Chapter 373 - The Airs of a King

MGA: Chapter 373 - The Airs of a King

“This insect is called the Bone Devourer. If it enters your body, it will, bit by bit, nibble away your organs, flesh, and at the end, even your bones will be eaten by it.”

“But before that, you will clearly feel the process of it nibbling your organs away. I’m guessing that you will certainly love this feeling.” The Black Toad King played around with the Bone Devourer in its hand and strangely smiled and said to Chu Feng.

“Tsk, so it’s a Bone Devourer. I even thought that it was some outstanding thing.” However, as he looked at the horrifying Bone Devourer, Chu Feng disdainfully curled his lips.

“What? You recognize this Bone Devourer?” Seeing that, the Black Toad King couldn’t help but be taken aback. The Bone Devourer was its pet and it was extremely hard to find. Normal people shouldn’t have seen it before.

“Hmph. Of course I’ve seen it before. It is only a bug that can eat flesh and bones.”

“To others, this thing would be fine, but to me, there’s no challenge at all. It is still best if you change your torturing method.” Chu Feng curled his lips and said.

“Really? Then it’s very simple. First, you challenge this Bone Devourer. If you succeed, then I’ll find another method to torture you.” The Black Toad King oddly smiled as if it saw through Chu Feng’s acting and as it spoke, it walked towards Chu Feng.

“Oi, this truly isn’t challenging. Switch it for something else. Damn, don’t give me such a disgusting thing to eat. Oi! Ahh~~~~~~~~~~”

This time, the Black Toad King no longer paid attention to Chu Feng. With one hand, it opened Chu Feng’s mouth, and with the other, it was going to stuff the Bone Devourer into Chu Feng’s mouth.

“Let him go, I don’t need him to die for me!”

As she saw that scene, a touch of unwillingness emerged onto Zi Ling’s sweet face. Her beautiful body slightly quivered and a burst of boundless power was emanated out and had actually broke off all of the vines that tied her up. She extended her hand and wanted to stop the Black Toad King.

“Get back there. What I say here goes.” However, with the wave of the Black Toad King’s hand, a layer of immense aura covered Zi Ling’s body and sealed her power, causing her to powerlessly fall onto a side and she could not stand back up.

And seeing that the disgusting big bug was going to be stuffed into his own mouth, Chu Feng’s face greened. He didn’t want to be eat by a bug like that.

“Father, save me~~~~~~~” But just at that time, a toad-style howl rang out from the entrance of the palace.

At that instant, Chu Feng could clearly feel that on the nasty face of the Black Toad King, panic emerged. Not only did it stop its movements towards Chu Feng, it even cast its gaze towards the entrance of the palace and loudly yelled, “Let it go!”

At the same time, Chu Feng also cast his gaze towards the entrance of the palace. He discovered that an old man was standing there, and that person was exactly Zi Xuanyuan.

And in front of Zi Xuanyuan, there was even a Monstrous Beast kneeling. That Monstrous Beast’s appearance was extremely similar to the Black Toad King’s. Not only was it a black-coloured toad, even its eyes and physique were extremely similar. It also had the cultivation of the 7th level of the Profound realm. So, it seemed like the Black Toad King even had a son.

No wonder Zi Xuanyuan didn’t appear for such a long time. So the old thing went to catch the Black Toad King’s son.

Indeed, from the Black Toad King’s appearance, it could be seen that it cared a lot for its son. This time, Zi Xuanyuan could be considered to have grasped onto the Black Toad King’s weak spot.

“Elder Xuanyuan.” At the same time, Liu Zhizun and the others from the Prestigious Villa were also elated because they all knew Zi Xuanyuan’s strength. It would at least be equal to the Black Toad King, so after seeing Zi Xuanyuan, it was like they saw their savior.

However, Zi Xuanyuan did not pay attention to them, and he said to the Black Toad King, “Let those two children go or else I’ll kill your little toad.”

“You dare?! If you dare to do anything to my son, none of you should even think of leaving this place.” The Black Toad King shot his cold glare out in all directions as he furiously howled.

“I don’t dare? Do you want to give it a try?” Zi Xuanyuan lightly smiled and chilliness emerged into his eyes.

“Don’t! I’ll let him go.” Seeing that, the Black Toad King hurriedly stopped, and quickly after, he pulled Chu Feng up from the ground and said, “For fairness, you release my son, and I’ll release him. Let them both walk on their own over and neither I nor you are allowed to move. How about it?”

“Fine, as you say. But you better not play any tricks. If you dare to rashly move, I will let you have a taste of the consequences.” Zi Xuanyuan did not hesitate too much. Instead, he straightforwardly replied.

And as he spoke, he pushed the toad over, but at the same time, he used his aura to tightly hold the toad in place. If the Black Toad King dared to have any actions, he would immediately kill the successor of the Black Toad King.

“Scram.” Simultaneously, the Black Toad King also pushed Chu Feng out but he kept Zi Ling over on his side.

At that instant, Chu Feng could clearly feel a pair of icy cold eyes tightly staring at him from behind, and a wave of horrifying aura also locked onto himself.

So, Chu Feng didn’t dare to do any unexpected movements, and he carefully walked towards where Zi Xuanyuan was. But at the same time, he adjusted the Divine Lightning in his body. Just in case.

“Ribbit , I caught him!” Indeed, just as Chu Feng was going meet the toad, the toad exploded the aura of the 7th level of the Profound realm out and extended its sticky black-coloured hands towards Chu Feng and grabbed. In such a distance, even if Zi Xuanyuan wanted to attack, it would be too late.


However, Chu Feng coldly snorted. Both of his pupils suddenly changed and his aura instantly rose from the 3rd level of the Profound realm to the 5th level of the Profound realm. He flipped his hand, and put the toad’s arm into his palm.

After that, he twisted with strength and with a poof, Chu Feng pressed the toad, that had a large body, down so that it was kneeling in front of him.

“What?!” After seeing that scene, the Black Toad King and the other Monstrous Beasts on scene were all greatly stunned.

They never would have thought that Chu Feng’s aura would suddenly change and his strength would be that strong. He was actually able to easily subdue the Black Toad King’s son.

But at that instant, compared to the shock of the Monstrous Beasts, the people who were participating in this event were clearly much calmer.

After all, they already knew from before that Chu Feng wasn’t a lamp that saved on oil. He grasped no small number of special methods and had battle power that defied common sense. But even so, when Chu Feng easily subdued the toad which was in the 7th level of the Profound realm so easily, they still felt astonishment in their hearts.

Nevertheless, the toad wasn’t a normal Monstrous Beast. It was the son of the Black Toad King, and special Monstrous Beast’s blood that contained special power certainly flowed within its body. Yet such a powerful Monstrous Beast was still so easily taken care of by Chu Feng. That showed how scary Chu Feng was.

“Release Lady Zi Ling or else I’ll cripple your son.” One of Chu Feng’s hand was grasped onto the toad’s shoulder, and another one was slightly raised with a golden-coloured danger condensed in his hand, aimed at the toad’s neck.

“Damned human, you play tricks? We agreed to release at the same time. What is the meaning of this?” The Black Toad King did not reply, and it only angrily howled at Chu Feng.

“It was only the agreement between you and Elder Xuanyuan. He has already fulfilled his part of the promise. Right now, I am negotiating with you. Don’t ask me what the meaning of this is. I only ask you one question. Release, or not release?”

Chu Feng’s gaze was as sharp as a sword, and the pure domineeringness in his tone captivated no small number of beauties on scene because the airs that Chu Feng displayed was absolutely not something normal people had. They were innate airs of a king.