Chapter 367 - Taking a Risk to Save People

MGA: Chapter 367 - Taking a Risk to Save People

“My friend, what actually happened here? Where are the others?” After that person cleared up his mind, Zi Xuanyuan asked.

“We...we were attacked! There were traitors within the people who joined the event! There were spies sent by the Monstrous Beasts and with their special methods, they transformed into a human shape and blended with us, hiddenly selling us out!”

“We were attacked by Monstrous Beasts and many people were killed by Monstrous Beasts. The others were taken away by the Monstrous Beasts and they want to use those people to threaten the other big powers. We were plotted against! We were plotted against by the Monstrous Beasts!” Although he recovered his reason, that male’s nerves were still tight and he was extremely frantic. Obviously, he was not lightly terrified.

“They were all taken away? How about Liu Zhizun? Is it possible that even he wasn’t able to defeat the Monstrous Beasts?” Zi Xuanyuan continued asking.

“Very strong. That Monstrous Beast was very, very strong. It was a black-coloured toad and Liu Zhizun had no way of defeating it. No one had any way of defeating it. We didn’t have any power to fight back, and those who did all died. Even those who wanted to escape were all killed.”

As he mentioned the people who were taken away by the Monstrous Beast, that male’s face greatly changed as he was even more scared. Even his body started to intensely tremble.

“What about Zi Ling? Was Zi Ling also taken away?”

“Mm. She was taken away, everyone was taken away, Lady Zi Ling was also taken away.”

After asking to that point, Zi Xuanyuan’s brows were slightly furrowed as if he already knew everything. So, he no longer continued asking and he said to Chu Feng, “Boy, dress up his wounds.”

“Ah.” Without delay, Chu Feng hurriedly treated that male.

“You? Ah, a bit lighter.” That male clearly recognized Chu Feng, but seeing that he came with Zi Xuanyuan, he did not say much and he only silently endured the pain of his legs being teared off while letting Chu Feng take care of his wound.

As a World Spiritist, taking care of injuries was a piece of cake. With a blink, Chu Feng finished treating the man’s injuries and he also gave him a medicinal pellet.

He said it was a pellet that stopped pain, but in reality, it was a pellet that caused people to lose consciousness. Of course, if one lost consciousness, they would naturally not feel any pain.

And the reason why Chu Feng gave a medicinal pellet such as that was actually also because he was worried that the male would say anything extra to Zi Xuanyuan.

It had to be said that the effect of the pellet was very good. Soon after the man took it, he started to become sleepy and very quickly, he went unconscious.

Only after handling that male did Chu Feng go up to ask, “Elder Xuanyuan, do you know what Monstrous Beast the black-coloured toad is? Even Liu Zhizun and the others weren’t able to defeat it.”

“It is one of the five Monster Kings, the Black Toad King.” Zi Xuanyuan replied.

“Black Toad King?” Naturally, Chu Feng had heard of the five Monster Kings. Although he did not know what they were specifically called, he knew that they were the rulers of the Thousand Monster Mountain. The five strongest Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain.

“No wonder. No wonder we didn’t see any signs of the Black Toad King. I never would have thought that we were tricked by the Monstrous Beasts.”

“This matter isn’t easy to deal with now. This event is arranged by my Prestigious Villa, and the ones who are participating in the event are the most excellent people in the young generations from the schools everywhere in the continent of the Nine Provinces. If anything happens to them, my Prestigious Villa cannot carry that responsibility.”

Zi Xuanyuan’s face was filled with worry, but from Chu Feng’s perspective, he did not seem to be worried about those in the young generation in the other powers. He was clearly worrying about his own granddaughter, Zi Ling.

As for why he was so worried about Zi Ling, Chu Feng could generally guess the reason. Although Chu Feng had not seen the Black Toad King before, Chu Feng had heard that within Monstrous Beasts, some were naturally extremely lustful and they had extremely strong desires. Also, they liked the human beauties and things such as Monstrous Beasts going violent on human beauties had happened in many places before.

And the toad species were the ones with the vilest reputation within Monstrous Beasts and the ones whose horrible names spread the farthest.

So, not only was Zi Xuanyuan worried, even Chu Feng was worried. Toad species Monstrous Beasts were originally very lustful and Zi Ling was also an exceptional little beauty. Currently, she was being held as captive by the Black Toad King, and it would be hard for her to avoid being the best choice of defilement by the Black Toad King

However, Zi Ling was Chu Feng’s target. An existence that gave him a chance to unlock the Divine Lightning’s power in his body.

If Zi Ling’s first time was taken away by the Monstrous Beast, it was equal to Chu Feng missing out a chance to unlock the true power of the Divine Lightning in his body. Naturally, Chu Feng did not want something like that to happen.

So, Chu Feng hurriedly asked, “Elder Xuanyuan, since we know that it was done by the Black Toad King and it was carefully planned out by them, where do you feel that Lady Zi Ling and the others were taken off to?”

“The five Monster Kings control five areas, and this place is indeed the area that the five Monster Kings control. If I’m not mistaken, in this moment, Zi Ling and the others should have already been taken back to the Black Toad King’s nest.” Zi Xuanyuan said.

“Black Toad King’s nest? Elder Xuanyuan, what are you waiting for then? Quickly go save them?” Chu Feng urged.

“You boy, it’s easy when you say it. You think you can go to the Black Toad King’s nest whenever you want to?”

“Besides, I don’t even know where its nest is. If we knew where the nests of the five Monster Kings were, we wouldn’t need to spend so much effort in attacking them and we would have just directly surrounded their nest and slaughtered them!” Zi Xuanyuan impatiently shot a glance at Chu Feng.

And only at that instant did Chu Feng come a realization. He finally knew why Zi Xuanyuan’s face was filled with worry. So he didn’t even know where to go to save them.

In a situation like that, Chu Feng pondered for a long time. At the end, he looked at the advantages and disadvantages, and for the sake of getting a chance to unlock the Divine Lightning power in his body, he decided to take a risk and he said to Zi Xuanyuan, “Elder Xuanyuan, I think I know where the nest of the Black Toad King is.”

“What? You know?” After hearing those words, Zi Xuanyuan’s expression changed but he did not believe him yet. He cast his gaze of doubt towards Chu Feng, as if wanting to pierce through his lies and see through Chu Feng’s essence.

“I truly know. Without hiding the truth, I’ve seen a map in a place, and on that map, what it recorded was the Thousand Monster Mountain. On the map, there were five underground castles, so I’m guessing that they should be the nests of the five Monster Kings.” Chu Feng explained, as if everything he said was true.

“Oh? You’re speaking the truth? Where did you see it?” Zi Xuanyuan closely asked.

“Within some remains in the Azure Province. Elder Xuanyuan, if you don’t believe me, I can bring you over to the remains in the future for a look, but right now, saving people is the important part. Even if I cannot confirm that it’s the nest of the Black Toad King, it should be at least attempted right?” Chu Feng’s spoke lies as though they were the truth, and only he himself knew that he was lying.

However, Zi Xuanyuan was very cautious, and only after thinking for a while did he nod his head and agree, “Okay, I’ll believe you once.”