Chapter 380 - Broken Walls

MGA: Chapter 380 - Broken Walls

“Why can’t I save him?” Chu Feng’s face was filled with confusion.

“Is there even a need to ask that? He is our opponent, and he will take the treasures away from you and me.” Zi Ling explained.

“I won’t. I won’t take your treasures. Save me, Chu Feng save me! As long as you save me, I will leave this place immediately.” Jiang Wushang begged. When faced with death, even the young man with a noble identity expressed fear from his heart.

“Don’t believe him. If I’m not mistaken, he is a person from the Jiang Dynasty. If you save him today, even if he leaves this place right now, in the future, he will certainly retaliate towards you and me.” Zi Ling interrupted.

“No! Chu Feng, believe me! I will absolutely not retaliate against either of you. I will not mention today’s matter to anyone.” Seeing that Zi Ling was truly not going to save a dying person, Jiang Wushang completely panicked.

And at that instant, Chu Feng tightly furrowed his brows and his gaze was like a torch. His thoughts were quickly spinning around and he was pondering many questions.

At the end, with his eagle-like sharp gaze, Chu Feng tightly stared at Jiang Wushang’s face and said, “Jiang Wushang, out of kindness, the two of us save you today. I believe that you aren’t a person who repays kindness with hatred.”


After speaking, Chu Feng overlaid his palms again and another Spirit Formation chain shot out from the Spirit Formation in front of him and coiled around Jiang Wushang’s body again.

And this time, Zi Ling’s eyes glittered and within the gaze that she looked at Chu Feng with was filled with complaint. But she did not stop Chu Feng, and she only silently looked at everything that was happening.

Finally, Chu Feng successfully saved Jiang Wushang out and indeed, Jiang Wushang did not attack Chu Feng or Zi Ling. However, after being saved, his previous pettiness faded away and what was traded back was his former prideful attitude. However, it could still be seen that he was extremely grateful towards Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, I, Jiang Wushang, have remembered today’s favor. If there’s a chance in the future, I will certainly come back to repay you.”

“But as a word of advice, this place isn’t a place where you or I can explore. It’s still best to leave this place together with me.” Jiang Wushang said to Chu Feng.

“I’ve taken your good intentions to heart, but since I’ve come, I, Chu Feng, will absolutely not return with no achievements. Leave, I hope that you can honor your promise and don’t tell anyone about today’s matters.” Chu Feng said.

“Don’t worry. I, Jiang Wushang, have always followed my promises. Since you won’t listen to my advice and you insist on going forward, then take this. Perhaps it will be of some help to you.”

Seeing that, Jiang Wushang no longer urged Chu Feng and from his Cosmos Sack, he took out a rolled up sheep-skin paper and handed it over to Chu Feng, then quickly afterwards, he walked back on the path that he came from.

And only after sending Jiang Wushang off with his gaze did Chu Feng open the sheep-skin scroll. He discovered that it was a map, yet it wasn’t a complete map.

The map recorded the entrance to enter this palace and recorded the locations of some mechanisms as well as the method to nullify them. However, not all the mechanisms were recorded on it. For example, the quagmire in front of them and the Illusionary Formation just now. They were not on the map, so no wonder Jiang Wushang got caught by them.

“This map isn’t too important, and we still need to rely on ourselves.” Zi Ling also walked over and looked at the map. Afterwards, she started to lay a Spirit Formation on the ground, and after the Spirit Formation was complete, it became strands of rainbow lights and were condensed into a bridge. It went over the quagmire in front and connected to the other side of the quagmire.

“This quagmire has suction power and by walking on air, one would certainly be sucked in. It is still better to be more careful.” After speaking, Zi Ling went first and stepped onto the rainbow bridge and crossed. She who was too careless before also started to be more cautious this time.

After that, Chu Feng and Zi Ling walked forward together and broke through obstacle after obstacle. At the end, they discovered a problem. The obstacles recorded on the map was rather aged, and they seemed to have already been existing for many years.

While breaking through the obstacles, they would restore themselves back after a period of time. The methods were extremely brilliant, and if they didn’t have the map, even if Zi Ling wanted break through them, she would be required to spend a lot of power, and it was even possible that she couldn’t break through them.

Similarly, there were many mechanisms like the Illusionary Formation just now. The map did not record such mechanisms; however, those mechanisms did not seem to be laid for a very long period of time. Although they were extremely brilliant, they weren’t as exceptional as the ones recorded on the map.

That stated a problem. Once before, there were two people here and the mechanisms were laid in two eras. Also, even if there was a treasure here, there shouldn’t be so many mechanisms laid.

Which meant that the mechanisms were used to prevent intruders. But it was better to say that they seemed to be testing the intruder because the obstacles later on clearly got harder and harder, yet they weren’t impossible to break through.

The most important thing was that even though many mechanisms would cause a person to die, they would still leave a sliver of life for them. For example, before, if it wasn’t a quagmire but another type of trap, perhaps Zi Ling and Jiang Wushang would have already died.

But luckily, Zi Ling’s Spirit power was very strong and her strength wasn’t weak as well. Especially her Fairy Spirit World’s World Spirit. Her battle power was so outstandingly strong, and in a situation like that, Chu Feng and Zi Ling finally arrived at the end of the map.

In that place, a vast palace appeared. That palace was extremely big, and it was even like a plaza. It was big enough to hold several hundreds of thousands of people.

And the general structure was exactly the same as the palace before which was dazzling in gold and jade.

However, in the middle of the palace, there were no treasures. The place could even not be said to be dazzling in gold and jade. Instead, it was utterly ragged because the walls all around them were destroyed by someone.

“The walls are very special, and even with my current strength I am unable to break any slightest bit of it. The person who did this must be very strong.” Zi Ling observed the walls carefully and sighed with a face full of shock.

“These walls seemed to have recorded something before, so the person who destroyed them must have wanted to prevent others from seeing them right?” Chu Feng also found some inklings.

“Truly dammit. If I’m not mistaken, the things recorded on the walls before should be the things left behind by that martial cultivation expert.”

“And the one who destroyed them should be the Monster King that was defeated by the old ancestor of the Jiang Dynasty that year. After all, from legends, it only became so powerful because it got some inheritance.”

Zi Ling was tightly clenching her teeth and she seemed extremely angry. Purely because of the Monster King’s own selfishness, it destroyed the inheritance left behind by a senior in order for others to be unable to gain benefits from it. It was truly infuriating.

“Wait, this doesn’t seem to be the end of the underground palace.” Suddenly, Chu Feng spoke.

“Why so?” Zi Ling curiously asked.

“Look here.” Chu Feng pointed at the map in his own hands.

“This! This is!” After Zi Ling approached and carefully looked at the area that Chu Feng was pointing towards, even her expression couldn’t help changing.