Chapter 370 - Sacrifice Self to Save Others

MGA: Chapter 370 - Sacrifice Self to Save Others

Game? After hearing those words, everyone’s hearts couldn’t help but be shocked and their faces changed, becoming extremely uneasy.

Because, they could hear that the game the Monstrous Beasts wanted to play with them was certainly not any good game. The Monstrous Beasts that were always ruthless were most likely going to torture them.

“Haha, although humans are innately despicable, shameless, and have vicious hearts, it has to be said that some human females do indeed have quite nice appearances. The females here today are quite rare beauties.” As the Black Toad King spoke, it extended its rough hand towards a beauty’s face and touched.

“Ahh~~No!” Seeing that, the female instantly started to shriek frightenedly and her face was filled with fear.

“Stop! Black Toad King, do not act impetuously. We can discuss about anything, but if you dare to act wildly, my Prestigious Villa will not let you get away with it.” Liu Zhizun yelled out.

“Nonsense. You think that I’m afraid of your Prestigious Villa?” However, after Liu Zhizun spoke his words, the Black Toad King’s expression changed and it was furious. With a thought, a layer of boundless Heaven power came sweeping out and collided into Liu Zhizun’s chest and flew him away. The strong force caused Liu Zhizun to spit out a mouthful of blood while he was still in mid-air and it splattered all over the floor.

Quickly afterwards, with another thought, boundless suction power emanated out from the insides of the Black Toad King. It sucked back Liu Zhizun, who hadn’t fallen onto the ground yet, and hung him one meter in the air in front of him.

“Brat, don’t think that I’m afraid of your Prestigious Villa, and even more so, don’t make your Prestigious Villa seem so righteous. As for what kind of trash you are, there is no one who is more clear on that than me.”

“What did you say just now? Was it that, if I touched her, your Prestigious Villa wouldn’t let me get away with it?” The Black Toad King’s blood-red eyes, which were as big as two fists, were angrily glaring at Liu Zhizun who was being suspended in mid-air with a face filled with pain.

“I...” As he faced such a sinister gaze, Liu Zhizun clearly did not have any more confidence and he did not dare to directly reply.

“God damn, I’m asking you a question!” But just at that time, a huge slap from the Black Toad King came flying over and smacked Liu Zhizun’s face along with his body away.

This time, like last time, Liu Zhizun did not fall onto the ground. Before he did, he was sucked back by the Black Toad King’s horrifying suction power.

At that instant, the right side of Liu Zhizun’s face already swelled up highly. It was so red to the point of complete abnormality and it was more like a stuffed bun. It could be seen how powerful the Black Toad King’s slap was.

“I’m asking you! Reply! Is it that if I do anything to her, your Prestigious Villa will not forgive me?” The Black Toad King pointed at the female that it touched and loudly interrogated. Its voice was loud and clear, like thunder, and it caused the entire palace to tremble.

As he faced that situation, Liu Zhizun’s gaze flickered as if thinking of an answer that could let him keep his life. So, at the end, he gnashed his teeth and said, “Yes!”

“Damn you.” But who would have thought that just as he finished speaking, the Black Toad King gave him another big slap on the left side of his face.

The strength this time was the same as last time, so the left side of Liu Zhizun’s face also swelled up and his handsome face could be said to be completely ruined.

“If I touch her, your Prestigious Villa will not let me get away with it. So when I haven’t touched her, when I haven’t caught all of you, have your Prestigious Villa let us get away?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what your Prestigious Villa’s people are doing right now. Right now, they are slaughtering the lives of my Thousand Monster Mountain, and before this, my Thousand Monster Mountain had never once offended your Prestigious Villa.”

“However, you better listen up. Don’t think that you’ve won. Don’t think that we’re afraid of you. Your Prestigious Villa is only a group of ordinary people. From the start, you have already been caught in our schemes.”

“Right now, they probably cannot survive and they will die soon. You’re still waiting for them to save you? Go dream! Hahaha...” Suddenly, the Black Toad King laughed madly. It didn’t seem like it was announcing its own victory, but more like letting out its own anger.

“Shameless humans, you should pay the price for your greed and ambition.”

As it spoke, the Black Toad King grabbed the female just now from the ground back up, then quickly after, it abruptly pulled and with some tearing noises, it ripped the female’s skirt into shreds. Her snow-white skin and alluring body were all revealed without anything remaining, and what was left behind was only the red-coloured undergarment that covered her front.


At that instant, the female crossed her arms in front of her chest and shrieked, but why would the Black Toad King care about her? So, with the wave of its big sleeve, it tossed her over to the cow-headed Monstrous Beast.

“Little Cow, because of your meritorious spying, this girl is rewarded to you. No need to hold yourself back, play with her straight until she dies! Hahaha~~~” The Black Toad King madly laughed.

“Thank you my king.”

That cow-headed Monstrous Beast did not restrain itself as it pressed the female onto the ground, pulled with its big hand, and tore off the red-coloured undergarment that was remaining in front of the female’s chest, revealing a pair of firm little white rabbits.

“Haha, truly beautiful!” As it saw such a stunning beauty, the cow-headed Monstrous Beast’s eyes instantly lit up and under him, a huge thing that was like a weapon rose.

“Save me, save me!” That female was deathly-white from terror and her soul could almost fly away. She hysterically cried for help, but in a situation like that, who would dare to save her?

“Stop!!” Just at that time, a male stood up and angrily yelled.

That man, looking at his age, seemed to be near thirty years old. His appearance was ordinary and there wasn’t any special points about it. His cultivation was in the 7th level of the Profound realm, and normally, his cultivation wasn’t considered to be weak, but when his age was compared to the others who were participating in the Marriage Gathering, he seemed overly mediocre.

However, despite the fact that his appearance was normal and his cultivation wasn’t overwhelmingly stronger, his guts surpassed the group and he had actually dared to stand out in a time like this for the female.

“Oh? There is someone who dares to flaunt and be the hero? Not bad, you have courage.”

“You want to save a person right? Don’t say that I’m not giving you a chance, but if you want to save her, take your life as an exchange. Do you dare?” The Black Toad King looked at the man and coldly said.

“I dare. As long as you let her go, take my life away.” That brother was quite just and in order to prevent that female from being wretchedly defiled, he was truly willing to give up his life. However, everyone could see that as he looked at the female, the expression in his eyes were off and he seemed to have some special adoration feelings towards that female.

“Good, you have bravery. Come! Bring him out.”

“Little Cow, release that girl. Later on, I’ll give you another one for you to play with.” The Black Toad King said.

“No need. I can walk myself.” That male had a torch-like gaze as though he already made the resolution to die. As he was stared by countless gazes, he gradually walked out of the group of people.

At the same time, the female who was bare-naked also quickly wore her skirt and after being tied by the vines again, she walked back to the group of people.

But whether it was because she was not lightly frightened, or because she was originally cold towards others, when her shoulders brushed past the man’s who saved her, she didn’t even say any words of thanks.

That situation caused the male’s expression to change. It could be seen that he seemed to really like that female, or else he wouldn’t have given up his life to save her.

That result was obviously not something he expected because although he was going to die in place of the female, she didn’t even look straight into his eyes.

At that instant, the Black Toad King assessed the man who walked out of the group of people, then looked at Liu Zhizun who was to its side and said, “I say. You’re the damn number one disciple of the Prestigious Villa, yet you’re even inferior to an outsider. Truly trash.”