Chapter 378 - World Spirit from the Fairy Spirit World

MGA: Chapter 378 - World Spirit from the Fairy Spirit World

It had to be said that the speed of the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens was truly fast. With merely short two days, Chu Feng caught up to the people from the eight-sided powers. However, Chu Feng did not go near them and he only secretly tailed behind them.

After the eight-sided power, which knew the location of the treasures, entered the core of the Thousand Monster Mountain, they directly attacked and they wanted to open the entrance of the treasure trove.

They who had gathered over eighty Heaven realm experts swept through everything and there was not a single Monstrous Beast that could stop them. They directly opened the entrance to the underground palace and entered.

At that instant, Chu Feng and Zi Ling originally wanted to follow behind them and enter, but suddenly, Zi Ling’s expression changed and she pulled Chu Feng back.

At first, Chu Feng didn’t understand why Zi Ling stopped himself, but very quickly, within a distant forest, a body shot out.

That body’s speed was extremely fast and with several jumps, he rushed into the entrance to the underground palace.

But Chu Feng and Zi Ling still recognized that person.

It was the little genius of the Jiang Dynasty, Jiang Wushang.

“This guy is indeed also here for the treasure.” Zi Ling also guessed the reason why Jiang Wushang disappeared as well as what his goal was, and quickly after, she asked Chu Feng, “Are you sure that this is where the treasures are and that it isn’t a trap laid by Monstrous Beasts?”

“The treasures should be here, but whether this is a trap or not is unknown.” Chu Feng said.

“Follow me. Remember, do not use your Spirit power because within the eight-sided powers, there are at least ten Blue-cloak World Spiritists. With your current strength, as long as you use Spirit power, you will be discovered by them.” Zi Ling seriously reminded.


And Chu Feng also seriously nodded his head. Naturally, he knew how powerful they were, so on the road, he didn’t use Spirit power and he let Zi Ling detect everything.

That was also why just as Jiang Wushang neared, Zi Ling felt it yet Chu Feng did not have any reactions.

Following that, Zi Ling and Chu Feng tailed behind Jiang Wushang and they headed towards the underground palace passageway that the eight-sided powers opened.

The eight-sided powers were too strong. On the road, their might was like snapping bamboo. No matter if it was a Monstrous Beast, or a mechanism, or a Spirit Formation, nothing could stop them.

But on the road, Chu Feng gradually felt that something was off. As for where, he was unclear either. Only when Jiang Wushang suddenly stop following the eight-sided powers did Chu Feng and Zi Ling discover which part was off.

The underground palace at that place was already very wide. Actually, although it was said to be an underground palace, it would better be said to be a broad underground cave because other than some fluorescent rocks or some unextinguished fires, there weren’t any decorations and it was abnormally simple.

And when the eight-sided powers were continuing deeper, Jiang Wushang suddenly stopped walking when he arrived in front of a wall.

He took out a special object, which looked like a key. But that was not the key point. The key point was that with the key, he opened a big door from the wall, and from that door, extremely special aura was emanating.

After that aura was emanated, Chu Feng’s face couldn’t help but change because he astonishedly discovered that the aura was extremely familiar. He felt it when he was in the Asura Ghost Tower, and he could even feel it on Eggy’s body. It was the aura of Asura.

However, after Jiang Wushang walked through the door that emanated the Asura aura, he disappeared, and the face of the wall returned to its original form.

“Indeed, this guy knows some things. It seems like only the path he went is the right one.”

After Chu Feng neared, he started to carefully look at the rock wall. With his Spirit Formation power, he could feel that the wall was very special, yet he had no way of opening it. So, he could only cast a pleading gaze towards Zi Ling and said, “How about it? Can you open it?”

“I’m not too sure. This wall is too strange, but I can give it a try.” Zi Ling also didn’t have confidence in opening the wall, but in that situation, she could not do anything else and she had to use everything she had.

As insurance, Zi Ling first laid a concealment Spirit Formation in that land, and with that, no one would be able to see her and Chu Feng there, and no one would be able to see what she was doing.

After laying the concealment Spirit Formation, with a thought, a two meter wide and three meter tall black hole appeared in front of her. The black hole was filled with symbols and the bottom couldn’t be seen. It gave out an aura that did not belong to this world, and it was as if it extended towards another world.


Suddenly, within the black hole, a figure appeared, and at the end, a person walked out of the black hole.

No, it wasn’t a person. To be more precise, it seemed more like a consciousness, yet there were clear differences than a consciousness.

It was a female. Although her appearance wasn’t very beautiful, she had quite the atmosphere around her. The most important part was that her height reached two and a half meters and golden light shot everywhere from her body. The clothes she wore also had quite the atmosphere, and the aura she gave off was the 2nd level of the Heaven realm.

“Master, I pay my respects.” After the strange female appeared, she respectfully greeted Zi Ling.

“Right now, I need to lay a Fairy Spirit Formation and I require assistance from your Fairy power.” Zi Ling did not speak any useless words and she directly went to work, starting to lay a Spirit Formation on the wall.

At the same time, the strange female emanated special power from inside her body and it endlessly blended into the Spirit Formation Zi Ling laid.

That power was very special. It was like the sunlight, yet there were slight differences. All in all, it caused people to be extremely comfortable as if the world’s positive energy was condensing.

The most important thing was that the power was also very strong, and it even made Chu Feng felt that such a magical power shouldn’t even exist in the world from the start.

“Eggy, this wouldn’t be the World Spirit that made a contract with Zi Ling right?” Chu Feng curiously asked in his heart.

“That’s right. It’s a World Spirit from the Fairy Spirit World.”

“This girl is quite impressive! She is actually able to connect to the Fairy Spirit World and make a World Spirit, who is two levels stronger than her, serve her.” Even Eggy revealed her rare amazed expression.

“Fairy Spirit World? Are the World Spirits from the Fairy Spirit World really strong?” Chu Feng curiously asked.

“Them being the strongest is impossible, but they are absolutely not weak. It can be said that they’re the second strongest within the Seven Spirit Worlds.” Eggy explained.

“Then the strongest? Which world is the strongest world?” Chu Feng closely asked.

“Is there even a need to ask that? Of course, the strongest is my Asura Spirit World. Any World Spiritist that can establish a contract with a World Spirit from my Asura Spirit World can show off just because of that.” Eggy said proudly.

And after hearing those words, Chu Feng was very happy as well because that at least meant that the world he could connect to was the strongest world in the Seven Spirit Worlds.

“That’s not right. World Spirits can’t leave the bodies of their masters right? How can Zi Ling’s World Spirit come out to help her?” But with some more careful thinking, Chu Feng felt that it wasn’t too right.

After all, Eggy in his body was also very strong, but she could only remained locked in his body and she couldn’t come out to help him. At most, she could only borrow his body to display her own power.

So, he was thinking, if Eggy could also come out to help him, how good would that be? After all, the power that Eggy grasped was very strong, even terrifying.

Besides, if he was accompanied by an exceptional little beauty like Eggy, in the future, he would no longer be alone by himself. His life would also become extremely exciting and even more interesting.