Chapter 375 - Location of Treasure

MGA: Chapter 375 - Location of Treasure

The current Thousand Monster Mountain already became the battlefield between humans and Monstrous Beasts. From afar, the roars of Monstrous Beasts endlessly echoed as well as deafening rumbling. A large area of dense smoke charged into the sky, and everyone could see it within the circumference of a thousand miles.

However, it seemed like the Prestigious Villa was set up by the Monstrous Beasts in this war. So, the current battle situation was absolutely not looking favourable. If not, Zi Xuanyuan wouldn’t have instructed Zi Ling to not let the Prestigious Villa send any more reinforcements to the Thousand Monster Mountain.

But luckily, on the road, Chu Feng and the others didn’t meet any Monstrous Beasts that were too strong, and they finally safely escaped the Thousand Monster Mountain and returned to the Prestigious Villa.

After turning to the villa, the news of the event group being ambushed and the Monstrous Beast sending spies into the Prestigious Villa quickly spread, causing chaos within the Prestigious Villa. People’s hearts were fearful and they were extremely uneasy.

Everyone was worried whether the main force that the Prestigious Villa sent to attack the Thousand Monster Mountain was met with misfortune or not.

Even Xu Zhongyu, Gu Bo, and the others were worried. After all, not only did the experts from the Prestigious Villa attack the Thousand Monster Mountain, even the World Spirit Guild sent out some peak experts to help.

In short, the current Prestigious Villa was enveloped with a gloomy atmosphere. Everyone was worried about the experts of their own power, because every single fallen expert would affect their future development.

Even Zi Ling was worried whether her grandfather was safe or not, but people could not do anything, and they could only choose to wait.

But the thing worth mentioning was that after returning to the Prestigious Villa, not only did Liu Zhizun not make things difficult for Chu Feng anymore, instead, on the day that he returned to the Prestigious Villa, he quickly disappeared.

Facing that situation, everyone felt that there was guilt in his heart. He had no face to see others, so he hid himself.

However, it had to be said that after the farce that Liu Zhizun stirred up and after the matter of being kidnapped by the Monstrous Beasts, not only did everyone not feel dislike towards Chu Feng, their good feelings towards him even increased many times, and those good feelings were not restricted by gender.

“You’re saying that Jiang Wushang left the group immediately after entering the Thousand Monster Mountain?” At that instant, within Chu Feng’s resting palace, a touch of amazement emerged into his eyes.

Because, he discovered that he hadn’t seen Jiang Wushang’s shadow anywhere so he called Gu Bo to his resting area and inquired about it.

And the answer Gu Bo gave him caused suspicions to rise in Chu Feng’s heart because that Jiang Wushang had left the group after entering the Thousand Monster Mountain, which meant that the boy very possibly already had plans.

Then, linking it to the special information sources that Jiang Wushang very likely possessed, Chu Feng had to feel that his journey here would probably also be for the treasure in the Thousand Monster Mountain. After all, his Jiang Dynasty had attacked the Thousand Monster Mountain before so it was quite likely that he was even more clear about the situation of the Thousand Monster Mountain than the Prestigious Villa.

But compared to whether Jiang Wushang knew the whereabouts of the treasure or not, Chu Feng was more worried about the war situation between the Prestigious Villa and the Thousand Monster Mountain.

In reality, no matter who was right or wrong, Chu Feng still hoped that the Prestigious Villa could occupy a certain advantage, because only with that could the Monstrous Beasts’ defense be lowered, and only if the Monstrous Beasts’ defense abilities were lowered could Chu Feng more easily sneak in to have a chance to get the things he wanted to get.

That anxious and uneasy waiting lasted for a good three days. Finally, in the direction of the Thousand Monster Mountain, a large number of White-headed Eagles appeared.

“They’re returning! Lord Villa Head is returning!!”

At that instant, cheers rang out within the Prestigious Villa because the troops that the Prestigious sent out this time had returned victoriously.

Although after the battle, the Prestigious Villa and powers from all directions more or less lost some powerful people, they were not suppressed by the Monstrous Beasts. Instead, this time, it could be said that they returned with a huge victory.

As for why it was said like that, it was because they brought a captive back. That captive was not a normal captive. It was one of the five Monster Kings, the Black Toad King, and the one who did such a meritorious service was Zi Ling’s grandfather, Zi Xuanyuan.

“This Zi Xuanyuan is truly strong. I heard that the elders in the guild say that the Black Toad King has the cultivation of the 5th level of the Heaven realm, yet Zi Xuanyuan can catch it back alive, It means that Zi Xuanyuan must at least have the cultivation of the 5th level of the Heaven realm and grasp special methods or else it would not be possible for him to catch the Black Toad King, which has special blood, alive.”

At that instant, Gu Bo arrived in Chu Feng’s resting palace again. In the past few days, although Chu Feng did not step out of the house, he still understood the matters outside like the back of his hand, and the reason for that was all because he had Gu Bo, the know-it-all, who endlessly provided information to him.

“The 5th level of the Heaven realm. So the Black Toad King and Elder Xuanyuan are that strong. Gu Bo, in the current continent of the Nine Provinces, can one be counted as a peak expert with the cultivation of the 5th level of the Heaven realm?” Chu Feng inquired, because regarding information in certain areas, Gu Bo did indeed know more than Chu Feng.

“They can, of course they can! Chu Feng, you should know that one absolute apical genius appeared a hundred years ago in both my World Spirit Guild and the Jie clan right?” Gu Bo answered with a question.

“Mm, I remember.” At first, before Chu Feng entered the Asura Ghost Tower, he did indeed hear about the story of the two geniuses.

From what he heard, they were geniuses that were quite difficult to see within a thousand years, and exactly because of their existences, the Spirit Province back then became the strongest province in the continent of the Nine Provinces. Of course, the so-called strongest naturally excluded the Han Province that the Jiang Dynasty occupied.

It was because ever since the Jiang Dynasty entered the continent of the Nine Provinces, within the continent, the strongest power was only the Jiang Dynasty. The overlord could not be shaken, and even the Azure Dragon Founder that year, who was so overwhelmingly power, only caused headaches for the Jiang Dynasty but could not shake the position of overlord of the Jiang Dynasty.

But going back onto the main topic, the two geniuses that year were quite young, and to be able to cause the Spirit Province to become the strongest in the Nine Provinces at that age was already very outstanding.

But Chu Feng also heard that the two apical geniuses who had extremely high martial cultivation talent and was extremely skilled in the attainments of Spirit Formations were defeated by a mysterious expert.

And Chu Feng also knew who the so-called mysterious expert was. It was the Monstrous Beast that was imprisoned within the Asura Ghost Tower right now.

“At first, the two peak geniuses only had the cultivations of the 6th level of the Heaven realm. Although the current continent of the Nine Provinces is already different from the one a hundred years ago, as the powers in all directions rose very quickly and the number of experts have increased greatly as well, a person in the 5th level of the Heaven realm can still be said to be a character who stands on the top of the pyramid of the continent of the Nine Provinces.” Gu Bo explained.

“So it means that Zi Xuanyuan is truly quite strong.” Chu Feng also nodded his head. Thinking back so far, he also felt that Zi Xuanyuan was unfathomably deep, and perhaps even a bit mysterious.

“Yeah. The head of the Prestigious Villa is already very powerful, and now Zi Xuanyuan appeared. It seems like only my World Spirit Guild and the Jie clan in the continent of the Nine Provinces can confront the Prestigious Villa.”

Speaking to that point, there was a hint of pride on Gu Bo’s face. Because, not only were there experts as common as the clouds in the World Spirit Guild, in terms of strength, it was not weaker than the Prestigious Villa. The guild also had an extremely good relationship with the Jiang Dynasty, which meant that behind the World Spirit Guild’s back, the supreme power, the Jiang Dynasty, was there to support it.

So, from Gu Bo’s perspective, no matter how much more powerful the Prestigious Villa got, at the end, it would still be unable to be equal to his World Spirit Guild because if there were conflicts that happened between the Prestigious Villa and the World Spirit Guild and if the Jiang Dynasty stepped in, the dynasty would certainly lean towards the World Spirit Guild. The reason was very simple. The Jiang Dynasty needed the group of powerful World Spiritists from the World Spirit Guild.

“That’s right. Chu Feng, actually, I have an important thing to tell you today by coming here.” Suddenly, Gu Bo’s face became a lot more serious.

“What thing?” Chu Feng curiously asked.

“From the elders of the guild, I heard that in the past few days, the Prestigious Villa tortured the Black Toad King and they wanted to find out the whereabouts of the Thousand Monster Mountain’s treasures.”

“At the end, they threatened the Black Toad King with his son and finally succeeded in forcing the Black Toad King to speak, and it told them the location of the treasure.”

“Is that true?” After hearing those words, Chu Feng’s face couldn’t help but change and he excitedly stood up with a “ceng”.