Chapter 368 - Entering Deep into the Enemy's Territory

MGA: Chapter 368 - Entering Deep into the Enemy's Territory

After deciding, Zi Xuanyuan didn’t bother with the male who fainted away. Bringing Chu Feng, they headed straight towards the so-called nest of the Black Toad King. It could be seen that he was impatient to go saving and he didn’t want to delay it anymore.

Although the Thousand Monster Mountain was extremely big, at that instant, by flying in the air, the entire Thousand Monster Mountain could be seen by their eyes. In addition, Chu Feng was a World Spiritist and he had extremely powerful sense of direction so it wasn’t too difficult to find the nest of the Black Toad King. However, what was required beforehand was the map.

It must be said that the map in Chu Feng’s brain was indeed accurate without mistake. With Zi Xuanyuan’s flight of extreme speed, very quickly, they found a hidden area.

That place was a rock forest. Rocks of unequal sizes and shapes were erected under the huge tree that reached the sky.

And within the rock forest, many Monstrous Beasts were roaming around, and within them, there were two Heaven realm Monstrous Beasts.

Although they seemed to be roaming around, very clearly, they were patrolling. Which also meant that it was very possible that it was their nest. Or else, it would not be possible for such savagely strong Monstrous Beasts to guard in that place.

“How about it? Elder Xuanyuan, I didn’t trick you right?” At that instant, Chu Feng and Zi Xuanyuan were hiding within a forest as Chu Feng said with pride. Because, as long as he found that place, it at least meant he didn’t trick Zi Xuanyuan.

“Mm. Not bad. I never would have thought that you would be rather not simple. Already a Grey-cloak World Spiritist at such a young age and your detection power is even so strong.” Zi Xuanyuan nodded his head in satisfaction, then quickly after, he asked, “That’s right. Boy, I still haven’t asked what your name is.”

Chu Feng already pondered that question at an earlier time and how he should reply if Zi Xuanyuan were to ask for his name.

At the end, he decided to not hide it from the senior expert. So, he said the truth, “I am Chu Feng.”

“Ahh, so it’s Chu Feng. Not a bad name. Chu Feng, have a good trip!” Suddenly, Zi Xuanyuan strangely smiled and said.

[TN: In some cases, “have a good trip” (lit. On the road, walk well) means “have a good the underworld” (after dying).]

“Elder Xuanyuan, what do you mean?” Seeing that, Chu Feng slightly frowned and was aware that something was off. He subconsciously backed away.

“Heh, walk well, you.” And just at that time, Zi Xuanyuan’s palm already grasped onto Chu Feng’s shoulders, and following that, with the wave of his big arm, like a scarecrow, Chu Feng was thrown out by him.

Everything happened too fast and before Chu Feng even reacted to it, he fiercely fell into the rock forest. The strong power forcefully created a deep pit.

“Dammit.” And when Chu Feng stood back up, his face couldn’t help but freeze and he hidden cursed in his heart.

Because at that very instant, he was already surrounded by Monstrous Beasts. To his front and back, there were two Heaven realm Monstrous Beasts that emanated unique Heaven power that only belonged to the Heaven realm and they sealed all his escapes.

“So it’s a human brat? Apprehend him!” One of the Heaven realm Monstrous Beast’s gaze was filled with fury. It could be seen that it already felt plenty of hatred towards humans.

However, after discovering Chu Feng, they did not directly kill him. They caught him, and after binding his entire body once with special vines, they carried Chu Feng and walked deeper into the rock forest, seeming to be bringing Chu Feng into their nest.

At that instant, Chu Feng was not panicking too much. He was endlessly pondering, thinking why Zi Xuanyuan had to do this to him. He didn’t have any reason to harm him because from everything before, the powerful old man clearly did not know the grudge between him and Zi Ling, and he also did not know that he was an escapee.

At the end, Chu Feng thought of two possibilities.

The first was that Zi Xuanyuan wanted to use Chu Feng. He wanted Chu Feng to shift the attention of the Monstrous Beasts.

After all, it was uncertain whether that place was the nest of the Black Toad King or not, nor was it known what kind of defenses were in that place. Rashly intruding at a time like that was indeed not the best tactic. Letting Chu Feng scout out the road was quite a nice choice.

Another possibility was that Zi Xuanyuan still had some cautiousness towards Chu Feng. He was afraid that Chu Feng was a spy sent by the Monstrous Beasts, so he wanted to test it out to see what reactions the Monstrous Beasts would have after seeing Chu Feng.

And no matter which reason it was, it at least showed that Zi Xuanyang wasn’t harming him directly, so Chu Feng did not have anything to worry about because he felt that sooner or later, Zi Xuanyuan was going to come out. After all, Zi Xuanyang was still impatient to save his own granddaughter.

At the same time that Chu Feng was pondering, the group of Monstrous Beasts were not in leisure. They moved Chu Feng from the rock forest into the underground cave.

Everywhere on the walls of the cave, special pictures were engraved. Most of them were pictures of Monstrous Beasts, but there were also pictures of humans. There were even pictures of humans and Monstrous Beasts battling, and roughly, Chu Feng could see the meaning behind the pictures of the mural.

It was the story of humans often bullying and humiliating Monstrous Beasts, and the Monstrous Beasts opposing intensely. As a summary, it portrayed the Monstrous Beasts as very just, and in contrast, humans became the side of evil.

From that, it could be seen that Monstrous Beasts already felt clear enmity towards humans at an earlier period of time. However, that wasn’t what Chu Feng was concerned about. What Chu Feng was concerned about was where specifically were they bringing him to.

But the mystery was going to be unravelled soon. After going around in a few circles in the rugged cave, they entered an extremely wide one.

The wide cave seemed more like a palace. But compared to the golden and dazzling big palaces created by humans, that palace was too simple and crude.

However, as long as one remembered that it was a palace created by Monstrous Beasts, it would be rather acceptable. After all, Monstrous Beasts didn’t seek for things like appearances. Besides, their taste in beauty was also an existing problem.

At that very instant, within the big palace, several thousand Monstrous Beasts were gathered. They stood orderly on the two sides in the palace and all of their cultivations weren’t weak, as they were all in the Profound realm.

But if one were to say who the strongest one was, it would be the one sitting on the chair made of skeletons.

That Monstrous Beast had a human body but a head of a beasts. It actually had a head of a toad, and it was even a black-coloured toad head. It was as disgusting as one could get.

However, although its appearance was very disgusting, its cultivation could be said to be unfathomably deep. At least, with Chu Feng’s Spirit power, he had no way of detecting what cultivation it had.

With its revolting appearance in addition to its undetectably deep cultivation, without even thinking, Chu Feng knew that it was the Black Toad King.

But, that wasn’t the key thing. The key thing was that in the middle of the big palace, there was a group of people gathered. The group of people were the same as Chu Feng as they were binded with special vines, and that group of people were exactly the same people who joined the event with him, Zi Ling, Liu Zhizun, and the others.

“Chu Feng?!” Seeing Chu Feng, Liu Zhizun and the others were all taken aback. Their faces were filled with surprise because they never would have thought that even Chu Feng, who ran so quickly, was caught to this place.

And after seeing them, Chu Feng was elated in his heart. First, at least it meant that Chu Feng did not come to the wrong place as he had already found Zi Ling and the others.

It was also because Chu Feng discovered that Zi Ling was within the group of people. Her undamaged purple-coloured skirt and her unique calm expression told Chu Feng one thing

It was that Zi Ling hadn’t been defiled by Monstrous Beasts, and she was still a pure “chick”.