Chapter 374 - Retreat

MGA: Chapter 374 - Retreat

“Brat, you dare to speak to me like that? Do you know what the consequences are for threatening me?” The chilliness in the Black Toad King’s gaze surged. When it was coerced by a small human brat like Chu Feng, it felt extremely displeased and it gnashed its teeth in anger.


But just at that time, with a flash from Chu Feng’s hand, blood splattered everywhere. He had actually fiercely stabbed the dagger into the toad’s face.

“Ahh~~~” The pain on its face caused the son of Black Toad King to widen its mouth and strangely howl. Obviously, it was not in light pain.

“You...” And seeing the large amount of blood gushing out of its son’s face, the Black Toad King’s eyes also flickered and it was terrified.

It never, ever, would have thought that Chu Feng, a human brat, would have so many nerves and would be so fierce to directly attack its own son. It was something that even Zi Xuanyuan did not dare to do!

But the thing that he did not expect was still coming up. Seeing that the Black Toad King did have any responses, Chu Feng abruptly pulled out the dagger, pointed towards the eye of the Black Toad King’s son, and was going to stab down again.

“Stop! I’ll release her!!” Seeing that, the Black Toad King hurriedly yelled loudly and only then did Chu Feng stop his descending motion.

“But like the old rules, we release together. You let my son go, and I’ll let this girl go.” The Black Toad King pulled Zi Ling up from the ground.

“Those were the rules that you set with Elder Xuanyuan. They were useless to me. Release Zi Ling right now or else I’ll scoop your son’s eyes out.” Chu Feng’s attitude was firm and his tone was icy cold.

“Brat, don’t push your luck. If you dare to do anything more to my son, do you believe that I will cut all over her face?” The Black Toad King fiercely said.

*whoosh* But before it even finished speaking, the dagger in Chu Feng’s hand came down once again. With a “puchi” sound, blood spurted everywhere and the dagger in Chu Feng’s hand was stuck into the eyes of the Black Toad King’s son. Following that, he dug up with the dagger and forcibly scooped the blood-red-coloured eyeball out.

*whoosh* Afterwards, Chu Feng did not show any signs of stopping his movements, nor did he care what threats the Black Toad King gave out. He aimed towards the other eye of the Black Toad King’s son, then abruptly stabbed down again. His attacks were decisive and abnormally blunt.

“Stop! I release!!”

The Black Toad King panicked and it no longer negotiated any terms. It grabbed Zi Ling, waved its big hand, and directly flung her over to Chu Feng. And just at that time, Zi Xuanyuan rose in to the air and caught Zi Ling into his embrace and broke her imprisonment.

“Quick! Quickly release my son!!” The Black Toad King yelled hysterically, and even its body was trembling. Who knew whether it was because it was angered by Chu Feng or terrified by Chu Feng, but all in all, it was filled with fury and he was forcefully enduring the killing intents surging in his body.

“Tell your subordinates to release them.” However, Chu Feng did not immediately release the Black Toad King’s son. Instead, he cast his gaze towards Xu Zhongyu and the others who were surrounded by Monstrous Beasts.

“Brat, do you even want face? I’ve already released the people you wanted me to release, but right now, not only are you not letting my son go, you even want me to release everyone! You still dare to speak?!” Within the Black Toad King’s tone, it contained eerie bloodlust.

But Chu Feng was not afraid in the slightest. Instead, he said calmly and at ease, “I think you’re mistaken. I never said that I would release your son if you release Zi Ling. That was only your one-sided wish.”

“God damn, I have never seen such a shameless human like you before!”

“Then today, at least you’ve broadened your horizon. A single straightforward sentence. Release, or not release?” As he spoke, Chu Feng raised the danger in his hand again.

“Release! I’ll release! Don’t harm it anymore. But you must promise me that after I release them, you must release my son.” The Black Toad King really cherished his son too much and it didn’t want it to suffer any more harm.

“Fine, I promise you.” Chu Feng nodded his head.

Following that, with the Black Toad King’s indication, the Monstrous Beasts that completely surrounded Xu Zhongyu and the others hurriedly undid the special vines on their bodies.

Finally, Xu Zhongyu and the others successfully walked to the entrance of the palace and hid behind Zi Xuanyuan.

“Let my son go, let my son go! I’ve already done everything you told me to do! You cannot break your promise!”

And at that instant, the Black Toad King nearly reached insanity. Bursts of roars shook the palace, causing it to tremble, as if it was going to collapse.

Chu Feng was absolutely able to imagine how wretched he would be if he were to land into the hands of the Black Toad King.

But Chu Feng also deeply understood that they were still inside the nest of the Monstrous Beast. Although everyone was in their range of control, it did not represent that they were truly safe.

So, Chu Feng cast his gaze over to Zi Xuanyuan and asked, “Elder Xuanyuan, what’s next?”

“Boy, very beautifully done. You’ve taken care quite a few troubles for me.” Zi Ling looked at Chu Feng with praise, then quickly after, he said to Zi Ling,

“Zi Ling, bring them away and directly leave the Thousand Monster Mountain. Return to the Prestigious Villa. Also, don’t ask the elders in the Prestigious Villa to send troops into the Thousand Monster Mountain. Just wait for our news in the villa.”

“Grandfather, you...” Zi Ling was still a bit worried about her grandfather.

“Quickly leave. All of you being here will only distract me.” Zi Xuanyuan’s tone was firm.

“Zi Ling, let’s go. Their battle is not something that we can participate in.” Chu Feng also went up to advise.

“Grandfather, you must be careful.” At the end, Zi Ling still nodded her head.

“Everyone, follow me. I’ll bring you away from this place.” Seeing that, Chu Feng pulled Zi Ling and directly walked out. Gu Bo, Xu Zhongyu, and the others from the World Spirit Guild naturally unhesitatingly followed.

As for the others, they hesitated for a bit, but at the end, they still decided to follow Chu Feng and walk towards the outside because after the scene just now of Chu Feng coercing the Black Toad King, people felt that the young man who wasn’t even as old as them was actually full of reliability.

And Chu Feng did not disappoint everyone. In the rugged cave, he did not get lost even once and he brought several hundreds of people out of the Black Toad King’s nest. As for why one thousand people became several hundred, it was naturally because when they were being caught by the Monstrous Beast, a portion already died.


However, soon after Chu Feng and the others walked out of the rock forest, deafening rumbling rang out behind them and the ground under their feet also trembled. Countless thick cracks spread and a large area of trees started to fall. Dense smoke rolled and rose from the underground palace.

“Run! We must quickly leave this place!” In a situation like that, everyone could guess that doubtlessly, Zi Xuanyuan and the Black Toad King started their attacks. The strength of the two were too powerful, and even if it was just a small remnant from their clash, almost no one on scene could endure it.

So, in such circumstances, Chu Feng, Xu Zhongyu, Jie Qingming, and Liu Zhizun, all displayed their leading abilities and started to lead the group and speedily escape out of the Thousand Monster Mountain.

But the thing that Jie Qingming and Liu Zhizun could not take the most was that unknowingly, the leader that people trusted the most were not they who had the most outstanding strengths, but Chu Feng who was only in the 3rd level of the Profound realm.