi Ling and Jiang Wushang had actually slowed down.


Quickly after that, the hand seals in front of Chu Feng’s chest changed and two Spirit Formation chains condensed by symbols shot out from the Spirit Formation and at the end, coiled around Zi Ling’s and Jiang Wushang’s body.


After that, Chu Feng yelled explosively again and simultaneously, the palms that he overlaid suddenly tightly clenched and his entire body tensed up. Also, his body started to turn pale-white and droplets of sweat as big as beans never-endingly slid down his face. Boundless Spirit Formation power was unrestrainedly being channeled into the Spirit Formation.

But luckily, as Chu Feng gave it his all, the Spirit Formation chains also started to retract and Zi Ling and Jiang Wushang who had already sank into the quagmire were slowly rising.

In that situation, it caused both Zi Ling and Jiang Wushang to be extremely joyed because it meant that Chu Feng’s methods were working and Chu Feng could save them.


Finally, Zi Ling was the first to be pulled out. Without the interference of the illusion, her body was as light as swallow and her original strength returned. With a beautiful angle, she landed in front of Chu Feng.


But just as she landed, her hand clenched to form a fist, and within her hand, she condensed a Spirit Formation sword out. Quickly after, she sliced down towards the Spirit Formation chain that Chu Feng was using to pull Jiang Wushang up. With a snapping sound, she had actually cut the Spirit Formation chain.

“What are you doing?!” Seeing that scene, Chu Feng was suddenly shocked and he couldn’t help but loudly yell.

On the other hand, Zi Ling was abnormally calm. After dissipating the Spirit Formation sword in her hand, she lightly rubbed her hand and composedly said, “You cannot save him.”