Chapter 372 - If You Can, Come At Me

MGA: Chapter 372 - If You Can, Come At Me

“Dammit. Why isn’t Zi Xuanyuan showing himself? Is it possible that he truly wants to ignore the life and death of the Prestigious Villa’s disciples?”

Although Chu Feng did not sympathize with the death of Xia Le’r, he still didn’t hope that too many innocent people would be killed by the Monstrous Beasts. After all, as long as Zi Xuanyuan showed himself, he could stop everything completely and there was no need for people to die.

But Zi Xuanyuan still hadn’t appeared yet, so Chu Feng really didn’t understand. He truly could not see through the thoughts of Zi Xuanyuan and why he hadn’t appeared yet to save people.

“No! Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!”

The Black Toad King extended his hands once more and pulled another beauty out from the crowd. That beauty was completely terrified and her face was filled with tears as she kept on begging.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to choose you. Just now, I heard a name… I think it was Zi Ling? Can you tell me which one is Zi Ling?” The Black Toad King asked.

“Crap.” At that instant, Chu Feng’s nerves couldn’t help tightening as he hiddenly cursed in his heart. Even Zi Ling’s face couldn’t help but change and uneasiness flashed into her beautiful eyes.

“Really? As long as I say who Zi Ling is, you will let me go?” After hearing those words, the female’s eyes were roundly widened as if she saw the hope to life.

“I will let you live and absolutely no one will dare to touch you.” The Black Toad King guaranteed.

“There! Zi Ling is there! The one wearing a purple-coloured skirt is Zi Ling!” After listening, the female rejoiced and without hesitation, she pointed towards Zi Ling who was in the group of people. In order to protect herself, she directly choose to sell Zi Ling out.

“Oh? So this is Lady Zi Ling! She’s quite a rare little beauty! So she was hiding so well, no wonder I didn’t discover her.”

Seeing Zi Ling within the crowd, the Black Toad King threw the female in front of it back into the crowd and with a thought, boundless suction power sucked Zi Ling up from the group and she was placed in front of itself.

“Haha, truly beautiful! In my life, I have never seen such a beauty. No wonder there were people who fought for you in jealousy and harmed one another.”

“Lady Zi Ling, I would truly hate to kill such a beauty like you. How become my wife?” The Black Toad King’s lustful eyes stared at Zi Ling, and it seemed that its heart was truly moved.

“No, don’t touch her!” Seeing that, Liu Zhizun loudly yelled.

“Mm? You don’t let me touch her? That’s fine! Give me your life as exchange. How about it?” The Black Toad King smiled and asked.

“I...” After hearing those words, Liu Zhizun’s face instantly changed greatly. He first looked at Zi Ling, then quickly after, hesitated for a bit; but at the end, he still silently lowered his head.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Lady Zi Ling, have you seen it yet? See how useless these humans are. Being together with them is truly wasting your own beauty. It’s best to accompany me and live happily right?” The Black Toad King loudly laughed. As it spoke, it opened its arms and wanted to bring Zi Ling into its embrace.

Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, the aura in Zi Ling’s body quickly started to change and a type of special power was surging. Her eyes that were as clear as water also started to change. Faint purple coloured light had actually appeared and horrifying power that existed outside of this world was contained within it.

When facing a danger to her life, Zi Ling was prepared to use all her strength, to use her Divine Body.

“Wait.” But just at that time, a loud and clear voice suddenly rang out behind Zi Ling.

Such a change caused the Black Toad King to be taken aback. Zi Ling’s complexion also changed and she stopped using the power of her Divine Body. She turned her head to look back, and at that instant, even her beautiful eyes couldn’t help but fiercely tremble.

Because, a body already stood up from the crowd behind her, and that person was none other than Chu Feng.

The current Chu Feng had a tranquil face and a smile hung on the corners of his mouth. He calmly faced the Black Toad King and said, “Let the one whom I love go. If you can, come at me.”

After hearing those words, not to mention Zi Ling, even Gu Bo, Xu Zhongyu and the others were astonished. They quickly shot glances at Chu Feng. Especially Xu Zhongyu. He even hiddenly sent a mental message and advised Chu Feng to not be dumb. He could not cut off his life for a female and send his great future to the grave.

But Chu Feng did not care about all that. With a light smile on his face and relaxed steps, he stepped out of the crowd, and at the end, came in front of the Black Toad King and said, “Let her go. If you want to kill or want to cut, you come at me.”

“Chu Feng you...” At that instant, on Zi Ling’s usually calm little face, it was also filled with expressions of being touched. Within her pretty eyes, disbelief surged. No matter what, she never would have thought that as her life was threatened, it was Chu Feng who would stand out in front of her to protect herself.

“Boy, you are truly going to use your life to save her? You should know how miserable you will end up as right?” The Black Toad King intentionally looked at the remains of the male who was tortured to death by the hedgehog Monstrous Beast before, as if reminding what torment Chu Feng was going to face soon.

“No need for useless words. Let her go immediately. Didn’t you want to play some game? How do you want to play it? I’ll accompany you.” Chu Feng’s expression was serene and his face was indifferent. There was even a hint of disdain hung on the corners of his mouth.

Although he was calm on the surface, Chu Feng was struggling in his heart. Chu Feng was making a bet. He was betting his own life.

He bet that Zi Xuanyuan would save him as he saw he was going to die. If he won that bet, more or less, he would win some good feelings from Zi Ling. If he lost the bet, then he could only accept it.

If Zi Xuanyuan was truly the type of person to ignore those in mortal danger and was heartless, then Chu Feng felt that even if he could escape from the hands of the Monstrous Beasts, after leaving, he would still be plotted against by Zi Xuanyuan.

After all, in Chu Feng’s body, he had two Secret Skills! And there was only one method if others wanted to gain those Secret Skills: To kill Chu Feng.

“Haha, boy, you have guts.”

“Today, I will satisfy you. I’ll let you experience my methods.”

As it spoke, the Black Toad King had actually personally attacked. With the flick of his finger, an invisible current of air explosively shot out and pierced through Chu Feng’s chest. A row of bright-red blood also shot out.

However, such a powerful attack only caused Chu Feng to go one step back, and he didn’t even make any sound. Rather, a tiny smile rise from the corners of his mouth and he said,

“You should be ashamed of being a Monster King. Your method is only this? I see that you are even inferior to your hedgehog subordinate.”

“Damn brat, you want excitement? I’ll grant you that wish.”

Seeing that, the Black Toad King coldly smiled, and with a thought, Chu Feng was brought into the air by invisible power and quickly after, he was fiercely slammed onto the ground with the same invisible power.

The strong force caused wild crackling noises that came from Chu Feng’s back, snapping it in many places. The agony caused Chu Feng to grimace and he almost yelled out.

Following that, the Black Toad King flipped its palm and a strange object appeared within its hand. It was wiggling, and looking closely at it, it was a one-inch long strange bug.

The body of the bug was white-coloured, yet it had densely packed black-coloured claws. It was extremely revolting, but the most important thing was that on the body of the bug, it was unexpectedly emanating an aura that caused Chu Feng to tremble even though it wasn’t cold.