Chapter 377 - Cooperation

MGA: Chapter 377 - Cooperation

“You...If you look a bit more, I’ll scoop your eyes out.” Seeing that, Zi Ling’s white, glossy, and smooth little face instantly became a bright red apple, and she extended her hand, preparing to hit Chu Feng.

“Heh, fine fine fine! I won’t look. But speak the truth. Are there some things you want from me since you looked for me? I haven’t told anyone about you having a Divine Body!” Chu Feng chuckled and said.

“You!!” Hearing the two words “Divine Body”, Zi Ling’s little face instantly tensed up and with a leap, she arrived in front of Chu Feng and she used her hand to tightly seal Chu Feng’s mouth shut.

At the same time, she spread her Spirit power out and only after discovering that there were no other people in their surroundings did she breathe a sigh of relief. She looked at Chu Feng with a bit of resentment and said, “I came to look for you because I have something that I want you to help me with.”

“What thing?” Chu Feng got rid of Zi Ling’s hand and curiously asked.

“I’m sure that you’ve heard of the matter of my Prestigious Villa establishing an alliance with the other powers such as the World Spirit Guild.”

“Within the Thousand Monster Mountain, there is indeed a treasure trove. I don’t have much interest towards the treasures inside, but I am very interested in powerful martial skills, so I want to go over to take a look.” Zi Ling said.

“Since you want to go to the Thousand Monster Mountain, then just directly go along with Qin Lei and the others. With your status, it is possible that they won’t bring you along if you want to go with them?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course they cannot bring me. This time, all those who are moving out are the experts in the old generation. If I go, that is equal to breaking the rules.”

“Besides, even if they were willing to bring me along, I wouldn’t have went. There would be too many restrictions and it would be quite boring. I want to go myself.” Zi Ling curled her little mouth and on her face of absolute beauty, a tiny bit of playful cuteness appeared.

“Then why me? What can I possibly help you with?” Chu Feng feigned confusion. From start to finish, he was still cautious towards Zi Ling.

“Don’t pretend anymore. Don’t think that I don’t know your goal for coming here. Isn’t it also for the treasures in the Thousand Monster Mountain? My grandfather has already spoken to me about it.” Zi Ling fiercely stared at Chu Feng.

“What did he say to you?” Chu Feng slightly frowned. He wasn’t afraid of anything that Zi Xuanyuan said to Zi Ling, and what he was actually afraid of was the things that Zi Ling would say to Zi Xuanyuan. After all, he was a person who bullied Zi Ling before

“He said that you have a special map. He also said that he was sure that the map you have is the same as the one the Black Toad King handed over. So, if I want to go to the Thousand Monster Mountain for adventuring, I need to bring you a long.” Zi Ling curled her lips.

And after hearing those words, Chu Feng sank into contemplation. He was pondering whether Zi Xuanyuan was an enemy or friend, and what kind of thoughts that the mysterious old man had.

At the end, Chu Feng was still unable to think of an exact answer, but he knew that Zi Xuanyuan would absolutely not harm him for now, and Zi Ling would also not harm him for now.

Also, right now, he wanted to go to the Thousand Monster Mountain as well. If he had Zi Ling as assistance, that would be the best.

After all, her Divine Body was very strong and it had battle power which did not lose to the Heaven realm. The most important thing was that she was even a Blue-cloak World Spiritist. When scouting out unknown things, the Blue-cloak World Spiritist’s special abilities were truly too useful.

So, Chu Feng nodded his head and said, “Then we shouldn’t waste any more time and let’s move right now. We must catch up to them.”

“Wait.” But just at that time, Zi Ling stopped Chu Feng and said, “Before anything, let us agree on some things first. This time, we are secretly operating and it would be for the best to avoid any contact with the people from the eight-sided powers. If there are any gains in this operation, everything will only belong to you and me.”

“I agree on that.” Chu Feng smiled and nodded his head. It was also something he wanted to say.

“Also, if martial skills or Secret Skills are discovered, they belong to me. Profound medicines and Heaven medicines will belong to you.” Zi Ling added.

“What about Elite Armaments?” Chu Feng asked.

“You truly believe that there will be a Elite Armament in the Thousand Monster Mountain?”

“We cannot be sure that there is, but we also cannot be sure that there isn’t. What if there is?”

“Then we’ll discuss it at that time.” After speaking, Zi Ling pulled Chu Feng and just rushed out of the window.

The current Prestigious Villa was tightly guarded. Not only to the outside, but also to the inside. During this period of time, no one was allowed to leave the Prestigious Villa.

But what status did Zi Ling have? Her grandfather was Zi Xuanyuan! The current person who fortified the position of the current Prestigious Villa! So, if Zi Ling wanted to leave, it would naturally be relaxed and unrestrained.

“Oi, girl! Why aren’t you bringing a coloured crane when coming out? Are you planning to walk to the Thousand Monster Mountain?” After leaving the Prestigious Villa, Chu Feng discovered that Zi Ling did not have any intentions to call a White-headed Eagle or a coloured crane. The girl seemed to prepare to travel on foot.

“I have always liked to rely on myself when going out.”

Zi Ling disdainfully looked at Chu Feng, then quickly after, her footsteps moved and under her, pretty brilliance rose and after that, she rose into the sky, charging straight into the sky.

The girl actually grasped a bodily martial skill that allowed her to walk on air, and looking at its appearance, it seemed to be a lot more superior than Chu Feng’s Imperial Sky Technique.

It was because the speed of Zi Ling walking on air was extremely quick, and Chu Feng could only barely catch up to Zi Ling when he used the Imperial Sky Technique to the utmost.

The most important thing was that although Chu Feng used all the power of the Imperial Sky Technique, Zi ling was clearly not using all her strength.

In a situation like that, and with a clever thought by Chu Feng, he changed his steps and the special martial skill, the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens was displayed by him. The azure-coloured little dragon reappeared under him and instantly, he passed Zi Ling and very quickly, he disappeared in the horizon in front.

“This guy.”

Seeing Chu Feng who went towards the distance with extreme speed, Zi Ling’s eyes quickly widened and her eyes were filled with shock. She was stunned by Chu Feng’s terrifying speed.


Naturally, Chu Feng was not going to fling Zi Ling behind. As he rode on the azure dragon and after going around in a circle in the air, he returned to Zi Ling’s side and said while chuckling, “Girl, how is it? My steed is quite nice right?”

“You relied on that to get rid of Song Qingfeng and the others?” Zi Ling’s eyes were carefully assessing the azure dragon under Chu Feng, as if she was trying to see through how Chu Feng’s martial skill was condensed out.

Facing that question, Chu Feng did not reply, and he only said, “Come! Come behind your big brother here and I’ll give you a ride.”

“Hmph. You want to take small advantages of me again? Don’t even think about it.” Zi Ling curled her lips and saw through Chu Feng’s bad intentions.

“Aren’t you overthinking too much? How can I even be in the mood for that today?”

“The people of the eight-sided powers have already left half a day earlier than us. With your speed, there is no way to catch up to them.”

“If their might is truly like snapping bamboo and they directly cause the defense of the Monstrous Beasts to collapse and get all the treasures, wouldn’t you and I have wasted this journey?” Chu Feng explained.

Hearing those words, Zi Ling also didn’t feel that it was unreasonable. So, her alluring body rushed behind Chu Feng and she sat on the azure dragon.

“Hehe, that’s right. Tightly hug your big brother here.”

“Don’t even think about it.”

“Then you better sit stably.” Chu Feng chuckled, then quickly after, suddenly accelerated.


The force that came suddenly caused Zi Ling to shriek and her body abruptly leaned back, almost falling off of the azure dragon. As she could do nothing about it, she could only extend her hands and tightly grab onto Chu Feng’s clothes to maintain stability.