Chapter 371 - Truth Exposed

MGA: Chapter 371 - Truth Exposed

After the Black Toad King’s words were spoken, Liu Zhizun’s face was quite ugly as well. At the same time, everyone’s gazes were looking at Liu Zhizun, and their eyes were similarly very strange.

Because, at a time like this, the one who should stand out the most was indeed Liu Zhizun, but after facing such a dangerous situation, he did not stand out. That couldn’t avoid causing some people to be disappointed.

After that, the Black Toad King didn’t pay attention to Liu Zhizun anymore. He cast his gaze towards the male with the ordinary face and said, “You can indeed die for her, because this is the game that I want to play with all of you.”

“But very quickly, you will know that to you, perhaps death is an unfeasible request, perhaps death is an escape.”

“Hedgehog, I’ll leave this brat to you. There is no need for me to say what to do right?” After that, the Black Toad King looked at another Monstrous Beast that had sharp spikes all over its body. That Monstrous Beast was one of the two Heaven realm Monstrous Beasts.

“My king, just leave this to me.” That hedgehog Monstrous Beast had a very large body and sharp weapons were everywhere on its body. Especially its claws. They were simply like murder weapons.

“Ahh!” After it arrived in front of the man, it raised its leg and kicked him to the ground. Quickly after, it said with an extremely strange tone and an eerie gaze, “Don’t worry. I will make you endless recall this aftertaste and this life will never be forgotten by you.”

*whoosh* Suddenly, the hedgehog Monstrous Beast abruptly attacked and its sharp claws fiercely stabbed into the man’s back. Instantly, blood splattered everywhere and a miserable cry endlessly rang out.

“Ahh~~~~~~” Feeling such sudden piercing pain from his back, the man howled in agony. However, that was merely the beginning.

After stabbing its claws into the man’s body, the hedgehog started to use all sorts of methods to ceaselessly torture the man. The level of cruelness simply caused people to not dare to look straight, and even Chu Feng’s scalp numbed.

It had to be said in terms of ruthlessness, humans were still a bit inferior to Monstrous Beasts. The bloodthirsty animals were really too savage.

As he was tortured by the hedgehog Monstrous Beast, very quickly, that man’s body had blood all over him and his limbs were incomplete, and as predicted by the Black Toad King, the man started to beg. He wasn’t begging to live, but begging to die because the current him would indeed rather die than live.

But how would the Black Toad King, who felt incomparable hatred towards humans, easily let him go? The man was still always tortured, and after the man’s blood ran out, his consciousness was extracted and tormented. It was only willing to stop after the man’s mind collapsed and was thoroughly destroyed.

“Applaudable courage, but his perseverance was not too great. He died so quickly.” Looking at the man who breathed no more and was laying on the ground, the Black Toad King disappointedly shook his head, then after that, he grabbed with his big hand and threw another female to the cow-headed Monstrous Beast, looked towards the group of people, and said,

“The rules are the same as last time. As long as someone is willing to trade life for life, not only will this girl be able to continue living, she can even avoid being toyed with and abused.”

After hearing those words, everyone’s faces changed greatly and all of them lowered their heads in silence, avoiding the Black Toad King’s gaze.

“Timid humans!” The Black Toad King first smiled in mock, then after that, turned around and said to the cow-headed Monstrous Beast, “Little Cow, this time, you can play as you wish. Remember, play until death, and don’t restrain yourself.”

“Thank you my king.” And why would the cow-headed Monstrous Beast restrain itself when it was already burning up in the flames of desire? He stripped off the clothes of the beauty in a very practiced way, then following that, started to violently play around with that beauty in front of the crowd.

“Ahh~~~~~Save me! Help! Ahh~~~~~~It hurts! Ahh~~~~~~~”

At that instant, the female started to howl in a heart-tearing and lung-splitting way. It could be seen what kind of agony she was enduring.

But no one cared. Since they were unrelated in any way, who would be willing to take their life to save her? Especially after seeing how miserably the man before was tortured, a thing like that would not possibly happen again.

So, after a while of cruel abuse, the tragic female, at the end, died because of insufficient strength, and her process of dying was not much better than the man’s.

“Ahh, humans are truly weak! They’re finished so soon! Little Horse, you have done meritorious spying as well, so I’ll give this one and you can handle her.”

“Thank you my king.” Just as the Black Toad King finished speaking, a cow-headed Monstrous Beast walked out from one of the palace’s sides. Although it was a horse’s head, one could still see how happy and excited it was at that moment. So it seemed like a large portion of Monstrous Beasts yearned for a taste of human beauties.

“Mm. This girl is truly not bad. I’ll reward her to you.” After searching for a while, the Black Toad King had actually landed its gaze onto Xia Le’r. Its big claw swiped the air, and Xia Le’r floated up and landed within the embrace of the horse-headed Monstrous Beast.

“Ahh, no, no!”

“Save me, save me!”

Xia Le’r never would have thought that she would become the next sacrifice. As long as she thought of the scene of the previous female being abused to death by the cow-headed Monstrous Beast, she was going to collapse inwards.

However, no matter how much she yelled for help, there was no one who cared about her. Seeing that the horse-headed Monstrous Beast was going to pull her skirt away and prepared to go violent on her, she could only cast her gaze towards Liu Zhizun and say, “Senior Liu, quickly save me!!”

But what kind of person was Liu Zhizun? How was it possible for him to be willing to give up his own life for someone like her? So naturally, he decided to lower his head and ignore.

“Liu Zhizun you bastard! What a waste it was to help you. Are you not going to save those in mortal danger? If you still don’t save me, I’ll announce what you did and let everyone know all the things you’ve done, and let everyone know what kind of person you are!” Xia Le’r started to insanely yell.

“Xia Le’r, don’t blurt out nonsense. What things do I, Liu Zhizun, need to fear being revealed by you?” Liu Zhizun’s expression slightly changed and he coldly questioned.

“Fine! Damn Liu Zhizun, do you truly think that I won’t dare to say it?”

“From head to toe, you are a false, despicable person. You lied to me, and said that you were already set to be the future villa head by the current villa head, and from that, stole my body away. After that, you coerced and bribed me to help you do some unrevealable things.”

“You’re saying that I’m blurting out nonsense? Fine, I won’t talk about the distant past, I’ll talk about the recent. You wanted me to invite Chu Feng to a meal, then falsely accuse him for wanting to violate me. Was it arranged by you?”

“Don’t you think I didn’t know what you thought about. You were just feeling envy towards Chu Feng and Junior Zi Ling’s close relationship so you thought of a method like this in order to entrap Chu Feng.”

“I was blind, and I had actually believed the promise you set with me in order to do such conscienceless thing.” Seeing that Liu Zhizun wasn’t willing to come out and help, Xia Le’r didn’t hold herself back and stated all the actions done by Liu Zhizun in detail.

“What? This wouldn’t be true would it? Liu Zhizun is actually so despicable?”

And after Xia Le’r words came out of her mouth, it caused people to be abruptly shocked and every single one of them couldn’t help but cast their gazes towards Liu Zhizun as they felt such disbelief.

After all, on the road here, Liu Zhizun pretended to be so righteous, he pretended to be filled with airs of just.

If what Xia Le’r said was true, didn’t it mean that Liu Zhizun was, in reality, a complete phony? A complete hypocrite?

In actuality, even Zi Ling’s beautiful eyes slightly trembled and she couldn’t help but look at Chu Feng.

Seeing that, Chu Feng chuckled and said, “See? I told you, I was framed right?”

Zi Ling curled her lips, and after fiercely glaring at Chu Feng, she said, “You are no good thing either.” After speaking, she turned her head around and no longer paid attention to Chu Feng.

“Xia Le’r, you truly know how to make up things. Do you truly think that everything will believe your idiotic lie?” At the same time, Liu Zhizun laughed loudly. Obviously, he could not admit that he had done that.

“Naturally, everyone is able to determine whether my words are true or false. I just want to give a word of advice to my sisters. Do not, ever, believe Liu Zhizun because he is a despicable person.”

“As the number one disciple of the Prestigious Villa, he sees his own juniors being abused by others yet only watches on the side with hands in his sleeves. Purely that makes him unworthy to be the number one disciple of the Prestigious Villa.”

Xia Le’r hysterically yelled, expressing her current fury. Before death, she still wanted Liu Zhizun to lose all of his reputation.

However, that was unable to change fate. Before she finished speaking, the horse-headed Monstrous Beast who had intense lust started to move on her. With that, Xia Le’r became the second female to be sorrowfully sacrificed.

But Chu Feng did not have the slightest trace of sympathy because to his enemies, Chu Feng only felt hatred, regardless of gender.