Chapter 376 - Last Chance

MGA: Chapter 376 - Last Chance

“It is absolutely true.”

“The Prestigious Villa have already formed a pact with powers such as my World Spirit Guild, and the Jie clan, Yuangang School, Fire God School, Hidden White Sect, Free and Unrestrained Valley, and the Sword God Valley. An eight-sided alliance has been temporarily established.” Gu Bo said.

“Eight-sided alliance?” Chu Feng was a bit amazed.

“Mm. There are only eight powers.”

“As for the other small powers, their qualification for attacking the Thousand Monster Mountain has been canceled because those small powers aren’t qualified to get the treasures in the Thousand Monster Mountain.” Gu Bo said.

“What treasure is able to make the eight big powers establish an alliance to move as one?” Chu Feng asked.

“According to what the Black Toad King said, within the Thousand Monster Mountain, there are truly ancient remains left behind by a mysterious expert, and within those remains, there are many amazing treasures, and even possibly Elite Armaments. Back then, the Monster King, which fought against the Jiang Dynasty, was able to have such brutally strong strength only because it stumbled upon a great chance in the remains.”

“And right now, the Monstrous Beasts of the Thousand Monster Mountain take the treasures as divine objects and they worship them, putting them within an underground palace.” Gu Bo explained.

After hearing those words, Chu Feng’s thoughts quickly changed because he knew that the thing he wanted to find was found by the eight great powers.

“The things that I’ve told you today are secrets and only the higher-ups of the eight powers know. Do not tell anyone else about it.” Gu Bo solemnly reminded.

“Don’t worry, I will make sure to keep the secret. That’s right, when are they going to make their move?” Chu Feng closely asked.

“They still need to wait a few more days. After all, the remaining four Monster King are not characters that are easy to deal with. From what I’ve heard, if it wasn’t because it was the first time that they attacked the Thousand Monster Mountain and if Zi Xuanyuan didn’t arrive just in time, Qin Lei and the others would have very likely died, so this time, they are preparing to go serious.” Gu Bo said.

“What are they preparing to do?” Chu Feng asked.

“Every single one of the eight powers must send out a person in the 5th level of the Heaven realm as well as ten Heaven realm experts to form a Heaven realm super powerful team to sweep through the Thousand Monster Mountain in one go.” Gu Bo said.

“This means that they are indeed truly going serious.” Chu Feng lightly furrowed his brows. Over eighty Heaven realm experts and eight of them even had the cultivations of the 5th level of the Heaven realm. Other than the Jiang Dynasty, which power could fight against such a formation within the continent of the Nine Provinces?

It was the same as gathering the ones with the most powerful battle power from the eight big powers. No matter how much stronger the Thousand Monster Mountain was, despite still having the four Monster Kings as foundation, they were still clearly unable to hold such a force back.

Although Chu Feng hoped that the Prestigious Villa’s side could suppress the Thousand Monster Mountain, he did not hope that humans completely annihilated the Monstrous Beasts. If they directly did that, then the treasures would land into the hands of the humans and Chu Feng would be unable to gain benefits, let alone grabbing the treasure he needed.

“Yeah, this time, they are truly going serious. After all, they are extremely attracting treasures. A Elite Armament! That’s a thing that can cause people to go mad.”

“But the strengths of the four Monster Kings cannot be underestimated. After all, the physiques of Monstrous Beasts have always been extremely powerful. Especially the four Monster Kings. They are all Monstrous Beasts that have special blood, and if they stake their lives on it, I’m afraid that even the alliance of the eight powers will have some troubles.”

“So this time, the ones who are sent out are the ones in the old generation. Big Brother Xu Zhongyu tried his best to join the battle, but he was refused by the elders.” Gu Bo spoke the secrets, which could not be revealed to the outside, to Chu Feng in detail, because he did not take Chu Feng as an outsider.

From then on, after the time of a few days, Gu Bo came over again and told him that the vice head of his World Spirit Guild as well as some manager elders secretly arrived at the Prestigious Villa, and similarly, the vice chief of the Jie clan as well as some manager elders arrived as well.

Then after two days, Gu Bo came over again and told Chu Feng that the head of the Yuangang School, the head of the Fire God School, the head of the Hidden White Sect, and the head of the Free and Unrestrained Valley personally led manager elders and arrived in the Prestigious Villa.

And at the same night, the head of the Sword God Valley as well as peak experts of the Sword God Valley also secretly arrived in the Prestigious Villa. The eight-sided alliance had all arrived, and a battle was going to be commenced with a touch.

On the next morning, the head of the Prestigious Villa called everyone who was participating in the Marriage Gathering to the summit of the mountain peak once again, and he first expressed his sorrow for the people who had unluckily fallen in the Thousand Monster Mountain.

Then after that, he took the initiative to hold himself responsible and promised a large amount of compensation to the powers that had members who perished.

And at the end, he announced one thing, and it was that the Marriage Gathering was still going to continue. However, this time, they weren’t going to enter the Thousand Monster Mountain for any event. They were to mingle with the people who were participating in the Marriage Gathering within the Prestigious Villa.

This time, the limit was twelve days. Twelve days later, the ladies who were from the Prestigious Villa would state the name of the man they liked on the summit of the mountain peak, and at that time, it would also be when the curtains of the Marriage Gathering perfectly fell.

“Twelve days later, the curtains of the Marriage Gathering will perfectly fall? The curtains will indeed perfectly fall, because at that time, it will be when their eight-sided alliance return victoriously after splitting up the treasures in the Thousand Monster Mountain.” At that instant, Chu Feng was muttering to himself in his own palace.

After finishing the announcements regarding the Marriage Gathering in the morning, the head of the Prestigious Villa, Qin Lei, left the Prestigious Villa, and the ones who left along with him were the peak big characters from the seven other powers. The location they were heading towards was naturally the Thousand Monster Mountain.

And Chu Feng also carried out his final preparations. In the past days when he didn’t leave the house, he was not locking himself in to rest. From morning to night, without pause, he was thinking back and studying the map of the Thousand Monster Mountain that the mysterious Monstrous Beast showed him back then.

Chu Feng had to go back to the Thousand Monster Mountain because it was his last chance. He could not let the treasure, which could raise his Spirit power, be landed into the hands of others.

However, this time, there were truly too many experts who were heading towards the Thousand Monster Mountain. The most important thing was that when facing the precious treasure, Chu Feng did not have any allies. No matter if it was a human or a Monstrous Beast, either one of them would be his enemy.

So, Chu Feng had to more deeply understand the structure of the Thousand Monster Mountain. He had to understand the area that hid the treasure. But sadly, Chu Feng’s memory was limited, and the records of the map were also limited. Chu Feng only knew the road that headed towards the underground palace, but he could not find out what kind of dangers were within it.

*whoosh* Suddenly, a row of purple light flashed in front of Chu Feng, and a pretty figure had already appeared in front of him.

That purple-coloured skirt, that beautiful face, that speed that even Chu Feng could not see clearly. It was none other than Zi Ling.

“You girl, I say, can you not appear so randomly? You’ve frightened me. Should I blame you for that?” Chu Feng was pondering the things about the Thousand Monster Mountain, and when Zi Ling suddenly disturbed him like that, he could have indeed jumped from fright.

“Tch. ‘If you do nothing guilty, you need not fear the knock of ghosts.’ What were you thinking about just now? So sneaky...” Zi Ling’s beautiful big eyes were spinning around, as if she was going to see through the things in Chu Feng’s heart.

“Pah pah pah! You’re the one who’s so sneaky. Speak upfront. In the middle of the day you jump through my window. Are you planning to commit immoral acts?”

Chu Feng chuckled, then quickly after, he cast his evil eyes towards Zi Ling’s delicate and alluring body. And especially after seeing the plump curve protruding in front of her chest, Chu Feng felt that he was burning in lust and uncontrollably, there was a reaction below him.